Day 54

9.46am – Jamie is infront of the goal. He stretches around, a ball shoots, he jumps for it but misses. The girls notice from inside the kitchen. Krystal has noticed the shots are so much harder for the guys – they are faster and shot into the corner and the girl’s balls are just shot into the centre. Camilla says if they lose the task she will go on a hunger strike next week. She then goes backoutside and asks the boys about the hard shots. Another ball shoots out to the side and Jamie JUST pushes it away from the goals. Gaelan claps and congratulates him.

Rob and David are having a chat in the bedroom. Rob asks how long David expects to be in the house. David doesn’t know. Rob is saying his five weeks in the house feel like forever – every single minute is chewying him up. David knows what he’s talking about, and wonders if he’ll leave a hole in the house. Rob says he definately will. Rob thinks everyone would get uptight. David is starting to think he really doesn’t want to go this week. Rob says he should have thought of that earlier (when he took 3 points of Ashley). David says it wouldn’t have changed anything if he took the points off himself.

Katie and Ashley are playing a game in the living room where Katie has to “catch” a purple dot on Ashley’s boardshorts. They scream and laugh.

David says to Rob he would really like some peace and quiet around the house, but doesn’t think its possible. While the discussion happens Katie and Ashley run around the bathroom. When they are gone David says it would be really good if Katie left the house – people would change. They are all saying she’s a cool chick but they think it would be for the better if she left. Katie and Ashley finally finish their game and apologise to the boys lying in bed for the noise.


12.12pm – Rob is infront of the goal. Big Brother annouces their time defending the goal is now over. The housemates all cheer. However the task is not over – they must still take dives when they hear the ref’s whistle.

Camilla comes to the diary room. She has the family discussion on her mind. Specifically Jamie and Katie’s reactions to her questioning them dealing with nominations. Claire says Katie got emotional but she’s been acting like a bear with a sore head – throwing around sayings like “I’m definately going to go”, but to wish your time away in the house is crazy.

Meanwhile the nominated couple are in the sauna. Jamie says he wants to spend lots of time with Katie – if one of them is going does he make it less hard and spend less time with her or does he go all out and hang out with her all the time?

Camilla says it has been an emotional journey this whole time for her – she thought she had been kicked out in the first week (revenge room eviction) – she has been at the low end of the pecking order this entire time.

Jamie say she’s no longer Mr. popularity in the house anymore and its allowed him to express another side of his personality. Thats how he is if he’s surrounded by people he likes.

Camilla says she has grown up a lot in the house and without people trying to butter her up all the time and not being the pretty girl, all the outside influences… “this is me… pretty plain and simple”. When she gets home this is going to change her life a lot because there are things she’s not happy with her life – she has cheated on all of her partners (she gets teary). She doesn’t want to do that every again, she is really proud of being in the house and what she’s accomplished as her own person. When she gets home she doesn’t think she will be as easily influenced by other people. At the same time she’s feeling bad she upset Katie and the effect it could have on the rest of the house.


3.29pm – Ashley and Gaelan are in the pool. Gaelan is wrestling with his floaty thong, pretending its a crocodile. He punches it a few times.

Jamie comes to the diary room (argh again!). This time he has cleaning on his mind. Jamie says Rob goes to sleep crying because he wants Jamie cleaning things, and then wakes up and says “goodie, things to clean!”. Jamie says he likes things not clean – he likes dust. He recognises he might be immature in that right, but he likes the way he is. If Jamie is evicted because of issues with cleaning dishes, he will look back and laugh, and say “awesome”.

5.10pm – Rob is chatting with Camilla in the living room. Camilla says theres no way she’ll let problems grow – she will weed things out. Rob says there are no distinct problems he can stop because what he has problems with he can’t change, so he will have to be tolerant.

Meanwhile in the living room the boys (minus David) are throwing placemats around.

Camilla says to Rob that the younger, majority group has changed – the tables have turned and its funny to see that group have now changed and they don’t like it.

In the living room Katie jokes she will throw water on John. He says ‘go on’ but doesn’t think she’ll do it. She does. John then spits water back at David.

Camilla is disgusted. She exclaims she’s so glad she wasn’t over there in that group.

5.39pm – Krystal says to Claire that Jamie and Katie are back to normal. Claire still isn’t impressed however – their reactions to nominations were inexcusable and they just used excuses. Claire likes Katie but only in small doses. They both agree Jamie is a little oblivious with Katie’s shortcomings.


5.54pm – The boys are playing around in the backyard. Ashley and John have a pillow fight.

Inside Claire says Ashley is funny. Krystal thinks he’s weird and doesn’t know what to talk about with him. Claire was the same for the first four weeks – his humour was different and he was withdrawn, but now he’s screaming etc. Claire thinks he lacks confidence but draws off other people – he’ll jump in when its his turn but won’t initiate things. Claire says she should be a psychiatrist. Krystal and Claire do situps.

David and Camilla are in the sauna talking about the nominated couple. David says he can’t understand them at all. Camilla thought she’d have to comfort Katie today, but didn’t. She stands up for what she believes – she is against their behaviour. David wonders why people aren’t saying what they think. Camilla says its because of Katie – she has proven herself unapproachable, and did have a strong social force behind her in the house, in the past. David says he’s much older, but Jamie and Katie have each other so they have an advantage in the house. Camilla says she continues to speak her mind not because she’s causing confrontation because she speaks what she believes.

6.12pm – The housemates have a jumprope outside with the garden hose. David runs through it without jumping, provoking lots of yelling from the other housemates.

Jamie goes inside and lies on his bed, alone.

Meanwhile Rob is jumping lots in the jumprope – they’re now doing double dutch.

Katie joins Jamie, who is sulking. She says they are jump roping. Jamie mopes, saying “why are they finding that exciting? thats not exciting”. Jamie tells Katie he’s tired and just wants to lie down. He continues to say the skiprope is boring.

Meanwhile all the other housemates are having a great time jumping.

Later in the night Rob fidgets around his bed, getting annoyed. He screams out, which is met by laughter from the other housemates. He says he needs sleep, sugar, oil and something deep fried. He’s sick of eating pee-stuff and “fart berry soup”. “I’m sleep deprived!!! I’m hot and cold, and this bed is an egyptian coffin!”.

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