The verdict is in: BB Confidential sucks

Universally panned by TV critics and fans

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Big Brother Confidential, the “not uncut” extra show in this year’s BB lineup relaunched in a 8pm timeslot last night.

And today it’s already being slammed as a boring and cheap extension of the daily show.

Jenna Clarke at the Sydney Morning Herald dedicated a whole article to shaming the show, titled Big Brother manages to get worse. Of particular note was BB Confidential’s awful graphics:

“If the cutting-room floor of BB was in an abattoir, Confidential would be offal.

“What the 30 minutes of Big Brother Confidential lacks in nudity and night-time romps it makes up for with special effects produced on a Commodore 64.”

The complaints were mirrored at rival News Limited’s Herald Sun paper, where Siobhan Duck wrote:

“It also seems to have metamorphosised into a clip show with silly voice-overs (care-of Mike Goldman) and bad special effects.”

“I am not sure what was worse: the gratuitous nudey show that Ten churned out or this poor-man’s BB meets Funniest Home Videos. I think I’ll stick to the daily show”

Big Brother Confidential was broadcast last week at a mature 10.10pm Wednesday timeslot, allowing producers to show MA15+ content including nudity and adult themes. Despite this freedom, footage was kept very “family friendly”.

For unknown reasons Channel Nine then moved the show to 8pm Thursday, meaning that footage must now be PG.

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