Day 28

7.11pm – Sarah has just been evicted and the house is feeling solemn. Everyone hugs each other for comfort, Ben and Zoe are tearing up. Josh hugs Estelle and she tells him “you smell good. A little later, Ben collects Sarah’s family photos from above her bed. Stacey and Zoe are shocked, as Stacey thought Sarah was going to win the series.

Ray comes to the diary room, obviously ecstatic at not being evicted, he can’t stop smiling. He says he thought he would be evicted tonight and be met with a booing crowd but instead the opposite has happened: “I’ve never been so happy”. Ray then says the house has been torn in two and now that Sarah has gone one particular half will be exposed for who they really are.

Bradley is contemplating about how he was saved from eviction but didn’t receive the most save votes. He predicts he’s making his way down and will be evicted eventually. Zoe tries to comfort him but doesn’t do a very good job.

Josh and Michael think it’s likely an intruder is coming soon. Josh says “I think it would be a classic move if they put in a super hot chick because the girls in here would lose their minds about it”. Michael adds “nothing makes me happier than ignoring a smoker” (he means a smoking hot girl).

Bradley tells Big Brother in the diary room that he’s happy he was saved but sad that Sarah is gone because she was such a positive influence on the house.

8.13pm – Time for Sarah’s farewell message.

Ben – you are just a fantastic gentleman and everyone in the house will never be the same from meeting you. You will go further in your life than even your dreams can imagine

Zoe – The amazing selfless person that you are just rubs off onto other people. But I do hope you learn to put yourself first because you’re an amazing spiritual person.

Ray – (she stalls) Your positive… spirit… your positive attitude, you know… Tom Cruise! I don’t think there’s anything wrong with Tom Cruise, maybe Katie Holmes thinks so but yeah.

Stacey – We’ve been bed buddies and I’ve loved every second of it.

Estelle – Well, we’ve been on a journey and I think we can all agree it’s a journey we’ll never take back and we learn something new every day.

Angie – 21 and the experience of a 30 year old. Never lose sight of your innocence. When you’re 30 I want you to be exactly the same as you are now.

Michael – I thought I was a smart girl but I aint got nothing on you. You are hysterical in so many ways.

Bradley – This journey has just begun for you. I heard you say in some recent moments that you didn’t mind which way tonight goes. I mind because I would love to see you finish this and you’re a 19 year old with not many life lessons you’ve learnt previous to this but you have just taken on board each and every lesson.

“Be yourselves, don’t second guess yourselves. I miss you already.”

Later Zoe is in the diary room telling BB she was just so upset to hear Sarah’s name being called out during the eviction. She imagines Sarah would be like her older sister if she had one.

Stacey and Ben are wondering who will get the nomination superpower this week. Ben hopes he gets it, and that if he was to get it he has plans of what he’d do with it. Stacey nods along “yes you will”.

10.43pm – Big Brother suddenly announces that Angie uttered many swear words within a few minutes time. She is sent to the naughty corner. Inside is a pile of hay, and Angie says “oh my god are you fucking serious? Oops! Big Brother this is a joke!”. Big Brother says he has lost his favourite needle and Angie must find it in the haystack. Angie jumps into the hay and some of the housemates watch, but Michael and Josh are the first to wander off bored.

Angie: Big Brother I can’t find this fucking needle!

Ray is the last remaining housemate to wait by the naughty corner. He tells Bradley “I’d feel bad if I left” and Bradley replies “I’d feel bad if I watched this any further”. Meanwhile Josh is speaking to Stacey about his non-relationship with Angie. He says that she’s not some one he’d ever go for outside of the house.

After some time Angie calls out “Big Brother! I have to go to the toilet”. Big Brother says she may leave the naughty corner, but Big Brother is far from satisfied. The punishment will be dealt with… later.

Angie: “Oh Big Brother… I’m sorry”

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