Day 53 Uplate

11:13pm: John and Katie are outside cheering on Claire, who is keeping the goals. Claire asks Katie if she would ever consider radio as a career. Katie says she would love it, but says she hasn’t done anything like that as of yet. A Whistle sound blows through the BB compound, and all housemates fall to the ground and fake injuries. We see a heap of people in the bedroom, both bedrooms and also Ash and Jamie out in the living room. Finally the whistle sounds again and the bedroom people all go back to bed, while Jamie and Ash get back to the couch. Meanwhile, outside, Claire says she is pretty dirty at the moment ( I think her clothes she means!) They wonder how many they are allowed to miss before they fail the task. Claire thinks that they will have to have a maximum of 15 allowed through the net. They think the task will end tomorrow. They laugh at something BB said earlier, they say it was one of the funniest BB comments they’ve heard. Katie wants John to give Jamie something, but he won’t. John says that it’s a good time for him to be finishing his shift, he should be able to get a full nights sleep. They wonder if Jamie has lost weight in here; Katie thinks he has lost 5kg, but she tells them not to say anything. Mike cuts in, but we return outside. Claire wonders how much longer till the change. She thinks half an hour. Comm break.

11:28pm: Katie says she had a long sleep one night, perhaps for a previous task. It was, because John is talking about ex housemates helping out in the task for some reason. Claire says she was sick during that. Katie says she is tired. Katie complains she is going to have pimples for eviction. John says he had a ‘merlin’ for his. I think it’s code for a huge pimple. They start doing dog sounds to pass the time. BB decides it’s time to strike while they are not concentrating. Claire doesn’t stop it. Katie laughs, saying she didn’t see a thing. They help her out saying that they will tell the others it went in the top right corner, when in fact it was almost straight at her but a little low. They taunt the machine, asking it to throw another goal her way. Claire says, “Katie, your not standing here.” Claire says her reflexes are crap. John decides to head inside for a bit. They name Katie’s pimple ‘snake.’ Weird. John wants to change it to Sceeter, but everyone agrees on “Stuey”. John says he is pumped to have his time in the goals. Claire says she can’t say it. John says he is going to go inside and do the whistle sound and see if anything happens. We don’t head inside with him, so we have no idea of the result. Katie says that Jamie is going to have to wake up soon. Katie wants one more goal, but Claire doesn’t. John says that they didn’t move inside. He reckons they have half an hour before changeover. Claire says the ball could’ve at least gone slowly. John says the ball is always thrown when they are doing something stupid. Katie starts yelling in the hope a ball appears. Claire tells them to stop! Comm break.

11:46pm: Jamie has headed outside. He is talking up his chances of winning FNL. Katie tells him they can’t go on the same team. Jamie decides to have his V now because he’s going to be up for 3 hours. He takes a sip, and says it feels like home. Claire agrees, saying she always gets the bigger bottles for 2 for $5. Mike interrupts. Cut back again, and Claire is explaining to Jamie where the ball was when it passed her. Jamie says he is hoping for higher ones. Claire hums to herself. A plane is going overhead, and Claire says “Qantas.” Katie asks her if she can tell by the noise, and Claire says she can. Claire tells everyone that she just polluted the air. The boys are talking amongst themselves now, and the girls likewise. Hard to make out. Jamie is saying it’s good that Ash comes to talk to him about stuff. He says that Ash doesn’t open up to many people. I think it’s Ash they are talking about, not really sure. Krystal comes to the door and asks if she needs to bring doonas or anything when she comes out. They say she might need a doona, but they have blankets. Comm break.

12:03am: Krystal has come outside. They are trying to figure out how long Claire has been standing in the goals. Jamie is talking about the 12th Man soundtracks, who take the piss out of Channel 9’s Wide World of Sports. He mimics a bit of the tapes, and does a great job at it. Not too many laughs from the girls besides Katie though. Katie wonders if Jamie’s mum would hate her for her tongue ring. She says she would take it out. Jamie says that his mum wouldn’t care about that. Jamie says that they are going to go down to the local pub and have a beer together one day. Katie reckons they would get hassled heaps though. John and Claire swap! John seems pumped. He reckons he’ll save heaps. Krystal is the supporter now for John. Jamie says he made a great save yesterday, but right after it he swore, so he doesn’t think they will show it. Krystal thinks that if it was really good they would just beep it out. John reckons it’s 10 past 11 now, and he will go out at quarter to 1. John and Krystal are trying to decide who else they can use during the night and how it’ll work. Comm break.

12:18am: John wonders what Krystal would ask if she was able to ask BB one question about the outside world. After a bit of a think, she decides it’s too hard. Jamie says that if he goes this week he will have missed 9 rounds of AFL (incorrect). He says that sounds pretty good. Actually they clairify it a little and they are actually right. Krystal asks Jamie what 3 things he wrote down for BB to tell him about. He says he wrote “Death or injury to family or friends, and thats about it. Those were my exact words.” He says that he wrote all this stuff while he was drunk. John does a good save. He says he was lucky. Krystal says she had family death or unwell, and something about War, on her list. Jamie says he would’ve used the Danny Green/Mundine fight for his sporting event if he put it down. John reckons that Michael did write it down, but they are unsure whether he was told. They try and figure out when the fight was. They talk about how the punishment room was finally revealed in the 2nd week and how they always knew something was there. They start saying that they had people they always wanted to get further than them. Katie comes out and John tells her that he saved it. Katie stands in front of where the ball come from, and Jamie tells her to get out of the way. BB tells Katie to bring all the soccer balls to the diary room. Jamie is so pleased it was Katie and not him. Comm break.

12:35am: John and Krystal are talking about it would be weird if you knew someone else in the house. John says that if someone told BB he would be afraid of being evicted. Krystal says she found out her ex boyfriend applied. John says that he and Dino go to the same Uni, but they don’t know each other. Jamie says that he really tried to not talk to anyone at auditions because he didn’t want to run into anyone. They say that Dino and Gaelan use the same gym, and Gaelan and Anna hang around the same people! John says that Camilla’s sister went to his school. They comment on how small the world really is and the whole 6 degrees theory. Krystal says she believes it, and John agrees. John talks about how the high balls are easy for the keeper, but the low ones are harder. John says he wants another attempt now. They talk about what they can eat. Jamie says that his cat name is “Mewsli”, pronouced Muesil. They go through the words they all use when they throw up. Comm break.

12:51am: They are talking about who they would take the rewards room. John says he would probably take Claire, but he would also like to take Jamie. John says Ash would be good as well. Jamie agrees. Jamie says that sometimes people get mad at Jamie, and then he looks at Ash and thinks that he would never do that. Jamie says he can’t really talk to him much, and Krystal agrees, as well as John, but Jamie says that he is just good value to hang around. Jamie tells Krystal and John they have to come to WA. They say they want to see Ash outside the house as well. Comm break.

1:07am: Still out at the task. John saying that he called someone out who was being a dick, and Jamie says that he did change after that. It was Mikey they were talking about. Jamie says that if he goes he was only here for 3 more weeks than Mikey. John says he was suprised talking to Camilla last night that she rated Krystal very highly. Krystal says that they do spend a lot of time together. Krystal says you have to be blunt with Camilla sometimes, but she says that Camilla respects that. Comm break.

1:23am: Krystal and Jamie are talking about star signs. Riverting. Talk about that for 2 minutes, before Mike decides it’s too boring and pulls it back to the studio. Comm break.

1:32am: OMG. Still talking about star signs. Even John is getting into it. John says that a lot of his friends are Taurus’s, and he is too (and me!). Krystal says that in her town there is really only two people she doesn’t like. Jamie and John reckon 10 more minutes should see John’s shift over. Gaelan has also come out as well. They say Rob is the next one that’ll have to come out, then Dave. At 1:36am, Dreamworld says goodnight.

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