Day 23

11:02am: Housemates are practicing with their partners for this weeks dance task. Terri & David, as well as Rory and Nobbi, seem to have the routine perfected. There’s still a bit of trouble for Bianca and Ben, Dixie and Alice and also Brigitte and Travis. Brigitte shows Travis how to do it again, and Travis recommends that they break for the day.

Outside, Travis tells Nobbi that he doesn’t really like telling people that they are a ‘sook’. He says that’s a negative and he tries not to be negative. Over in another group, Ben says “Travis is going to be disappointed in life because he sees the best in people and expects the best from everyone.” Alice and Dave agree, Dave saying he gets his lunch made for him and then suggesting that Travis will never move out of home.

Rory comes over to join the conversation. Meanwhile in the kitchen David and Alice are talking about Terri and her constant negativity. Nobbi is saying that Terri is negative, but Terri suggests that she is simply a realist. Ben says that sometimes in the house it’s usually five against one and that’s why Terri feels the need to defend herself. Back in the kitchen, David tells Nathan that change will never happen with Terri, she will always be a negative person.

2:49pm: Dixie is sleeping on the couch. Terri goes to the bathroom. She tells Ben that she will try not to walk around looking glum. She says she always got told she looked cranky at work when she is perfectly happen. Ben wonders whether it’s something she is trying to change. She says she can’t change it and she just looks like a negative, glum person naturally. She doesn’t mean to do it. Terri says that people need to be negative sometimes when a situation arises to be negative. Ben just keeps saying yes throughout.

Outside, Rory is shaving Nathan’s head. Nobbi, in the kombi, asks Big Brother for a new sleeping bag because the nights are getting colder and colder. He says that life outside is fine during the days but because it’s colder no one wants to stay in the kombi overnight. He says that Terri is pretending to be nice to Nobbi and he would rather her to simply have a go at Nobbi and be herself. Brigitte is now asleep in the house while the others are playing in the backyard.

Travis is talking to Terri in the backyard. Terri says she hates that everyone seems to see Terri as a negative person. She fights back tears as she says it’s tough inside the house because she misses her grandson and her daughter. Terri hopes they aren’t watching her get taken apart every night on the show.

5:46pm: Housemates are bored so they create a game where two people hold exercise balls while their feet are tied together and they simply slam into each other. Rory knocks over Nobbi. Inside, David says that they are all robots and rats who simply get up and do the same thing day after day. Nathan is outside talking to Renee. Nathan says that the boys piss him off sometimes. Renee says she is over it and doesn’t care anymore.

While they are talking, Nobbi talks about the ‘couple’. David says that he gets up close to everyone when he talks to anyone, but he is quick to add that something is going on between the two. Nobbi agrees, saying it’s so cute. Renee gets mad and Nathan says that he gets mad too but he though that Renee was cool with it. She says “it’ll wear off.” Nathan says that he isn’t into messing with people’s feelings. He says that he would rather look like a moron now than hurt her feelings later down the track. Renee says she doesn’t understand him sometimes.

Alice and Terri are talking with Dixie about Nathan and Renee. Alice says that they both like each other, but she says that Nathan is pushing for it. Later on in the living room, Alice reveals she can’t have children. She says she was 17 and hadn’t had a period so her mother made her have every test imaginable. She says the doctor burst into the room and simply said, “It’s what I thought. You can’t have kids.” Alice says that both her mum and herself burst into tears upon hearing the news.

Nathan, Alice and Nobbi are in the kombi. Nobbi says that it’s about time something happened between Renee and Nathan. Nobbi says it’s like a couple flirting each other. Nobbi says the dancing between the two is awkward because there are sparks between the two. Nathan says that it would be nice if it weren’t awkward. Nobbi says that both Alice and he think that Nathan likes Renee as much as she likes him. In the bedroom, Ben suggests that Alice not spend every minute of every day with Nathan. If she took some distance, she wouldn’t get teased as much. Renee says that Nathan is more so the problem. Renee says she can’t like someone after two weeks. Rory says, “Of course you can.” Renee tells the other housemates that Nathan has told her that he isn’t really interested. She says she also hasn’t told him that she herself is interested. Back in the kombi, Nathan says he didn’t want to be in the situation he finds himself in. He says he didn’t want to be weighed down with ‘love issues’ inside the house.

Nathan leaves the kombi and goes to the bedroom. Rory is giving Renee a cuddle and Renee tells him that she ‘can’t do D&M with that dude anymore…he does my head in.” Renee cracks up as Nathan walks into the bedroom, making for an awkward moment. She says she looked like a school kid who had been caught.