Day 30

8:27am. Bradley and Josh are getting the fire ready for the day’s bread. In the Captain’s Quarters, Big Brother wakes up Ava and she starts to get ready for the day. Back at the fire, Stacey and Josh are talking about the fire routine – Josh puts one log at the back and two on the sides. He tells Stacey what kndindling is. “Can we eat that?” she asks.

Estelle and Ray are in the kitchen talking about reasons why they might be nnominated. Ray thinks that people might have nominated him because he’s popular, so if he’s in the final five he would be getting a lot of votes and that would be a threat. “It’s just a bit weird to have a bit of rejection.”

Josh is called to the Diary Room – Big Brother tells him to go and clean the fishtank straight away and not tell any of his other housemates. When he gets there, Surly starts talking to him about his date today with Ava. Josh thinks Ava looks “a bit alright” and he’s looking forward to meeting her. Surly tells Josh about the secret Executive Bathroom off the bedroom and how to get in. Inside, he finds a Captain’s outfit, some champagne, and strawberries.

Cue montage of Josh relaxing in the spa bath and Ava putting lippy on.

Layla, Angie, Stacey and Zoe are concerned that Josh has gone missing. They don’t think that he’s left the house. Angie thinks that as long as they don’t get called in to the Diary Room (where he was last seen) it will be fine.

Cue further montage of the two getting ready for the date, complete with super cheesy soap music.

All housemates are called to the lounge room – they all look concerned. “Don’t worry, it’ll just be a challenge” says Angie. Josh is told to leave the Executive Bathroom and head straight to the Captain’s Quarters. He comes through the bedroom and all the housemates cheer. He meets Ava – it’s relatively awkward.

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12.26pm – Ava and Josh are making small talk. The screen in the lounge room turns on, showing a feed from the Captain’s Quarters. All of the housemates scream and cheer. They think she’s from the Northern Territory. They start rating her looks out of 10 – most of them think she’s an 8. Later, the housemates run to the outside bathroom to see if they can hear through the wall. Meanwhile, in the Captain’s Quarters, Ava asks Josh if he’s a serial dater and he gets a bit flustered. They sit down to eat. The other housemates are still trying to hear through the bathroom walls, but they eventually give up.

Josh tells Ava about Angie. He says they spend the most time together in the house.

George, Ray and Estelle are in the kitchen talking about the reactions the other girls made when the screen came on. Estelle thinks that the heirarchy in the house will change as soon as she comes in and others will be nice to her to begin with, but it won’t take long before everyone starts bitching about her.

Estelle: It’ll be interesting to see how Angie responds to a new chick if she shows interest in Josh
Ray: A love square – that’s what Josh is going to be in. That son of a bitch.

Ava and Josh are talking about the bed situation in the house. She jokes that she should sleep as far away as possible for Ava. He says there is a spare bed next to him and they have a giggle.

Josh: With the girls, it’s just, I dunno, just talk to them I guess. Just try and…
Ava: Just let them know that I’m not threatening
Josh: Well, good luck with that… obviously you’re a female and you know girls, they’re going to automatically see you as a threat, you’re this new vibrant person

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2.14pm – Captain Josh and Ava enter the house – some of the housemates hide behind the couch to surprise them.

Josh: Ladies and gentlemen, I would like you to meet… Ava!

The housemates do the kissy-kissy introductions. Ben asks if Josh tried to pick her up on the date, she says he was a perfect gentleman. A group take Ava on the obligatory house tour and some of the girls ask her if she’s single – she says yes. Estelle and Ava go for a walk. “I think you’ll fit in just fine here,” she says.

In the kitchen the boys are talking about whether Ava is hot or not. Josh says she’s right up his alley and he already told her that George isn’t available because he’s hooking up with Layla. The girls enter the bedroom and immediately talk about Estelle not leaving the bedroom so that Ava could unpack her bags and get a bit of a breather. In the bathroom, Estelle is helping Ava put her clothes in the wardrobe.

Estelle: Do you want some help? I just don’t want to be intrusive or anything…
Ava: No go for it, I’m happy for you to stay here, you’re actually really calming to me… I’ve just like instantly clicked with you.
Estelle: I feel the same about you, I could just tell…

Josh is in the Diary Room talking about the date. He says he was nervous and that she seems like a really nice girl.

In the kitchen, Angie says she thinks Ava is really confident. Layla thinks it’s because she’s a singer/songwriter and would have to perform on stage. Angie mentions that she’s also vegetarian. “We just got rid of the last one!” yells Bradley, talking about Sarah. “She was a 10 out of 10 and she just dropped to a 5.”

Layla: She is Josh’s type though.
Angie: Definitely. He just said that.

Back in the Diary Room, Big Brother asks Josh if it will affect his relationship with Angie. “I knew that question was coming!” He thinks that any new person in the house will change the dynamic between housemates.

Later, Estelle is in the Diary Room. Big Brother asks what her thoughts are on Ava. “I think she’s fabulous … she’s grounding for me. I feel like I know her but I don’t at all.” She says she doesn’t feel so alone any more and that there are like-minded people out there for her in Big Brother land.

Ad break.

3.23pm – Some of the housemates are out on the deck talking about the sleeping situation; Ava hasn’t picked her bed yet. Stacey and Benjamin think that she should sleep next to Josh to “keep the pests away” (referring to Angie).

Josh: For the first sorta week when, you know, Angie and I were being flirtatious and all of that sort of stuff it was good her coming in for cuddles and stuff like that, but now it’s like I don’t even say anything and it’s like she automatically comes over, it’s kinda like (he sighs)
Benjamin: It’s just so awkward!
Zoe: I think I’ve only been over once since she (Sarah) left
Benjamin: She looks like someone that will be good with personal space. You know, she’s a bit older…
Stacey: She can’t be next to Bradley, that’s just not fair

In the bedroom, Ray and George are talking about sharing beds.

Ray: I’ve gone from sharing a bed with Layla to sharing a bed with Bradley. And then getting nom nom’d two weeks in a row. What have I done? Is this karma?

Stacey and Layla are talking about her relationship with George. She says they’re on a friends level that probably won’t ever cross, and that they only kiss and cuddle in the night time now.

Back in the bedroom.

George: I dunno, like, you know sumtyymes, loike, I’ll hook up with a goirl, loike, she could be, let’s say, I dunno, loik, medium looking, but shay’ll have tha sexiest oies in the wurld… I dunno, I just love a goirl that has something so sexy about her… you know, there’s something about them that makes them so hot.
Ray: Yeah. I know what you mean. Like Layla.
George: Yeah. Just got, like, the best face.
Ray: Yeah man. Layla’s pretty smoking.
George: She’s by far my favourite sheila, outta personality wise. Just so easy to get along with.
Ray: I think that’s definitely a good thing, you chose the right girl.
George: She’s definitely growing on me, I’ll giva ya that tip ay
Ray: Yeah man.

Michel is in the Diary Room talking about Ava. He thinks she seems lovely and she’s not crazy like the rest of the housemates. He doesn’t think they are that compatible or and doesn’t know what they will bond about.

Zoe, Layla and Benjamin tell Ava about the songs they have made up in the house – they start singing Oats ala Layla. Bradley starts singing, to the same tune, “George is over Layla, now that he’s seen Ava.”

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5.37pm – Angie’s animal noise (a baboon) comes over the loudspeaker. She runs outside and the narrator announces that she’s on the hunt for another of her favourite treats – there’s two jars of honey in the hatch. She must spread it all over her face, arms, and all through her hair. “I literally just washed and straightened my hair!”

Ava and Josh are in the bedroom.

Josh: Are you freaking out?
Ava: Not freaking out… just tired… I’m a bit drained. My concern was that I woudn’t be my bubbly self, but it’s all coming out… like I think I’m alright I guess.
Josh: You’re doing well so far
Ava: Thanks honey

Back outside, Angie must now cover herself in flour.

7.53pm – Ray, Estelle and Angie are preparing the family dinner. Josh and Ava are still in the bathroom talking. He likes her lipstick. Angie comes in to collect them now that dinner is ready – she’s dinner host for tonight.

The conversation topics begin. The first is “food amnesty: who has stolen food in the house?” Josh and Michael get up and announce that they have been hiding one block of chocolate and one packet of Tim Tams after most of the chocolate was eaten by the other housemates. Benjamin confesses he’s stolen some chocolate several times. “And it was delicious…” says Stacey.

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Everyone is in the lounge room telling Ava about each other. Benjamin makes a couple of cracks at Ray being so competitive. Estelle talks about her rapping: “I rap for a joke, it’s a lot of fun.”

Later, in the kitchen, Estelle tells Ray and Angie she still thinks that she can’t speak without others taking it negatively. Angie thinks that some people still aren’t putting their all forward. In the bathroom, Josh, Bradley and Michael (aka “The Showerboys”) are giving Ava a performance – everyone is dancing.

Estelle is talking about her relationship with Angie in the Diary Room. She thinks that they have come a far way in the past week or so and she’s really happy about it. “She’s not what you expect. She’s not a book you can read by it’s cover.”

Stacey, Zoe and Angie are talking about Estelle. Angie thinks that she put herself in a corner when she was with Ryan because it was always those two together and no one else was a part of their group.

Ad break.

12.14pm – Bradley made a bet earlier in the day that both Estelle and Angie would get in to Josh’s bed that night – and they have. Out in the lounge room, Benjamin tells Ava about the Angie, Josh and Estelle relationship. “Angie is obsessed with him. She was in his bed every night at one point… but I think now she’s stopped. She’s realising she’s not needed.” Zoe is in the punishment room talking to herself about spiders crawling out of shoes. Benjamin and Ava think she’s gone mad.

The lights have been dimmed in the bedroom. Josh tells Ava that when he can’t sleep he counts the glow from the downlights. Ava thinks it’s cute.

Michael is in the Diary Room. Big Brother asks whether he thinks the dynamics in the house will be interesting now that Ava is in the house. He thinks so.

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