Day 28

8:51pm: Rory is happy that he has survived the eviction and he gets to spend his birthday inside the house. Brigitte says that she hopes she doesn’t get another hand grenade. Terri says she doesn’t think they will give Brigitte another one.

Ben asks Nobbi whom he will miss more. He says he will miss both, but probably David a bit more. Nobbi asks Ben the same question, and then says, “Ben, admit it. You didn’t like David from day one?” Ben says that he didn’t, but the last week or so he had grown to like him a little bit more.

Renee comes to the diary room and says that she spent 80% of her time with Nathan and she says she will miss him. She can’t believe she has cried in the house, she didn’t even cry saying goodbye to her family. She says it’s crazy. Dixie says she is very glad Alice is still in the house. She says she thought Alice might have decided to save one of the boys and she is very glad that Alice chose to save herself.

11:12pm: Nathan is the first to leave a message. He says that he hopes everyone enjoys the time they have left in the house. Nathan tells Renee that she is unlike any chick that he has ever met before, and he is really looking forward to spending some time together outside of the house. Renee looks so excited and happy. The hand grenade is to make Big Brother breakfast for the indefinite future whenever the crow calls. They are not to sleep throughout the day. He gives it to Travis. David comes on and says that Terri might just win this whole competition and then says that Bianca perhaps needs to respect other people’s opinions a bit more. David’s hand grenade is to be the last person to bed, bring Big Brother a snack and sometimes read Big Brother a bedtime story. He gives this to Bianca.

11:36pm: Nobbi and Ben are talking in the backyard. Nobbi says that when it comes down to the crunch Nobbi doesn’t know whether he can count on Ben’s support, and Nobbi says at the moment it’s probably leaning towards the side of no. Ben says that he respects that, and Nobbi obviously remembers a lot of conversations. Nobbi says he simply can’t trust him at the moment, and if he had done something to piss Ben off, he would probably think that Ben would bitch behind his back rather than come over and talk to Nobbi about it.

Bianca thinks she is unlikable. She says that everyone who has been evicted has said bad things about her. She says in the outside world she is the bitchiest person and nothing like she is inside the house. Terri says that Nathan didn’t say bad things about her. Bianca says she can’t be someone she’s not, because that would be fake. But she is upset because no one seems to like the real Bianca.

Rory and Renee are talking in the bedroom. Renee doesn’t understand why she is the only person upset tonight. Rory tells her that that boy we’re the closest to her and that’s why she is the most upset.

Ben dishes Nobbi a bit in front of Travis and Nobbi for no apparent reason. In the bedroom, Terri says she is surprised that the evicted housemates haven’t been saying mean things to her. Renee wants Bianca to go to bed, but she says she has to be the last person up.

12:11am: The boys are again talking in the backyard. Nobbi and Ben are still arguing, Ben saying that Nobbi seems to think everything he says is correct. Rory and Nobbi both don’t think Ben is being nice when he called them assholes, simply because he thought that those boys are more confrontational. Nobbi says to Ben that he seems to be defensive by asking all of the boys their opinions of their earlier argument.

The girls in the bedroom are talking about David. Terri says that he would ask questions but then not really listen, or try to butt in during the answer was given. A little later, Nobbi tells Rory alone that he is the only guy he can fully trust.

Bianca and Travis come to the diary room. Big Brother tells them that since they will be bringing the midnight snack and breakfast, he has supplied them with some bread, milk and tea bags.

1:13am: Nobbi is talking to Big Brother in the kombi. He says that the eviction was very tough. He also says that the kombi joke must surely be over. Nobbi says the boys will stay outside with him, but he has done it for a month and he’s completely over it. It doesn’t work and Nobbi sleeps alone in the kombi for another night.

Bianca prepares the toast for Big Brother before she is allowed to go to bed. She brings the midnight snack into the diary room. Big Brother asks for a bedtime story. Bianca starts to tell a story similar to the tale of Big Brother 2008.

7:14am: The rooster is crowing and Travis must get up and prepare tea and toast for Big Brother every morning when this sound is heard. He makes the toast and enters the diary room. Big Brother suggests he use a little less butter tomorrow.

A little later a dog’s voice is played into the house. Terri is laughing her head off for some reason and Brigitte tells her to shut up because her voice is worse. Terri says it reminds her of the dogs at home. Renee, waking up, says she hates dogs. The dog sound just keeps playing and Renee wanders out to the living area.

Big Brother finally gets all housemates to assemble on the couch. Once there, Alice reads the rules of this week’s task. Each housemate must enter a ‘doghouse’ in an endurance test; the winner, which remains in the doghouse for the longest time, will win a great prize. Nobbi wonders how many people will win, and once he realises that there is only one winner he gets in his doghouse and immediately quits. Nobbi goes around kicking the doghouses for some time, while Renee, Travis and Brigitte have fun taking their houses for a walk.

8:09am: Travis wonders where Renee is in the backyard. Big Brother disqualifies Rory from the contest, and is told to bring his doghouse to the diary room. A little later both Nobbi and Rory play tricks by holding some of the doghouses down. Rory decides to give Travis and Ben a raining shower with the hose. Travis tells them to stop saying his roof is leaking. Brigitte and Terri are also very peeved up with the water, Brigitte yelling, “Stop it” continually. Rory finally stops, and Brigitte keeps complaining.

Big Brother tells the housemates that a can of coke is on offer as well as Jupiter bars for the next housemate that exits their doghouse. Dixie doesn’t last very long before temptation sets in, saying it’s the two favourite things in the whole world. Dixie says that she has these bars at least twice a day.

10:03am: Travis wants to play eye spy, but Alice reminds him that he can’t see anything. Travis and Brigitte get themselves into the shade, but Terri tries to help Brigitte and gets an absolute serve for hitting her roof. Nobbi gets leftover prawn heads and puts them into Travis’s doghouse. Travis can’t believe it and almost dry reaches.

Big Brother gives the housemates evicted from the challenge a hot breakfast. Renee almost decides to quit to get all the food. She wants to go inside but Bianca is in the way and doesn’t want to move. Renee pushes really hard into her house and then decides to find another way into the house.