Day 9

8:19am: Big Brother tells Emma that she must choose a housemate to go with her to feed the animals. Jamie sits up almost next to her, but she asks Thomas to come with her. They find that they have no eggs today. Inside, Jamie is exercising and Kate comes out to sit with him. Jamie tells her that he was fully awake when Emma was called for farmhand duties thinking that this was his chance to get to know her, but she chose Thomas. When the farmhands return they report that there are no eggs and no milk. Jamie says “oh bummer.” In the kitchen Emma and Thomas try to look for the bread and realise that all the food and drink has dissapeared, Big Brother taking whatever is left over each week so they start again.

Big Brother calls all housemates to the living room and Thomas comes out of the diary room and reads a letter. Big Brother tells them that their honeymoon is over, and with some housemates breaking rules, Big Brother has decided that housemates must earn their own way. Each day for doing their alloted chores, housemates will receive $3 each; for each rule breach $1 will be taken from this wage. Until further notice housemates will receive porridge for each and every meal. Thomas, having bought out the porridge from the diary room, starts getting cups and dishing out their first try of it. Bodie is dissapointed and suggests a strike. Others say Big Brother wouldn’t care.

1:52pm: Jamie sits on the couch watching the white room by himself, and looks upset. Emma sees this and tells Bodie and Aleisha. Bodie is saddened by the news, and wants to go and talk to him, but the girls stop him. Jamie starts hitting a pillow, obviously mad with himself. Back outside, Bodie says that they should try and include him more. Emma says that he needs to meet us halfway as well. Aleisha comes inside and they talk about the heat being a killer for Jamie, saying “yeh, I burn like that.”

Over in the white room, Harrison is crying. Demet says that they should perhaps all leave. They talk about it some more, saying that Cruz did the best thing. Harrison says that they should have left yesterday with him. Kara says that she feels that she could do this forever now. Harrison says that they have no chance of winning even if they do get into the house. Kara suggests talking to Big Brother and trying to work out something, and if there is no end in sight, then to all press the button together. They all say they are happy to all just go home. A little while later Big Brother starts talking to the wildcards. Big Brother tells them that something will change ‘very soon’, Kara says ok, but then says we agreed too soon, saying ‘we could’ve asked for hot chips’.

5:06pm: Rebecca and Kate are in the sauna. Kate says she isn’t comfortable in this house. Rebecca says the quirkyness of some housemates is annoying her. Kate is still peeved that she was given the job of janitor. Kate says that Thomas is part of their gang! Rebecca says the division in the house is becoming more and more apparent. Meanwhile, a few housemates are watching the White room on the feed, and say that they seem a lot happier than normal. Rebecca says that Bodie is irratating the crap of her, and Kate agrees.

8:32pm: Big Brother tells the housemates that are nominated are Kate, Bodie and Emma. Big Brother calls Emma to the diary room, and explains that as winner of FNL she can take someone off the block, and decide who to put up. She takes herself off, and puts Jamie up. Big Brother then tells the housemates that the new nominees will be announced ‘later’.

9:54pm: Aleisha is in the bedroom with Bodie. Bodie says that he hasn’t really missed home until right now. Aleisha says “It’s only because you think your unliked.” Aleisha says that she might still be up yet. Bodie says that Emma handled it very well. Bodie says he just got mad and couldn’t hide it. Emma says she thought she would be up. Bodie says that he doesn’t know about the hugs and kisses afterwards. Emma says that is as fake as anything. Outside, Kate and Hayley wonder who will be up with the ‘3 point twist’. Back in the bedroom, Emma says she can’t be bothered pretending to be nice to people. Bodie says he thought in the back of his mind that he would be right cause Emma had the 3 point twist, but says ‘we both got done.’

10:21pm: Still talking in the bedroom, Billy having joined in. Bodie says he doesn’t want to go. Bodie says that he is glad that he has ‘you 4’ and he says he’ll still have fun until the end. Aleisha again says that she could still be up. Bodie says she wouldn’t get one vote. Emma says that the majority of the people in the house are quite geeky, and she says she has nothing in common with anyone. On the couch, Kate is saying that she didn’t realise how boring and lonely the place would be. Emma tells Bodie that Sussanah is two faced, perhaps Rebecca also. They say for a mormen shes very strange. Bodie says that Rebecca is as bland as a couple of weet bixs. Emma also says that Jamie is a nerd and a weirdo.

Big Brother calls Bodie to the diary room. Big Brother tells Bodie that by telling someone they probably wouldn’t even receive a vote, he has effectively told that person he didn’t vote for them. Bodie looks confused. He says he didn’t deliberately do it. Big Brother tells him that until told otherwise he is a non housemate. Bodie laughs. Big Brother reveals to everyone in the living room that Bodie is a non housemate, and that they must not speak to him or include him in any conversation. Any housemate seen talking to Bodie will also face serious penalty. Bodie comes out from the diary room and can’t help but laugh, taking a seat by himself at the table. Rebecca says that this is worse for Bodie than being kicked out. Kate doesn’t agree. Housemates begin to think about bed. Rebecca says ‘the real game is only just beginning.’ Bodie wanders outside near the spa, looking as bored as anything. Kate says that Rebecca, Jamie and herself do not fit the typical BB mould.