More housemate profiles

Stalking internet accounts isn't creepy if they're on TV

With thanks to some dedicated Behind Big Brother users, we bring you more unofficial profiles of your favourite (or not so favourite) housemates! We’ll have more profiles soon.

She’s all over the internet and particularly active on Twitter where she loves to talk about how gangster her inner city Melbourne life is. Amongst her many posts and Instagram photos are poignant reflections on how she sometimes skates in Versace jeans and lives the thug life.

Estelle profile 4But hold up yo. Estelle’s split personality also enjoys horse riding at country clubs. Her Youtube account includes a few videos of her horses.

She also owns a Land Rover and loves driving it.

Here’s her old Myspace account and her Facebook account.

Layla profile 2When Layla’s royalty secret was revealed all of her modelling profiles were suspiciously taken down very fast. Luckily though she has a Twitter account with plenty of updates.

She also has an old Bebo account (EDIT: this Bebo account is Layla’s sister’s Holly’s) and an even older Myspace account which includes a few of her modelling shots.

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