Social media campaign offers $20k for HM to walk

Must leave on their own accord

A social media campaign titled #FreeBBAU is offering $20,000 to any Big Brother housemate who voluntarily leaves the house.

But how will any of the housemates learn of the offer?

The campaign twitter account @hlfu_au has posted various videos of their attempts to reach the housemates, including a hidden “pizza delivery” (which would clearly never work!)

But what was impressive was their attempt to fly a toy dolphin into the house using a remote control helicopter. It also appears they’ve been speaking through a megaphone near the BB compound.

A rep running the campaign told us the housemate “just has to leave BB of their own will (not be voted out) to get the $$”

Disclaimer: The video and twitter account are part of a marketing campaign for NAB Bank – but we thought the dolphin helicopter was pretty cool, so we’re giving them a plug. We’ve been told the $20k offer is the real deal.

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