Don’t close the White room yet!

Interesting night of television. First off we found out that TJ is absolutely insane. But in a good way. KEEP HER IN!!! Secondly, we had the boring reveal of the couple and Mr X. I wonder what Billy’s reward is? Probably become a housemate, although I wouldn’t know if thats a good or a bad thing.

The highlight of the night was of course the auction in the White room, and we all now know that Cruz soooooo jumped the gun. OMG, $750, what are you thinking?! I was waiting for Kara to instantly hit it after Cruz hit it, cause she seems like she can’t handle it. Anyway, Wednesday night it’ll all be over anyway, what a waste. Should’ve kept it going for a month. Hopefully the 2 that don’t get into the house will get some decent money. I was about to turn it off when he came into the house, and into the rewards room. I didn’t realise they were simply showing him what he will miss out on. A nice idea, especially so the housemates (proper) could see him for a quick second.

Alright, one last thing. Kate needs to go. Badly. Jamie might also be on the chopping block, but Jamie is one of those underdogs you have to get behind. Should be interesting, I think he’ll become a real favourite in the crowd because of his nerd like qualities.

So who do I hope will be nominated? KATE (she needs to go badly), TJ probably will also be put up, and Jamie. I don’t think Emma will use her new power tomorrow night because Kate will already be on the block. We’ll see I suppose….

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