Day 28 Eviction

The hosts come out and reveal a shock first up – tonight is a double eviction. As usual they then go through a quick wrap of the week that was. The hosts cross down to the eviction room. Terri still has rollers in her hair. They show Terri a front cover of ZOO magazine, which obviously has her on the front of it. Dixie says she loves being the laundry hand inside the house. Kyle then steps out of his hosting role and calls Nathan a dog for stinging Renee along. He can’t believe it. Big Brother reveals David, Nathan and Alice are in the bottom three. Nathan is absolutely speechless in there.

Back from the commercial break and it’s time to save one and put the fourth least popular housemate into the bottom three. Alice, as Head of Household, decides to save herself because she wants to be here for another week and have her 25th birthday inside the house. Big Brother then tells the house that Rory now slips down into the bottom three. Rory says it wouldn’t be an eviction show without him in the bottom three. Big Brother then tells the house that tonight is a double eviction. The nomination process will remain the same. Dixie is called to the diary room first. Dixie gives two points to Nathan because he has a shiny head. Dixie gives one point to Rory because he leaves his stuff lying around, he showers naked and he knows nothing about rugby league. Big Brother tells Dixie that in eight years they are the worst reason’s he has ever heard.

Travis is next to nominate, and sends two points to Dave because he hasn’t gotten to know him as much as the others. He gives one point to Nathan because Nathan sometimes ignores what he is saying. Brigitte is next to throw some points around, giving two points to Nathan because she thinks he is a fake ‘nice guy’. She gives one point to Rory because he was mean to her the other night after the secret task.

Ben is in the hot seat, and nominates David for two points because he is interruptive to others. He gives one point to Nathan because he isn’t as close to him as he is to Rory. Terri, still in rollers, gives two points to Nathan because she finds him quite creepy. She gives one point to David because they haven’t connected at all and he won’t let people tell their stories.

Bianca gives David two points because he doesn’t listen to her when she talks to him. She gives one point to Nathan because he takes up too much time with Renee and Bianca misses Renee. Nobbi gives two points to Nathan because the other two have been in the house for longer. He gives one point to David because he likes Rory better. Renee gives two points to Rory but she says she has no reasons. She says that her three best friends are up tonight and she wants to give two points to Rory, and one point to David. She seems to have a bit of a tear in her eye. Cut to a break and Renee is crying and getting mad with herself because she is crying on national television.

Alice has already voted off camera, and the boys return to the living room. Rory jokes that he knows what to do. Renee is still crying. Big Brother announces that the housemates have voted and two are about to go. Kyle tells them that the first evictee will be announced after the commercial break.

Jackie lets the housemates know that the time has come for Nathan to leave the house. Nathan says goodbye to everyone and leaves the house, telling Renee to keep her chin up. He comes out onto the stage and immediately wants to know why Kyle said his remarks. Instead we see whom Alice voted for. She gives four points to Nathan because she likes him least. She gives two points to David because Rory wants his birthday in the house. They talk about Nathan being a virgin, and Nathan says he is saving it until marriage. Kyle commends him for that. They get onto talk about Renee. He says he hasn’t dogged out Renee at all. Kyle tells him that they got it on a lie detector and Nathan just sighs. Nathan moves on and says that he hopes Renee takes the title out. He says that he thinks he was upfront with Renee inside the house and he was respectful towards her, saying that they should ask the other housemates if he has in fact a ‘dog’ to Renee.

It’s time for the second evictee to be revealed, and Kyle has the honour this time round. He tells David that he has been evicted, quick goodbyes all round and he too is out the door. Renee seems to start crying again. Rory is stoked to still be there, giving Nobbi a hug. David comes out onto the stage saying that he had a great time, would’ve liked it to have been a bit longer but that’s life. They show the other votes; David gives Rory two points and Nathan one. Nathan gives David two points and Rory one point. Rory gives Nathan two points and David one point. Back to the stage interview, David says that he didn’t want to use the cult card on night one and he wanted to tell people them too early. Jackie tells David that Ben didn’t like him, and David says that he’s just young and it doesn’t bother him in the slightest if someone doesn’t think he’s the most awesome person in the world.

Last but not least, it’s back to the house to check on the mood. Dixie wants some vodka. She says she thought it would be a double this week. Rory says he is glad to still be in the house. They talk to Renee and mock Nathan again. Kyle even suggests that Nobbi and Travis should get together. And lastly, they say that Terri looks great without the rollers before saying goodbye to the house.