Day 35

7.25pm – Camilla asks Dino if he’s strategically placed himself on Monday to reward nomination – ie. make friends. Dino says no.

Earlier this week Dino had to hang out with Camilla as part of a bet – he lost it. Camilla thought Dino hanging around her was a strategic move. Dino explains the deal to Camilla, much to the annoyance of John. Camilla thinks its wrong that everyone was laughing at her behind her back. “Thats a horrible thing to do to something”. John keeps laughing.

8.44pm – John holds the door to the rewards room open so Camilla can see inside. She says “wow!”. Big Brother fines Camilla $5000. The fine total is now half a million dollars – half of the original. Dino jokes that Big Brother was like Dr. Evil from Austin Powers.

Camilla is asking David why he didn’t tell her about the deal Dino made behind her back. David said she wasn’t going to mess about with other people’s business – plus Camilla was starting to get along with him, and she was attracted to him anyway. David speculates how it would be a funny story if they hooked up. Camilla says she thought they would have told her if they knew what was going on. She’s hurt she wasn’t told at all. David thought the outcome would have been positive.

David: Its always easier to drive on a highway, than a muddy road.

Camilla goes to the bedroom upset, and lies underneath her bed covers. Rob comes over to comfort her, but Camilla says she can’t trust anyone in the house anymore. Everyone is playing games – even David after she trusted him so much. People have been telling Camilla David was playing the game a lot recently and she didn’t believe it until now.

Camilla: I feel like the fat ugly stupid girl from high school no one wants to talk to.

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