Day 14 Eviction

Big Brother welcomes the housemates to the eviction room and the first eviction of 2008. Roll the credits! Kyle and Jackie are then welcomed onto the stage, Kyle in jeans and jacket, and Jackie looking good in a green outfit. The hosts recap the week in the house before throwing to a clip package of the highlights. Kyle mentions that we are now seeing the real Corey. Kyle also thinks that the quicker Rima gets back in the house the better. They cross back to the eviction room.

Corey says he’s had a great week. Kyle wants to know about the sexual tension between Bianca and Corey. Bianca agrees that it’s very love hate. Nobbi gets a nice reception from the crowd and says that Terri will never get an invite to the kombi. They also talk to Travis and he says he is looking at the extra power as a chance to save one housemate he really likes.

Big Brother reveals to the house the bottom three housemates for this week. They are: David, Rebecca and Saxon. These three housemates are asked to move to 3 new seats in the eviction room. Big Brother tells the three that one is about to be thrown a lifeline.

Back from the break, it’s time for the nomination twist. Big Brother tells Travis to stand up. Big Brother explains why he has the power, and then asks him to save one housemate from eviction tonight. The housemate in 4th place will then be up for eviction. Travis says he wants to save everyone, but he says he is closest to Rebecca and so he saves her. Rebecca says thank you, and then returns to her normal seat. Throw back to the stage to explain what will happen next. Kyle says he is happy Rebecca is staying, and then they throw a graphic up revealing that Rory has dropped down into the bottom 3. We cross back to the house to hear the news and lots of the guys in the house are devastated. Nobbi can’t believe it.

Not mucking around tonight as they get straight into the nominating. Big Brother explains they are nominating to evict, not to save. Terri, Corey and Nathan are told to return to the couch. Renee is called to the diary room. For 2 points she evicts Saxon because he gets into lots of arguments and he accused her as being one of the ringleaders. For 1 point she evicts David because of strategy reasons. She comes out to the couch and says she is shaking.

Bianca is called to the diary room next. For 2 points she evicts Saxon because of recent arguments and tension between them. For 1 point she evicts David because sometimes he interrupts conversations constantly. She leaves to the living room as well.

Back to the stage where they say that Rory still hasn’t received a vote. They also reveal that the nominees will also vote during the breaks and they won’t reveal these votes at all until after the eviction.

Back after the break, Kyle and Jackie are sitting on the couch. Kyle wants to see Rory gone. Jackie doesn’t want it to be Saxon. It’s Ben’s turn to evict, and for 2 points he evicts David because he thinks David is in charge of the group and he thinks everyone should be on a level footing. He evicts Saxon for 1 point because he is threatening and making the girls seem uncomfortable. He leaves the diary room. Alice is up next; she evicts Saxon because he occasionally causes rifts between the housemates. For one point she evicts Rory because he’ll disregard certain housemates conversations.

Jackie shows us the leader board with Saxon on 7, David on 4 and Rory with 1. Nobbi for 2 points evicts David because he thinks that David is fake. For 1 point he evicts Rory because his best friend in the house is Saxon. Commercial break.

Brigitte votes to evict Saxon for 2 points because he constantly complains about the food. For 1 point she evicts Rory because he is untidy around the house. Dixie is up next. She evicts Saxon for 2 points because he is stubborn and she finds it difficult to get along with him. For 1 point she evicts David for strategic reasons.

It’s Rebecca’s turn to vote. She evicts Saxon for 2 points because he can be aggressive. For 1 point she chooses to evict Rory because he is younger than Dave and so Rory has more opportunities in the world….weird stuff! Travis has double points and it’s time for him to vote. Travis evicts David for 4 points because within group conversations he doesn’t listen to Travis’s contributions. For 2 points, Travis evicts Rory because he can sometimes be a bit graphic in his descriptions. He is told to return to the eviction room rather than the couch in the main house.

Big Brother then tells the nominees that they’re fellow housemates have made their decision. He tells them to return to the living room. Not a word is spoken throughout the walk. The hosts reveal that the three nominees each week will be put into the ‘Revolve”. The housemates all say goodbye to David, and then Saxon and last of all Rory. Big Brother tells housemates that one has left the Big Brother house for good. The two lucky ones will be spat back into the house.

Back to the house after the break, and it’s time to welcome back the first save nominee, David. Except it’s Rory, Big Brother stuffed up. Big Brother does say Rory is save however. The second safe nominee is David meaning Saxon is gone. Saxon comes outside of the house and looks very disappointed. Saxon says that he is pretty arrogant and that’s probably why he got evicted. Saxon says out of the nominees, he admits he probably should’ve been evicted. Saxon says the whole Princess Sparkles thing was a bit much and he’s quite happy to have been evicted. Jackie tells him they will now head to the main stage.

Back from the break, Saxon comes back out onto the main stage. He seems pretty relaxed, saying that he ruffled a few feathers and that’s why he was sitting there tonight. The leader board shows Saxon got 16 votes and David was right behind him on 15 points. Saxon says that on the outside world he wouldn’t have spoken to Travis, and also that he wouldn’t have associated with Nobbi. Saxon says that Dixie is always in the kitchen and that’s the only problem he had with her. Saxon says he was trying to hold back but he thinks that if he were in there for longer he would’ve exploded at someone. Saxon gets a phone as a present and a mobile broadband kit, as well as a holiday. And that’s the end of Saxon as a housemate. Commercial break.

Back with the hosts and they cross back to the house. They are all a bit upset. Bianca says she was surprised that no girls were in the bottom three after Rebecca was saved. Rory and David say that they were shocked and it hit them both hard being in the bottom three. Kyle and Jackie reveal that voting lines are reopened, before showing us a new part of the house only able to be reached by spending lots of time on a plane. It can either be heaven or hell, and this week it’s pure heaven with a pool, huge beds and all the comforts you could ever want. And that’s it for the first eviction.