Leon Murray returns as the voice of BB

Familiar voice will command the housemates

Leon Murray on Big Brother UplateThe latest round of promo ads on Channel Nine have revealed Leon Murray, who was the voice of Big Brother in 2008, will return in the role. Leon’s voice can be heard in the new ads denying access to the ‘blonde bimbo’ and ‘muscle jock’ types.

There have been rumours most crew members who were part of the show during it’s run on Channel 10 were approached to rejoin in 2012. The new executive producer, Alex Mavroidakis, had already been a producer for BB spinoffs shows like ‘Uncut’.

Leon has been working on the show for many years, first as an editor for Big Brother Uplate before taking over the Big Brother voice in 2008. Here’s a clip of him as crew member of the week back in 2004:

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