Zoe the emo?

Outed by her sister in law

We’re all scratching our heads over who belongs to the remaining secrets, and it looks like Zoe is the ex-emo.

Last week on the ‘BubHub’ forums (a website for mothers), a user identified themselves as Zoe’s sister-in-law and added they don’t like the show but are watching because Zoe’s on it.

When asked what Zoe’s secret is, the sister-in-law says Zoe “used to be an emo”.

Well that all depends on what ’emo’ is. We couldn’t find any photos of Zoe with dyed black hair and multiple piercings, nor could we find any angsty poetry she’s written, but here’s a photo from Zoe’s very old Myspace profile with her wearing a black top – is that emo enough?

Thanks to twin_spinner.

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