Behind Big BrotherBehind Big Brother

Day 55

16 June 2006

Posted by Tim

9.25pm – John and Claire run to the rewards room. Claire is excited and says she hasn’t been there in a long time. It’s Claire’s birthday. They quickly head towards the food – there is noodles, rice, meat and salad. Jamie and Katie are in the main house bathroom, and go into the sauna. They say the games were so close and Jamie almost had it. He lost the game when he had to whinge about Krystal as one of the Friday night games. Katie says it would have been easy to whinge about her: face, boobs etc.

David comes to the diary room. He says there is a sick little side of him that is thinking he knows two really deserving people to go into the rewards room and didn’t want Jamie and Katie to go into the rewards room.

In the bedroom Claire comments to Rob that Katie was giving Jamie too high a score as part of the Friday Night Games. Krystal compares it to her: she gave Gaelan a 3 becuase it was a fair score. Claire was annoyed at Katie’s score bias. Camilla is so glad Krystal is being truthful because she’s sick of people bullshitting in the house.

10.01pm – John and Claire eat and chat. Claire says she’s really comfortable with John and Krystal in the house. However if she needs to have a talk she will go to David, because he always has a story to tell. She can always laugh with Rob, he’s hilarious. She’s comfortable around Gaelan but you can’t really sit down and chat with him – its always about a prank or something like that. “He’s too into himself… guys who are just like him, like constantly concerned with his body shape.. he’s way too metro for me”. She doesn’t think Ashley is too bad – although he does care a little bit. Ever since she told him he looks good clean shaven he’s always done it, and now he cares about his hair. John says the gay guys in the house really like Ashley. Claire recalls a story when Rob went all fluttery when Ashley had just been in the room.

The straight boys Jamie and Ashley are in the sauna, and discuss Katie. They don’t think she will be evicted. Jamie says it will be a toughy. Ashley says if one of them left the other would want to go the next week. Jamie thinks it will be him this Sunday. He looks uncomfortable.

11.15pm – John asks Claire if she’d rather the 3 box prize or immunity. She says the chance at the box prize. John chooses box number 3. Claire says thats the number she would have picked. Big Brother confirms. Inside is a camera. John is all happy and Claire is happy for him.


11.58pm – Jamie and Katie are in the living room. They have idle discussion about one of them leaving this Sunday. Jamie says there is a standard rule thats going to apply to this: they’re going to have to talk about their relationship on the outside because comparing the BB house to life in Perth is “chalk and cheese”. Katie doesn’t know what he’s talking about exactly: Jamie clarifies its going to be really different outside because they won’t be hanging around each other every day. Jamie thinks they should try it on the outside before anything else. He’s going to wait until they are on the outside together to see what happens – he’s not going to run amuck before then. He’s not going to fuck anything up until she’s out… then they will talk about it.

Jamie: I think you’ll be here for ages

Katie: Trust me I wont

John and Claire are in the rewards room, having a bath together. He asks her opinion on the Jamie/Katie issue. She thinks there are quite a few people upset with the couple. She explains her earlier concerns about Katie rating Jamie during the friday night games. However Claire says it was other people (doesn’t name anyone) who had these concerns, not her. She relays her thoughts about the couple but attributes them to “people around the house”, not herself. It doesn’t really matter because John agrees with everything Claire says. John thinks out of all the people the house has given the couple sufficient time to adjust to their nomination. Claire was dissapointed with their reaction to the nomination annoucement.

Jamie says to Katie that the people remaining in the house after them are “pretty shithouse”. He adds that Gaelan, John and Ash are special people, but no one else is. He doesn’t want to hang around with the other people, and says he will be nominated next week if he is not evicted this week. He reiterates his assurance of being evicted sooner rather than later. Katie says “oh well”.

12.22am – Claire and John are playing around with John’s camera. Big Brother annouces happy birthday to Claire. She cheers and runs around outside. Some of the other housemates go and give her a birthday hug. Claire shakes a bottle of champagne, then pops the cork while John takes a picture. The group take some photos.

Oops – Jamie’s bulge needs to be censored out in the camera photo.