Day 27

9.45pm – In the reward room Big Brother tells Gaelan and Krystal to get dressed in the clothes provided by Big Brother. They get excited and Gaelan predicts they are going somewhere. Meanwhile in the kitchen Anna wants something exciting to happen – like Gaelan vote a housemate out or something. Jade agrees. Meanwhile something exciting is happening for the rewardees – BB tells them they will be leaving the house. They blindfold themselves and are told not to talk to anyone or remove their blindfold or they will be evicted. Soon after a door opens and people lead the two out of the rewards room. They are taken out of the house into Dreamworld to watch a big cat show. They are sat at a table with a seafood dinner and shown the big cats.

Big Brother then tells Gaelan he can choose 3 other housemates to share this experience with. He chooses Claire, Ashley and John. Back in the house these three housemates are called to the diary room. Michael says thats strange. In the diary room they find a mobile phone on the diary room chair. BB tells them in a short time they will receive a phone call. It’s Gaelan calling them – he asks whats going on and then tells them where they are. Claire can’t believe it and screams in excitement. Gaelan then shows them the food they are eating. Claire can’t stop screaming and says “say hello to the tigers for me”. She gets really excited by the tigers (remember, she’s a big cat trainer outside the house). Gaelan goes back to the food and John tells him to stop talking about all the food.

The phone call ends and Claire says it sucks big time they get to see the tigers.


11.02pm – Krystal and Gaelan are returned to the rewards room. They are still really excited. They enter the main house and Claire jokes that she hates them, and wants to knwo more about the tigers and the keepers. Gaelan and Krystal tell the others what the tigers were like. In the house Anna wonders why Gaelan chose Krystal and not her. Gaelan jokes thats she doesn’t do it for him. Anna asks if Gaelan likes Krystal more than her. Gaelan admits Krystal is hotter.

Anna: You superficial fuck. It’s all about looks.

Gaelan: No its not

Anna: So you’re saying my personality sucks?

Gaelan and Krystal move their clothes and bags to the rewards room for the weekend. They then start on a bottle of wine. Krystal asks him what made Gaelan bring her into the rewards room over the other girls. He says she prefers Krystal over the other girls because Camilla is crazy and with Anna it would have been like babysitting.

Anna burnt herself with some oil moments earlier, and blames Camilla for it. Anna tells her to shutup and she doesn’t want to talk to her right now. Anna starts screaming telling her to go away. All of the other housemates group to see whats going on. Camilla says Anna is hilarious. Katie takes Anna to the bathroom for things to cool off. While Anna runs water over her burn Katie asks what happened. Anna says Camilla was being ridiculous – she burnt her finger and then Camilla told her not to pour hot oil into a plastic container and started rubbing it in. Anna was not impressed. Katie agrees that Camilla has been pretty annoying lately.

Later Camilla tells David and Rob about what happened. David finds the story really funny. Camilla tried to get Anna to get her to pour it over the sink that way she wouldn’t have burnt herself. David says maybe Camilla shouldn’t be so hard, but Camilla tells him to stop being devils advocate. Anna speaks to Camilla like she has just walked out of a dustbin – “she needs to clean her act up”. Meanwhile Anna has the exact same thoughts in vice versa, and tells this to Katie. Anna admits she had a temper, and Jamie says “but you’re all cute.. thats my contribution”. Outside Rob agrees with Camilla – the girls use the boys against the other girls. Rob thinks Anna has a thing for Gaelan, but Gaelan only goes for the exactly perfect girls.

Later Gaelan and Krystal are in bed together. She is quite drunk and tells him she really appreciates what he has done this, because she has a feeling she might go on Sunday.

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