Day 24

2:00pm: Housemates are again practicing for this week’s dance task. Travis still has no idea how to do the disco dance and Brigitte is getting more and more worked up every time he stuffs it up. Nathan and Renee seem to be in giggles while going through their waltz, while Ben and Bianca also seem to be having trouble. Nobbi tells Rory to do his dance properly.

Brigitte is called to the diary room. Big Brother tells her that he is giving her the chance to win back some of her confiscated items. He lists them off for her and she seems excited. Big Brother tells her that she must wear glasses (rose coloured) all day and have a glowing outlook on life. She goes outside and starts complimenting everyone and everything. She starts to get angry with Travis saying, “Stand in your spot… you look really good there!” and another, “You stuffed up heaps, but I like it better like that.” Travis can’t contain his laughter and excitement at this task that Brigitte has been given.

5:27pm: Brigitte says she is not allowed to tell her fellow housemates what she wins if she passes this task. Rory guesses that she gets her clothes and he makes a point saying “Why should you get your clothes back when Nobbi is still outside?” Nobbi causes her to get in a bad mood, so Brigitte gets up and walks away. Rory and Nobbi decide to try to follow her around to annoy her. Meanwhile, Terri is chatting to Travis about the task; Travis says that it’s a good thing, but Terri says it’s so fake it’s a waste of time. Terri says she can understand why the boys are a little bit upset because it looks like that when she chucks a hissy fit she gets her own way. Renee mentions to Bianca that Rory was telling her the previous evening that he was a bit into her. Bianca says she’s not attracted to him in that way though. Meanwhile, the boys are singing a song in the backyard complaining about the ‘sooky-la-la.’ Brigitte is crying on the couch – Terri tries to comfort her. Terri says it’s pretty hard on everyone being in this house. Terri grabs her a tissue.

7:28pm: Brigitte says she doesn’t care that anyone thinks it’s bad she is getting her stuff because she didn’t ask for them. Brigitte says she didn’t ask for it. Bianca says she did though, even if it was indirectly. She then says, “Do you know what indirectly means?” Bianca says she would never have acted the way Brigitte did if she had lost her clothes. Brigitte keeps defending herself saying she had stopped asking for the clothes back.

At the family dinner, a question comes up that asks, “Do you see any romance in the house?” Rory says that Renee and Nathan are into each other. Ben says that perhaps if something were to happen it would’ve happened by now so he suggests that everyone leave it alone now. Alice says that perhaps Bianca and Rory are into each other a bit.

10:33pm: All housemates are called to the diary room and Brigitte is told to sit on the couch. She watches on the plasma. Big Brother tells the housemates that they must decide what she gets back. Half the housemates decide that she doesn’t deserve anything back. Brigitte watches on and swears at Rory. Big Brother clarifies that she should be rewarded on her job at the task. Dixie tries to stand up for Brigitte but she isn’t getting much support. Nobbi thinks she should get one button from a coat. Dixie says she has no one in the house and so she good some of her comforts to get her through the tough times. Big Brother tells the head of household, Alice, to make a decision. Alice says she shouldn’t get everything and chooses one item.

10:47pm: Housemates come out of the diary room and Brigitte says that ‘that was interesting.’ She tells Rory that he’s an idiot and Rory fires back relentlessly until she walks away. Meanwhile, the boys in the kombi, led by Ben are all saying she didn’t deserve a single thing. Ben says ‘She doesn’t ever deserve a thing. I stand by that to the day I die.’ Rory again says she doesn’t deserve any of it. Brigitte comes to the diary room and says that the house is full of people who dislike her. Bianca says that she won’t let Brigitte use her makeup anymore, saying she uses it everyday. Travis tries to stand up for her, and Rory says that he would let her have it all had she not nagged and moaned forever when she lost it all.

Brigitte says she is absolutely alone in this house and she doesn’t think she can put up with it for much longer. Rory says that for Brigitte’s whole life she has simply asked “Daddy” for everything and received it. She says that the grenade was meant to teach her a lesson, and that grenade should be played out. Dixie says she would rather see someone smiling than crying. Brigitte comes to the bathroom and Dixie gives her a hug.