Day 13

9:37am: Nobbi gets a wake up call from Big Brother. Big Brother tells him that he has been chosen to be a mother for the day; his fellow housemates will pamper him for the entire day.

Big Brother gathers all the other housemates on the couch and informs then that someone will be chosen to be pampered for the day. They are very excited to find out that Nobbi is the one to get some good treatment.

11:29am: Bianca and Terri are in the diary room. They have ingredients to make French toast for Nobbi. Bianca goes and gives Nobbi the rose. Terri tells him they will prepare the toast for the mother. Even Terri says that Nobbi has suffered enough and deserves his special treatment. Nobbi gets his breakfast and tells Ben that he might get someone to give me a shower. Travis agrees to do it if he wears underwear.

12:32pm: Shower time has arrived. Travis is having second thoughts about this now. He washes his back and Nobbi pulls down his underwear. Travis says, “OK I’m going down there.” Travis says that this is disgusting and he would never clean his own mother.

12:54pm: Ben and Nobbi are chatting. Nobbi says he’s not stressed about this weekend at all. It seems to be getting to Ben a bit. Ben seems to think that it’ll be hard for everyone, regardless of who goes. Inside, Travis and Terri are talking. Terri says she is a tough mother. She again says that she would be ashamed to have Corey as her son.

Rory and Ben are talking in the garden. They both agree that Dave is fake and simply playing the game. Saxon joins in and agrees with the boys. Rory says that Travis is definitely playing the game, and Ben says that Nathan probably is as well.

Housemates are called to the living area, except for Nobbi. Nobbi watches on from just outside. Big Brother tells them that they have passed this week’s task, and then invites everyone to the diary room to collect their reward. They are all excited at all the food.

6:31pm: Ben steals Brigitte seat outside as everyone sits down to dinner. Ben gets up and tells Renee that Brigitte is starting to get on his nerves. Renee agrees with him. Back at the table, Saxon and David are having a discussion about aliens and religion, with Saxon saying that it’s all a conspiracy. David can understand his point of view. Terri tells Saxon that his last point was a ‘bit uncalled for’. Saxon tells Terri to shut up, which starts a bit of a argument.

Corey and Rebecca are talking in the bedroom. Corey wonders who he thinks is cute out of the girls. Rebecca says that she thinks Brigitte has. Corey says he thinks that Brigitte is cute, but Rebecca has the personality as well.

Saxon comes to the diary room complaining about the simple minds of certain people. He says he gets frustrated when they start talking about alien life forms. Terri seems to think that her opinion was not valid. Saxon admits in the diary room that he only snapped because it was Terri, and he admits that it was totally unacceptable and that he’s well aware of it. The girls, talking to Terri, suggest that he would’ve snapped at anyone. Terri is not so sure. Saxon seems to think he is going tomorrow night anyway, because he ‘can feel it.’

10:46pm: Terri asks Saxon if he is all right, but keeps calling him Travis! Saxon says that Terri was an easy target and he apologises. Saxon say’s it’s nothing personal.

Corey is in the bedroom and annoying Renee. Bianca starts up talking to him, saying that she doesn’t think he has the brain capacity to keep up with her. Bianca says that he doesn’t have any respect for elders. Corey can’t believe it, and keep at her even when Bianca doesn’t want to keep going. She says that he has been rude and disrespectful, and then says he even has an expression “To throw a Corey.” Bianca says that he is looked up to and therefore he should be a bit more grown up. Corey says he’ll win and then he walks out. Brigitte walks in and wonders what the hell went on.

Travis tells Bianca that he should’ve spoken up as well, but he didn’t. Bianca says that at least Travis stayed, saying that everyone else bailed. Outside, David wonders how bad Bianca will be when she is 30.