Day 27

11:17am: Brigitte and Travis are practicing for the dance task. They can’t decide what way to face. Brigitte really doesn’t think it matters in the slightest. Nobbi tells Nathan that he’s just going to practice the dance a couple of times and then go back to bed. Nathan thinks that they have it nailed anyway. Nathan wonders how Travis would be in a work environment. Nobbi says maybe he switches on at work. Nathan suggests that perhaps he’s totally fake and has a low voice outside in the real world.

Travis is struggling with the whole dance routine. Brigitte says that he is so painful to work with. Travis says that Brigitte gets him worked up at times too, but he chooses not to raise the issue.

Dixie comes to the diary room. She says she hates dancing. She wants two homies from the street to perform the routine instead. She says she is going to embarrass the whole of the Aboriginal community because she has no style or groove. Big Brother suggests it’s all for the fun of it.

11:58am: Travis is complaining about Brigitte. Travis says he isn’t a good dancer, but he has stuck beside her through all her dramas. Terri says the same thing, saying that when she called her a witch last night, it was the last straw for Terri. Travis tells Ben that he is no longer going to take the crap from her.

Brigitte tells Big Brother that Travis makes her want to strangle him. She can only deal with him in small doses. She says that Travis is too positive all the time, saying that he is a bit like a doll with some string in the back and constantly being positive.

6:17pm: All the housemates are dressed for their dance and make their way to the stage. He tells the house that Big Brother doesn’t feel he’s the appropriate judge for this task, and therefore he has chosen some more judges. The plasma is switched on and you can see Jason Coleman and Matt Lee who are just outside the compound with a small audience watching on. A few tips from the judges and then it’s time to get underway.

6:21pm: Ben and Bianca are asked to dance first. Claps all round from the housemates after it, but the judges think that Ben was thinking a bit too much for their liking. They say that Bianca looked a little bit stunned. Dixie and Alice start their hip hop routine. They get right into it and are actually not too bad. Judges say that Alice really wanted to win it. They think they did a good job though. Nathan and Renee are up with the waltz. They laugh a bit through the performance. Judges really think it’s a great transformation for Renee who used to work with abattoir factories. David and Terri are up next and the judges say that they both had great enthusiasm and thank them on a job well done.

It’s time for disco fever and Brigitte and Travis take to the stage. Travis seems to struggle a little but the judges say they did very well. In fact, the judges say that Travis was the better performer because he let himself go and didn’t care what he looked like. The last team up is Rory and Nobbi doing the boy band routine. Judges say that Nobbi was born to be in a boy band, and they say that Rory looked terrified.

Big Brother tells the housemates to all go on stage for the results. The judges talk for a long time but finally they decide to pass the housemates in this week’s task.