Day 26 FNL

Scouts Night started off with Big Brother telling the housemates to “build a bridge and get over it”. The ‘Dib’ them had to race the ‘Dob’ team through an obstacle course by using a plank of wood to move from one rock to the next. The plank was not allowed to be moved to a new rock until all team members were safely on the last.

The ‘Dib’ team was led by Nathan and consisted of himself, Nobbi, Ben, Renee, Brigitte and Travis. The ‘Dob’ team was led by Rory and consisted of himself, David, Alice, Dixie, Bianca and Terri.

The race was a tight one with a different leader every few seconds and in the end Big Brother declared it too close to call. The team leaders were forced to rock off for a winner and Rory’s paper had Nathan’s rock all wrapped up.

A second chance round saw the six losers hanging from a bar to compete for two spots in the next round. Travis and Brigitte were out early, Ben and Nathan lasted a bit longer, but they were no match for Nobbi and Renee

The teams then became Rory, Nobbi, Dixie and Bianca up against Alison, Terri, Renee and David. They had to compete in the ‘box of horrors’ round. Each had to hold their head inside a box of creepy-crawlies for thirty seconds to get a point for their team.

The first competitor from each team (Rory and Alice) had to endure giant burrowing cockroaches and wood roaches. The second competitor from each team (Nobbi and David) had to endure fighting crickets and leaf mimics. The third competitor from each team (Dixie and Terri) had to endure a ‘Creepy Crawly Combo’ which included all of the above as well as meal worms and other bugs. The final competitor from each team (Bianca and Renee) had to endure rubber snakes.

The FNL hosts announced that fake snakes were used as real snakes were too dangerous and showed footage of Mike Goldman putting his head into a box of real snakes and almost being bitten.

All competitors completed their challenge and round two was also a tie. Big Brother announced that the winner would be decided by an eating competition. Rory and Alice each had to eat a Killer Python. Alice easily won, getting her team through to the next round.

The remanning housemates then paired off David and Renne versus Alice and Terri. Each pair had to erect a tent while hindered by The Big Fan. Neither team managed to succeed in their challenge in 2:30 so the winner was decided by a paper plane flying contest. Alice threw hers first and did very well. David screwed his up into a ball and tried to cheat – but failed.

Alice and Terri then had to ask Yes/No questions of Big Brother and figure out what he’d stolen from the house. After many questions and clues, Terri incorrectly guessed ‘Hoop’ instead of ‘Hubcap’ and was consequently slimed, and lost the games.

Alice, as the winner, was told the bottom three were Bianca, David and Nathan. She chose Nobbi to take to the Rewards Room.

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