Day 14

10:49pm: Housemates are gathered on the couch to hear Saxon’s farewell message. He says that Brigitte is a good girl, but he suggests she needs to start reading a few books. He mentions Dixie stealing some food but he says that it was a very minor thing in the real world. He says he would love to hear from Rory for a beer. He says that Travis is a good bloke, tells Terri to keep going strong, tells David to be himself a bit more and stop playing the game so much. He tells Nobbi they are brothers. He tells Rebecca that she is the sweetest and most genuine housemate in there.

Saxon then goes onto the second part of his message; Saxon’s hand grenade. He is allowed to take all possessions from one housemate indefinitely. He chooses this housemate to be Brigitte and says ‘that includes Princess Sparkles.’ Brigitte is furious and starts banging the plasma. She says she wants to leave the house to make sure she can bash up Saxon before he leaves Queensland. Travis and Rebecca both tell Brigitte they can borrow anything of theirs.

David says that Saxon picked the one that would get the most upset. He goes out to the kombi van and chats to Nobbi. David says that Saxon was very smart, but perhaps he is ten years younger and that’s why he thinks that David is sitting on the fence, because he realises that fighting and arguing will get him nowhere.

Brigitte again says that she wants to leave only to bash Saxon. Brigitte repeatedly hits the button to get into the diary room.

11:01pm: Brigitte is let into the diary room. Silence for a little bit. Big Brother tells Brigitte she only needs to push the button once. Brigitte apologises, but says she wants to go home immediately. She says that Saxon’s reasoning was absolute rubbish and if he had a problem with her behaviour he should have told her. Big Brother reminds Brigitte that there are a lot of housemates in the house and they will surely lend her clothes and toiletry needs. She lies down on the chair and starts crying.

Nobbi is outside wondering how someone could get so devastated over clothes. One of the guys says ‘she won’t go.’ Back to Brigitte in the diary room who is still crying and lying on the chair. Rory says it would be very funny to have seen Terri cop losing all of her clothes. The guys laugh. Big Brother recommends that Brigitte return to the house. Brigitte says she doesn’t want to because she can’t trust any of the housemates now. Ben is talking to Dixie because Dixie has caught out Ben talking about her. Dixie says that he can’t trust Ben now as far as he could kick him. Ben says that he won’t talk about her behind her back anymore.

Brigitte is still crying. Big Brother says that he has listened to everything that Brigitte has said, and he suggests that she rest and talk to him again ni the morning. Brigitte says she can’t sleep without Sparkles. Big Brother tells Brigitte she is strong, and she is to rest and speak to Big Brother in the morning. He gets her to leave. Nobbi outside says he was pissing himself laughing when Saxon gave the grenade to Brigitte.

Rebecca asks Brigitte if she is ok. She says that she is going home in the morning.

12:46am: Big Brother calls Rory, David, Alice and Renee to the diary room. With half in the spa, they get dry and enter the room. On the seat they see airline tickets. They get a bit excited. Big Brother informs them that they are all leaving the house. In fact, all the housemates are leaving the country. Big Brother tells them that they will travel on Big Brother Airlines, and they must pack immediately. Their flight will depart shortly. They tell the others they’ve been chosen to leave and the look on Brigitte’s face is priceless. The four chosen are running around very excited. Rebecca says it’s very exciting for them. Nobbi is trying to convince Brigitte to stay and stop mopping around. Nobbi says she adds value to the house. The four on the flight are ready to depart. Big Brother tells them to leave the compound through the cloud door. They go through the door and walk straight into a makeup plane. Once seated, the emergency details are introduced on the plasma by a Ninja. Big Brother prepares the housemates for takeoff.

2:14am: Brigitte once again comes to the diary room. Brigitte asks if she can leave tomorrow. Big Brother tells her to rest and speak to Big Brother in the morning. She is once again crying, saying she is too upset to sleep. She says she misses her family and all her stuff has been taken away so there is no point to staying.

On the flight, two hours in, Big Brother tells them that it’s time for a hot meal. They each get a meal and a couple of beers. Meanwhile, Brigitte says she won’t eat in the house until she gets her stuff back. Big Brother tells her that a hunger strike is pointless. She finally leaves the diary room. Corey tries to talk to her but she refuses.

Back on the plane, the four don’t think that Brigitte won’t leave. Alice says she wants to win so she get another boob job. Rory says she won’t win. Corey finally gets to talk to Brigitte, telling her that he would be pissed off if all his possessions were taken as well. Brigitte decides to go back outside and Corey follows.

One hour from the end of the flight, unexpected turbulence forces all the passengers to sit back in their seats. They all laugh. Brigitte kicks a large ball around the backyard while sniffling away. Brigitte walks up to the kombi and sticks her head in but then walks away.

8:14am: Housemates are woken up by Big Brother via an alarm. Meanwhile, David, Rory, Alice and Renee begin their descent to their destination. Terri walks out of the bedroom and finds Adidas t-shirts on a rack for the housemates. Terri says they are cricket outfits. Dixie says “I’m not getting out of f***** bed in the middle of the morning to play bloody cricket.” Dixie says she wouldn’t get out of bed for Brett Lee or even Bradman.

The flight has landed and Big Brother reveals they are in Bali. They get to see the new part of the house and there are screams from everyone.

Back in the main bedroom, another alarm plays to try to wake up the housemates. Still not much movement is forthcoming. Big Brother then tells all housemates they must come to the living room immediately.

Over in Bali, the four housemates sit down to their breakfast, orange juice and muffins. Meanwhile, Nathan reads out the instructions for this week’s weekly task. They must simply catch the ball when the ball is released. 3 people must man the pitch at all times.

8:31am: The cricket task is about to begin. Brigitte is going back to sleep however. She says she is going home but before she goes she is having one last sleep to make sure her eyes aren’t puffy. Terri can’t believe she is being so immature. The first cricket ball comes out and they miss it. Ben still can’t field the second ball either.

Over in Bali, the housemates are saying that they feel a little bit bad for the others. David says they weren’t given an option to give it up though. They all set down to sleep. Back at the cricket pitch, they get their first wicket when Ben catches it! The excitement wakes up the housemates in Bali!