Day 8

7:44pm: Housemates are in the bedroom watching the White room feed. All wildcard contestants are standing around the button. He offers the group $500 to hit the red button, and no one takes it. When Big Brother offers $750 Cruz hits the button, and the housemates realise that he has taken some kind of offer. Cruz says goodbye to all his wildcard mates. A ninja comes in and grabs Cruz. Kara is incontrolable. Cruz is led into the house, and into the rewards room to get a quick glance of the housemates. Demet says that Kara perhaps just needed an excuse to really cry. Big Brother gathers the main housemates back on the couch. Big Brother reveals to the house that they have a chance to win money for the prize pool each week by completing the weekly task. Big Brother tells them that the first task was worth $50,000. Big Brother reveals that 10 housemates had the same task, to uncover the secret relationship in the house. Big Brother asks Hayley to stand up and reveal who is in a relationship with her. Everyone is shocked, even moreso when she says that her boyfriend is Andrew. Everyone is shocked, and Bodie is wrapped that he picked it! Big Brother then tells the housemates that because 3 people correctly guessed they have passed this week’s task. Thomas can’t believe it!

8:27pm: Big Brother has again gathered the housemates on the couch. He reveals that their is infact another relationship in the house. He says that one person was sent into the house to make Andrew and Hayley’s job more difficult. It’s again up to Hayley to reveal that Billy is her ex-boyfriend. Andrew laughs! TJ can’t believe it and wonders if he was the one that turned gay. Billy goes to talk to Big Brother to enquire about what he can and can’t talk about. Jamie reveals to the house how he found out who the couple was. He says that what confirmed it was that the back of their photos had the same code on them! Zoran wonders what pissed Andrew off the most, but Hayley says that she hated TJ giving him a head massage on the first night. TJ hears this from the kitchen.

9:34pm: Sussanah and Kate are in the bedroom. Sussanah thinks that people will freak out by the news. Thomas and Hayley are hugging and laughing out by the spa. Sussanah in the bedroom comes to talk to TJ. Back outside, the guys wonder if anyone is pissed off. They doubt it. As TJ joins everyone outside, she says to Sussanah she just thinks that it’s weird. TJ calls her comment about the head massage out on Hayley, and Hayley walks away saying ‘this is weird.’ Hayley tells Rebecca that she is pissed off because she can’t understand why TJ is angry at her. Rebecca comforts Hayley, and Hayley says ‘she can go and get stuffed.’ TJ comes into the bedroom to find Hayley, and waits while she is in the bathroom. Back outside, Travis thinks the tension has gone out of the house now. Emma says that they want no more twists like that. TJ grabs Hayley out of the bathroom and they talk over their disagreement and they sort things out and hug. They go back and rejoin the rest of the housemates outside. They all have drinks and do a few toasts to the new couple. Billy decides that Hayley, Andrew should go with him to the diary room. Once there, Andrew says it’s so nice to have this off his chest. He says that Billy is an awesome bloke. Hayley even says that she has new found respect for Billy as well through this task. Billy says it was great to be able to make friends with Andrew before he knew who ‘exactly’ he was.

11:01pm: Hayley is chatting to Sussanah and Rebecca and says that she is glad that she didn’t know everyone had a secret mission. Hayley says that Andrew is the guy she wants to marry. She tells the girls how they ‘stole’ kisses in the bathroom etc. She says they were very careful not to get caught.

12:16am: Andrew and Bill swap beds so Hayley and Andrew can sleep next to each other. In the chillout room, Rebecca and Kate watch as TJ moves around the kitchen hiding cutlery. They laugh a lot trying to figure out why. Back in the bedroom Hayley says she wants to marry Andrew, and Andrew replies “if your lucky”.

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