Day 28

11.03am – Gaelan tells David it wouldn’t do any harm waiting to persue anything with Krystal. Dino asks what happened in there. Gaelan doesn’t know if he wants “it” to take place – either way it didn’t, and he avoided any opportunity of it coming up in the rewards room. Outside the house it might happen, but in here it’s only been four weeks and he just doesn’t know.

Dino: Are you waiting for something else to come in?

Gaelan: I’ve seen whats come in

The boys laugh.

Gaelan: Ah well.. we’ll always have Tiger island.

Big Brother announces that Anna must clean the mirrors in the kitchen immediately.

Dino: You lose

Anna asks whoever has their clothes in the washing bucket outside to take them out so she can use the bucket. She sits on the platform steps and Jamie asks if she is ok. She starts crying, saying she just wanted to sleep right now and get away from everyone. Jamie say she will stall it and slowly take his clothes out of the bucket. Anna continues to cry. Jamie says he knows things have changed but they don’t want her to go home. Anna says she can’t get away from anything in here and she’s worried about the people back at home. Jamie admits he has moments like that as well but at the end of the day he feels ok about it. Everytime he feels down he will feel better about it later on – and everyone has these times. Jamie guarentees the people pissing her off are pissing everyone off as well.

Camilla goes to the diary room. She previously asked Big Brother if she could be the narrator instead of Michael for this week’s ballet task. BB has left the decision up to the housemates. Camilla must explain this to the housemates and put it to a vote. She collects everyone outside and explains whats going on. They are ready in their ballet practicing clothes for the task. Dino gives her the script. Anna calls out that Mikey doesn’t know any of the moves.

Anna: If we fuck up the task because Mikey doesn’t know the moves whose head does that come down on?

Dino: I think Camilla should be narrator because she really wants the part and because Mikey is smart enough to pick up the moves in time.

The housemates decide Camilla should be narrator.

Camilla: Anna why do you have to make me feel uncomfortable for getting the part I want?

Anna: Camilla don’t talk to me! Seriously just don’t talk to me. I do not want to hear your voice directed at me.

Camilla: You’re so revolting to me all the time

Anna: [censored] you’re talking. Don’t talk to me

Camilla (to another housemate): Are you going to show Mikey will he be alright?

Anna: We’ll you’re taking the role maybe you should show him.

Camilla: I can’t do both Anna!

Anna: Shhh!


4.37pm – Michael and Anna lie around and he asks her how she’s feeling: tired and grumpy. Anna was hoping today she would get evicted, so hopefully it won’t happen tomorrow – and she will wake up a different personl. Michael tells her he contemplated leaving the house. Anna wonders why no one else is going nuts like this, they just keep it in and why can’t she just keep it in. She says that her and Michael are just two twisted individuals. Michael says he doesn’t want Anna to go this Sunday.

Dino goes to the diary room. BB asks how the mood is in the house. Dino say its fine but some people are having conflict. “Camilla and Anna are going at it like two old cats in an alleyway”. Claire is filling in Danielle on the broken promise Anna and Camilla made in the revenge room to stay friends in the house together. Claire says they are two loud personalities but they clash too much – sometimes they just need to say “Anna, shutup”. Rob says Anna goes over the top sometimes and unnecessarily say things the last few days. Rob asks why everyone else has to tiptoe around her moodswings, but Claire doesn’t agree with that.

Dino says the two girls are snapping left right and centre – its entertaining for him but when they’re trying to complete the task it slow things down. When they’re just sitting around doing nothing its entertaining to watch them maul each other.

5.26pm – Michael and Jade are having a disagreement with first impressions on the intruders in the house.

Jade: You know what shits me about people: they listen but they don’t LISTEN (she points at her brain).

Michael leaves sighing

Jade: Go and have a cryyy!

Later the bitch club forms with Michael telling Dino that Jade doesn’t think people in the house perceive her enough. Michael is supportive of her because she is a bit different but he gets weird with her because she gets in their faces.

Dino: I don’t think the house needs her, because things didn’t need a change and we were settled.

Jade is talking to David – her first few days in the house she was pretty negative but now she is positive about things in the house. Dino says everytime he tries to have a conversation with Jade she always shows off.

Dino: I know 9 out of 10 guys will agree with me on this one.. she’s not attractive. On looks or personality.


8.24pm – There is dry ice all over the backyard in preperation for the final performance of swan lake. There is eery smoke floating over the compound. The housemates are called outside in their ballet outfits. Camilla wonders how she’s going to read with all the fog everywhere.

The ballet begins with Camilla narrating. Gaelan is the main character, Prince Sigreed. Rob and David play female parts. Anna is the swan queen, the most elegant swan in the lake. Dino plays the evil sorcerer Rockbaad. David is Gaelan’s mother in the performance. Claire is Rockbaad’s daughter. The rest of the housemates play swans. The housemates do an excellent job, considering they had only a few days to practice. At the end, they all bow together.

This is Big Brother. Housemates, Big Brother has enjoyed your performance of Swan Lake. Housemates, you have passed this week’s task. That is all.

The housemates cheer and David gets teary.


10.31pm – Rob and David are riding the exercise bikes in their ballet tutus, much to the enjoyment of the other housemates. Inside Jade tells Claire she finds Michael attractive but the way he’s acting right now is a bit of a turn off. He loves being challeneged intellecutally in a conversation but people need to LISTEN (as she explained to Michael before). Claire says a few people have said comfronting people to him in the house. Jade says he flirts with her but then cancels it out with the way he talks about women. She’s not after a long term relationship but just wants affection in the house. She would just rather him grow some balls and tell her what he really thinks.

11.48pm – Danielle can’t be stuffed getting excited about anything. Anna agrees, a massive part of her wants to be evicted. Then there are the 5 minutes of the day when she doesn’t feel like that. Danielle says as soon as she leaves she want to come back in again. Anna doesn’t think that would be the case.

In the kitchen Jade is resting her head on Michael’s shoulder. David asks whats thats all about. Jade assures that she is mroe comfortable than David. After she leaves Jaime jokes that he is glad he’s coupled up and wouldn’t know what to do if he was Michael. Dino proudly says he would know exactly what to do if that happened. Michael tells David he’s going to have to speak to Jade later tonight. Jade goes to the bedroom and hugs her blanket.

Anna feels grateful for being in the house but she’s done it now, and doesn’t like being who she is in the house.

Michael has pulled Jade into “his office” (the dining table). She jokes he’s acting very gentlemen like. He asks her whats wrong – nothing really. Michael says he’s flattered… Jade cuts in laughing and tells him to keep going.

Michael: If anything I’m a friend of yours in the house and maybe the one thing I could say to her is that she doesn’t have to be so confrontational in the house. Believe it or not I’m a big supporter of you in the house.

Jade: The fact of the matter is that I need affection in the house and I thought that you and I get along very well so I thought give it a go.. not a relationship.. just hugs etc.

Michael: If I didn’t have the time to appreciate you I wouldn’t pull you aside I would just bitch about you behind your back.

They seem to come to a concensus.

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