Day 34

Danielle and John are in the rewards room, and picks a box as part of her friday night games prize. Inside the box is a sandwich. They check the other boxes just incase its rigged – its not.

11.34pm – Rob is worried Camilla will leave this Sunday. There are things he wants to talk to her about. David thought it was Camilla trying to steal the toothbrushes. Camilla thought it was David though! Camilla doesn’t like it how people bitch to David about her, but David says that anyone can say things to him about Camilla, but they will get back 100% support for Camilla back. Camilla however would tell them to shutup if put in that situation.

Later that night Krystal and Gaelan are in bed together – its very dark and we can’t see whats going on, but you can hear them kissing over the microphones. Krystal asks how tonight is different from Tuesday night.

Gaelan: You’ve got way worse onion breath.

Krystal: No seriously

Gaelan: Because I’ve done everything possible to resist and I’m finding it difficult to resist.

Gaelan: Very difficult. So weak, I’m so weak.

Krystal laughs, and wishes they had “the room”.

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