Day 38

8.46am – This is Big Brother. Dino to the diary room. Dino comes out, still half asleep, and squints at the sunlight. In the diary room Big Brother explains that Dino intentionally breached the rules of the house last night. For deliberately talking without his microphone, Dino must not talk to any other housemates. Dino must also go to the punishment room and match 5000 nuts to 5000 bolts in silence. As part of the punishment he must wear blue overalls. Dino gets started very unenthusiasticly. The nuts and bolts are in buckets of grease.

John comes over and asks whats going on, but Dino can’t speak. He puts up his hand to tell John how many there are – 5 thousand. When John sees the nuts and bolts he laughs.

Meanwhile in the bedroom David explains he had a really good night sleep without the girls in the room because there were no “shenanigans”. Jamie knows what David means.

10.49am – Camilla tells Krystal she doesn’t think she’s falling “under the radar”. Krystal tends to agree with herself. Camilla does think that Gealan is UTR though – its not that he’s shying his personality its because he will hold back to avoid conflict at times.

Big Brother calls Dino to the diary room. He wipes his hands and goes in. Camilla and Krystal continue to talk: they wonder if UTR has anything to do with providing entertainment. Camilla ponders if Danielle took points of Krystal. In the diary room Dino is told his punishment is over. Dino says he’s sorry – he won’t take a silly dare like that on again.


11.31am – Dino dares John to call Danielle “pumpkin” all day. They have a system going to – if Dino catches John not calling her pumpkin, he will signal by clicking his fingers. The bet is to stay secret between them. Big Brother calls all ladies to the loungeroom and gentlemen to the gentlemen’s quarters.

The girls must learn proper behaviour while the boys must always wear a bow tie. Boys must open doors for the girls and not fart or swear infront of them. Hair must parted on the left and they must shave every morning. The girls must walk with their heads up and chest out – They have a competition to walk across the room with books on their heads, and Jade wins. The boys meanwhile are scrubbing up in the bathroom. Ashley seems to be styling his hair very metrosexually. They are all wearing their bow ties with no shirts on.

Both groups then practice – the girls open pretend “doors” for each other and Dino walks around with a pillow on his head to be a makeshift girl.

Big Brother calls for the boys to return to the lounge room. All the straight males walk out with no shirts on and the girls laugh, saying “our own chipendales dancers”. The men all say hello to the ladies how they have been instructed to by Big Brother.

1.18pm – Danielle asks John about the bread, but he forgets to call her pumpkin – Dino catches him out and clicks his fingers, so John has to slap himself. Danielle says she knows whats going on – John must add something to the end of his sentences to Danielle. John plays dumb and jokingly tells Dino what Danielle thinks. Dino also plays dumb and replies “I wouldn’t be surprised, you’re pretty dirty”. Danielle continues to question whats going on – and John replies with no “pumpkin”. He has to slap himself twice more.


1.50pm – The girls have something to discuss in private – in the girls room of course. They are getting back at the boys for their bet against Danielle. Katie suggests they steal all of the boy’s bedding and take it into the girls quarters where the boys can’t get to it.

2.11pm – Jade explains to Ashley in the outside world many people get annoyed at her but no one has said anything in the house. Ashley gives some comments: she is opinionated but sometimes she says it the wrong way. Jade tends to think that you just need to get your opinion out however you can. Ashley tends to think being in the Big Brother house is like a holiday for him because he’s so far away from home and he hasn’t been on a holiday in a long time.

Katie walks outside and asks the boys “alright, who stole all the doona covers?”. John immediately says that you girls stole them and are trying to pin it back on the boys. Katie has a response prepared though: why would we steal our own doona covers?

Gaelan walks straight into the girl’s quarters and immediately finds the doona covers – he says “oh, well I found mind”. They all laugh. Big Brother immediately calls John, Gaelan and Jamie to the diary room. Their punishment for breaking the task rules is to stand on the deck by the hot tub and not speak at all. Jamie starts laughing. BB asks what is funny. Jamie says he was thinking of a joke not related to the punishment. BB asks what the joke is.

Jamie: Why are pirates pirates?

Jamie: Because they aaaaaarrr.

The boys all laugh.

Big Brother: That is very funny Jamie. You can repeat that joke 100 times, while you are standing on the deck.

2.24pm – The boys are on the deck with Jamie continually saying the joke over and over. John does a little dance. The girls say they are hot standing there, but Camilla thinks of the boys more as brothers now. Big Brother then calls the boys to attention, meaning they must keep their arms to their sides without moving or speaking. The girls take it as an opportunity to throw clothes and towells at the boys, since they cannot move. They group all laugh.

Jade is washing up inside, talking to herself

Jade: I don’t get it. I’m not that boring am I? I could be fun, just not that type of fun.

The girls continue to throw clothes at the punished boys.


7.59pm – The housemates are gathered in the lounge room for the UTR vote annoucement. The nominees are Dino, Camilla, Jade, Krystal and John. This week is a double eviction. John says he’s not going to change himself – he won’t be some one fake to make them happen. He jokes about sticking the radar back up the public’s ass. Dino makes theories about some one who was saved by Danielle being re-nominated. John is angry now – “its like being put on death row”.

In the bedroom Gaelan jokes to Krystal that she has to stop flying under the radar. They grab each other and almost hug.

Meanwhile Dino and Danielle in the kitchen discuss Krystal being nominated – they both feel she is being UTR but don’t mention it out loud. Danielle goes to the girl’s quarters and says it sucks because a lot of her friends are nominated this week and its a double eviction.

Dino really wants to know who Danielle took 3 points off. He wants to know if Danielle picks friend (Krystal) or fling (him). Personally he would have picked fling but has come to realise that she almost certainly picked friend, but the UTR vote re-nominated Krystal.

Dino: It was a realisation my egos not always right

Jade tells the girls this is the week they have to get to know her, because she will be going on Sunday.

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