Day 34 Uplate

10:48pm: Rewards room, Dani and John in there. John says that he hasn’t found a girl totally his cup of tea. He says Claire is a bit old. Dani says that Krystal is heaps keen on Gaelan, and slept in his bed last night, but nothing is happening. Dani says that hugging in this house is so huge, where in the outside world it’s nothing. Dani says that Katie is awesome. John agrees, saying Jamie is also. He says he clicked with them from the world go. He goes onto say that he thought Dino was a wanker at the start, but now says that he’s one of his mates and it would be a hell of a lot harder if Dino was ever evicted. John says he never thought he would get so close to everyone, but he has. John says that he hated Anna at the start, but by the end he had really started to find her good side. Mike drags us away after 3 minutes. Let’s time it tonight for fun! Comm break.

10:58pm: Still in the rewards room. Talking about chocolate. They say how different the place looks compared to the party night. John says that going back to the house so felt like going out and returning home from a night out. Dani says she hopes that she is here for her birthday, June 8th. John admits his party wasn’t as good as Katie’s. Dani wonders why John hasn’t gone for Krystal. Dani thinks that Krystal is great and John is well. John says that she is not the type of chick she is after. She says she is a little bit immature for him. He says that Krystal would want something full on, wheras he says Dani wouldn’t want something as full on. John says that Katie would be the one he would go for, but he’s not into taking things like that. Dani likes people like that. John says that he sees Katie as a mate now and he just could never go there now. John says that some mates of his date girls that their mates have already dated, and John thinks thats just wrong. John says he didn’t come in here to find a girl, he came here for fun. He says it’s going to be less stressful without having a girl. Mike cuts in. (4 minutes, 7 minutes total.) Comm break.

11:13pm: John and Dani head out of the rewards room and into the house. They tell the others they’ve been eating ribs. They wonder when they will get the boxes. John says very soon. Mike cuts in (1 min, 8 mins total.) Comm break.

11:19pm: John and Dani return to the rewards room to be instructed to open a box. Big Brother tells Dani to read the letter aloud. She tells John that the prizes are a motor scooter, a sandwich, or a trip to South Africa. She waits for BB’s instruction. She chooses Box 3. BB tells her to open the box. She got the sandwich! Useless luck these housemates have. She can’t believe she went through all that for a sandwich. BB tells Dani she can keep the sandwich. John says that no one has won the main prize yet. John says there were two good prizes tonight, and then he says that he shouldn’t be saying that seeing they didn’t win. He can’t believe that no one has won the main prize. They decide to go back to the main house. They didn’t hear, so Dani tells them all the prizes and what she won. Lots of groans all around. She says she picked 3, and she was going to pick 1, but she picked 3. Dino says she is going to be doing her head in all night about that. Mike cuts in (7 mins, 15mins total). Comm break.

11:33pm: David, Rob and Camilla are in the bedroom. Rob says he likes the Moira joke but is irritated by something else, but I can’t figure out what. He says to them to just leave it. Camilla says she kind of was a bad sport in the hockey game today. Dave says that Rob almost had it tonight. Dave says he’ll never live down the factthat the farmboy went out in the first round. Rob wonders what he’ll do if Camilla goes. Dave says he can talk to him. Rob doesn’t know if he can talk to Dave about everything. Cut to the living room. John says that Michael got the second best prize once. Michael says it was more like a punishment getting the washing prize. Mike cuts in. (4 mins, 19 mins total). Comm break.

11:45pm: Dino is talking to Danielle. Dino says he would’ve probably eaten anything to get in there. He says he would’ve taken John in there as well. Dani says she really wanted the trophy. They say it’s so ugly! Dino says she can add it to all her netball trophies! Dani says she is quite the competitor, but she hasn’t noticed it in Dino at all (sarcasm!) Dino wonders if they thought he was joking around during FNL or actually thought he was cut. Dino says he was upset, but he was playing it up. He wasn’t going to be mad at anybody! Dino says that if he could choose one week to sit out, this was the one he wanted to miss out on. Dino says that Krystal spewed up as well. Dani doesn’t think so. Dani says she really spewed up. So ugly she says. Mike cuts in (3mins, 22 mins total). Comm break.

11:55pm: In the bedroom with Rob and Camilla. Camilla is saying she should have shoveled more in or something? Katie comes over for a brush. Camilla wants more colour in her hair. Rob tells Katie that her boyfriend makes really good bread. Katie thinks he’s talented at whatever he sets his mind to. Katie is talking about losing her virginity. She says she always wanted her fave song and the candles. Over the other side of the bedroom they wonder when the next double will be. They talk about what they ate at Katie’s party. Dani tells Dave whats over in the rewards room. She explains that she feels full and not 100% after eating all the things in the challenges. Dani says she kept gagging because she was trying to swallow and not chew it. Dave says she must be damn glad though. She agrees. Dave says her mum would be proud. Dani says they all would have had a laugh. Dani wonders how John is going getting the dvd right. She says she’ll leave and find out. Mike cuts in. (6mins, 28mins total for the night) At 12:02pm, Dreamworld says goodnight.

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