Day 26

Footage from the Sunday eviction show.

The housemates are being shown an episode of Big Brother from (fictional) “House 2”. It includes footage of their own house, particularly the “oats ala-Layla” song from a few days ago.

“In house two, things are a little more relaxed…”

9.48am (House 2) – A girl with glasses is explaining how she is spiritual and it’s about connecting with yourself through an outer force. The token gay guy says it’s all a bit of bull, and people use it as a mad cop out to take the attention away from what’s really going on.

Michael makes a motion that the gay guy is wearing way too much fake tan.

Voiceover (House 2) – “It seems Dean has had enough of Graham’s overbearing nature”. We learn that Dean is token gay who tells Graham to “get out of my face”. Graham is complaining that Dean’s cooking mixture is too sticky, to which he replies “it’s bread! You know what, you do it”. Dean storms out of the kitchen.

Cut to footage of Graham in the House 2 diary room “I kind of ramble on and what you see is what you get and I’ve got a fairly strong personality but I like to involve people and get involved. I think people may think I’m taking over a bit”.

A girl in a red dress says “I’m getting really bored Big Brother”. The camera pans away to reveal a film crew is shooting the whole thing, and that House 2 is fake. The real housemates all gasp and don’t know what to say. It takes a few moments for them to all register what it means. Big Brother announces there is no House 2 and they have passed the task.

Big Brother: When faced with an outside threat it is human nature to either unite as one, or to fall apart completely. You were a house united.

The housemates cheer and sing “oats a-la Layla”.

Later on, Layla explains the task made them appreciate being in the house and they can thank their lucky stars they are here. Ben tells BB in the diary room it felt like the whole house was nominated but they pulled it together and he’s pleased with himself for being part of that win. The housemates all have a celebratory swim.

Nearly midnight – Stacey and Sarah have snuck into the kitchen to eat chocolate, but Ben and Bradley noticed them and come chasing after. They all start scoffing chocolate before more housemates follow them.

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