Day 12 FNL

BB came out swinging on “Hip Hop Night” with an announcement that the winner of the games each week would win Head Of Household status, advance notice of the bottom three and dinner for two in the all-new strategy room.

Before the games got underway though, Fitzy had to apologise to Rima for his off-colour jokes last week and the rest of us had to check out the ninjas in their converse sneakers.

Onto the games and BB announces Alice has a bye into round two while in round one Terri (representing Old Skool) and Corey (representing New Skool) would be team captains. Terri selects her team as Rory, Nobbi, Natan, Renee, Bianca and Travis while Corey picked Saxon, Dave, Ben, Rebecca, Bridette and was left with Dixie.

Round one turns out to be the Battle Of The Mics. Terri’s team are dressed up as fifty-cent pieces – Corey’s team as M&Ms. They’re required to dance, with enthusiasm, around a circle until the music stops, then grab a microphone. The housemate who wins takes their whole team through to the second round. Team captains Coery and Terri are knocked out early and the number of M&Ms to fifty-cent pieces remains fairly constant right down to the final in which Nathan just beats out Ben to win it for the fifty-cent pieces.

Round two and Alison’s back. BB tells them to split themselves into two teams and nominate captains. It’s obvious Nobbi and Rory are heartbroken when they can’t team together but the teams turn out to be Alice, Travis and Terri led by Rory vs Nobbi, Renee and Bianca led by Nathan.

The second round is the Big Booty Can – an obstacle course made more difficult by the housemates having giant asses strapped onto themselves and being joined at the hip by lengths of rope. Nathan’s team completes the course in 1:39.

Despite the fact that nothing needs to be reset for the second team to compete, we take time out to catch up with Nigel the Ninja. Apparently he now needs a job so he tries his hand at a DJ gig and fails. When we finally get back to the arena, Rory’s team smashes the time of Nathan’s, completing the course in 1:23. However Big Brother tells the loosing team that the night is not over for them.

The four eliminated housemates from round two compete in the Busta Rhyme bonus round by rapping along with BB. Each housemate has to follow a line given by BB with a line of their own which is topical and rhymes. Bianca does very well by completing “Breakdancing requires you to move your feet” with “But I’m too short so I sit on my seat” and completing “As I entered the house I had a plan” with “To find myself a really hot man”. Nathan doesn’t do well on his first rhyme but redeems himself in the second one by completing “Being a rap star brings money and fame” with “If I win this round it will be my claim”.

BB again tells the housemates to split themselves into to teams. Rory quickly grabs Bianca and Alice leaving Nathan, Travis and Terri to team up.

The third game is Hip Hop Bunnies. Housemates are dressed as rabbits and have 2:30 to collect as much “carrot juice” as they can. The carrot juice is actually water pouring out of a shower head and in addition to the ridiculous costumes the housemates are also hindered by having to stand on a giant rotating record.

Rory’s team competes first and does fairly poorly, filling their container less than half-way. Rory has a small temper tantrum at the end of their leg. After being the only real contributor to his team’s effort he throws his cup in anger. Bree makes a comment to the effect of ‘It serves him right for picking the hot girls’. Despite a dismal (yet hilarious) effort from Terri her team wins the round, easily collecting more carrot juice than Rory’s team.

BB then tells the eliminated housemates they must choose one of the final three (Terri, Travis or Nathan) to kick out of the final. Predictably, and to a loud chorus of boo’s from the audience, they choose Terri leaving Travis and Nathan as the finalists.

In the final round Travis and Nathan have one minute to thow as many “Boyz” into “Da Hood” as possible. The “Boyz” are actually soccer balls and “Da Hood” is the engine conduit of a car. In their allotted minute Travis only manages to get three in while Nathan gets eleven and easily wins the night.

Big Brother calls Nathan to the Diary Room and presents him with his Head Of Household armband then tells him that, since he is excluded from the voting process this week, the nominations twist part of this prize will be given to the runner up instead.

Big Brother calls Travis to the Diary Room and informs Travis that he’s won the power to save one person from the hot list, he will be voting with double points on Sunday night and he’s also won dinner for two in the Strategy Room. He then asks Travis who he wants to take to the Strategy Room and Travis chooses Renee.

Big Brother minces his words and Travis leaves the diary room mistakenly believing that Nathan is also invited to the Strategy Room – a belief which he shares with his other housemates. Big Brother does not correct him, but informs Travis and Renee (only) that the Strategy Room is open. As the show ends both housemates and viewers are left very confused as to whether Nathan will be included.

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