Day 18 Uplate

11:25pm: Out at the task. Katie is one of the people on duty. She is saying she got no sleep last night and is looking forward to going to bed. Claire is the other person on duty. Ashley is keeping an eye on them. He says that everyone seems tired, and the whole house is on a ‘monotone’ level. Claire says she gets teary when she’s tired. Ashley agrees, saying everyone gets emotinal. Katie does some noises, and wonders whether it sounds like someone giving birth. Dino comes out. He wonders how long they’ve been going for. Claire says an hour. Big Brother tells Dino that he must clean the entire bathroom floor. Dino says damn. He explains to the housemates that he had done the area where everyone walks near the basin etc, but not the shower. He says he knew he would have to do it, but was trying to get away with it. Dino says that he has done it pretty quickly though. Claire starts talking about stars and making wishes. Ashley thought it had to be a shooting star to be able to make a wish. Katie says that she sucks at this task. She goes onto say that Michael is so good at stuff like this. Comm break.

11:35pm: Dave and Ashley are talking in the bedroom (Have a feeling that it might’ve been Gaelan and not Ashley outside in the previous paragraph.) Ashley is saying that he doesn’t like being just a bricklayer, he wants to be more. He see’s this as a real oppourtunity to break into a new ‘world’. He says he wants to live life, not ‘die’ everyday like he’s doing. He says something about ‘and when the court case is over’ and then it’s bleeped, and we cut back outside. Katie is saying that they’ll be famous soon. Claire says that even if there not it won’t matter. Katie hopes that nothing got out that she doesn’t want to get out, citing photos some guy has of her. But they aren’t completely nude. BB can’t win at the moment. We cut back to the bedroom, but thats basically all bleeped out too, so we just can’t win. Mike cuts in for now. Back finally out to the girls. Camilla walks by so they yell out to her, and tell her that Jamie is going to take over soon. Camilla starts doing some running around the backyard. (It was Gaelan earlier, apologies.) Camilla says that she runs like such a girl. Claire makes an excellent point, saying she would be worried if she didn’t look like a girl. Katie says that their dinner routine is stuffed because they stay up so late and feel like something else before going to bed. She thinks that they go to bed later than previous series. Katie says she is busting, and Gaelan says it’s time, and he goes and gets Michael. Comm break.

11:52pm: Claire and Katie are calling for Gaelan. Katie wants to know if Krystal is nice to sleep with. Claire says that Krystal gives off more body heat than Elise did, but she might need a spooner soon. Gaelan reappears and says that Michael is coming. Camilla wonders if they are allowed to go in the spa. She wonders if she can go in. Claire seems to think you can. Gaelan and Katie talk about bodyboarding. Katie says she can’t feel her toes. Claire thinks that Michael must be wanting them to get sick. Cut to watching Dino scrubbing the bathroom floor with a toothbrush. Back outside again. Michael has appeared and talks to Gaelan about what side they each want. Michael takes over for Katie, Gaelan takes Claire’s side. Michael has the harder side. The changeover went actually really well. The girls leave, and Camilla is left with the boys. Michael says “Hello there!” They talk about the ducks which are in the fish tank. Camilla says she is bored. Gaelan has discovered a duck which doesn’t have stickytape on it’s ass. Head inside to John and Krystal. John says Sydney doesn’t interest him at all. Krystal says she’ll go there to get a job. Krystal describes the bad part of the Sydney city. Krystal and John realise that there is a Surrey Hills and an Oxford Street in Melbourne and Sydney. John reassures Krystal that Melbourne’s Oxford street isn’t gay. Comm break.

12:09am: Michael and Gaelan still doing the task in the backyard. John has joined them watching on, Camilla has gone somewhere else. Michael wonders if Dino is still cleaning the floor. Krystal comes out as well now. Michael says it’s gets more comfortable after a while. Krystal wants to know if they want to switch. Gaelan says they just got on, saying “you want to get on and go to bed!”. They realise than Krystal isn’t wearing any makeup. Michael tells her she looks so different. Krystal sas she looks ugly. Camilla splashes water at them. Michael tells her that her face looks really clear. Krystal says she has never ever had a facial. They start talking about the blackhead on Ashley’s back that Dave popped the other night, and how big it was. We cut away to Dino for a bit, then back. Camilla is still trying to convince people that if people want to stay up they should be able to just keep going with the task. Krystal says that it’s better if only one of the next crew have to sit out and keep the current people doing the task company. Krystal says that her and Anna are next, and she’ll wake Anna at the last minute. Camilla is washing her clothes in the backyard, listening in as well. Jamie comes out and hugs Krystal. Dino comes out as well. They tell Jamie that he slept through his shift. He says he feels bad, and he’ll double shift or something. They tell him he’s with Camilla a bit later on. Comm break.

12:25am: Gaelan, John, Michael and Krystal around the task. All laughing. Krystal and Michael seem to be getting on much better after the argument a couple of days ago. They talk about how it would be good to do a mother/daughter combo or a twin combo. Michael says if they were hot twins, he’d go for the twins. Cut to the kitchen, it’s Jamie, Anna and Dino talking. Dino is telling them about how he had to do the bathroom. Anna looks like she just woke up. All pretty silent in the kitchen. Back outside, Krystal says she has never had a one night stand. Gaelan says that she will like Melbourne. Krystal says she’s slept with 9 guys. They ask Camilla and she says 30ish. Before answering she asks “In one day!?” They ask Krystal when she turns 20, and it’s July 12th. They talk about how the order is for the task. Michael asks who Krystal and Karen would rather go home if one has to. Krystal says Karen would rather go if they are evicted. Krystal says if it’s her to go, she’ll have to look after the kids. Michael says that at least they would have a good cook. Krystal says she thinks Gaelan is a bit of a charmer. He tells Camilla that he’s highest in a day is only 2 girls. Gaelan says he is very selective. Gaelan admits that he only has one night stands, although they aren’t frequent. He says he doesn’t even have sex buddies. Comm break.

12:40am: In the kitchen/living room we have John, Camilla, Dino and Anna. Gaelan is inside now, so it seems Krystal has gone with Jamie. They wonder why people change, and then they suggest they all go in girl/boy combo. John says he should go with Anna! Camilla can’t find a partner. Anna comes and lies on John, who is on a chair. We head outside, where Krystal and Jamie are talking music. There is a bit of bleeping out too. Quickly cut back inside. Anna looks so tired, and John and Michael are annoying her by saying that she doesn’t last very long when it’s her turn on the task. Camilla wonders who dislikes her in the house, but no one shares their thoughts. Camilla wonders whether it’s the girls who dislike her. Anna comes over and tells her that everyone probably thinks nicely of her because she has the balls to stand up and stay stuff. Camilla wishes people could tell her what they dislike about her so she could try and change it. Dino comes over with some fresh batteries for the clan. Comm break.

12:56pm: Krystal and Jamie chatting while doing the task. Talking about relationships. Krystal says she believes that you have more than one soulmate in your lifetime. Krystal says she likes a challenge in a relationship. Jamie says that Krystal hasn’t been herself. She says she hasn’t, she is normally louder. She says she doesn’t want to be the girl who is ‘fake’, regarding the boob job. She says she doesn’t regret having it done. Jamie says that she will change people’s perception because she’s so lovely. He says it took a week to get Jamie to change his mind, but now she is nowhere near the stupid fake girl. He says she is really sweet and natural. Jamie says that he was so worried about his intro video on launch night. He says that he really isn’t anything like the video. Krystal says that in some regards it makes or breaks you that intro package. Jamie agrees. Jamie says that since she has come out (mother/daughter), she has been very consistent. Krystal says that the fight with Anna has calmed down now and she’s glad of that. She says she has only recently started sticking up for herself. Dino comes out. Dino says he’s on yard duty, and they talk about bin duty back in high school. Comm break.

1:09pm: Dino, Camilla and someone else have joined the people doing the task. They are talking about people’s names they know, famous people….anyway, feed has quickly changed. Into the living room, Anna, Michael, John are there. Michael tells Anna that he loves her. John sees it’ll be interesting to see who stays on Sunday and how they cope. He adds that this task has taken the focus off eviction totally. Anna can’t believe that they are excluding her from the convo. They tell her to come over closer so they can hear. She does. John says they might be stepping on boudaries with this conversation. Michael doesn’t think so. He adds that there is some alliances forming in the house though. The others agree. Michael thinks that one of the goals was to get all the girls thinking along the same lines and try to get the boys out of the house, and then the more dominating girls could control the house. They say that Camilla will listen to anyone that will talk to her. They say Anna won’t get sucked in though, and she agrees. Michael says that the incident with Karen/Krystal and Anna earlier last week was similar to schoolyard bullying through his eyes. John says it was great that Anna stood up for herself. John says that she has to try not to swear because they won’t hear the full side of the story because the swearing affects what they show on the daily show. John admits that he though Anna would’ve just cried, but he loved that she stood up and fought back. Comm break.

1:26am: Changeover time. Smooth again. Dino and Camilla has taken over. Dino says she has started talking already. Camilla wonders if he’s felt like climbing the walls and just jumping over. He says he got up on the roof the other day to try to find the ducks. Camilla wonders who will go this weekend. Dino wants Karen to go, he says that she is playing the game too hard. He says he heard something that she said and he didn’t like it. He says that she told other girls that if they wanted to go further in the game they had to pick the boys off. Dino says she didn’t even get picked up for that. camilla says she likes Karen, but she’s weary of people. Mike cuts in. Uplate update. Finally get back out there. Camilla is saying that Dave and Karen get along really well. Camilla says she thought Tilli was a bit of a suprise. Camilla says she is nervous because Tilli left. Oh my god. Mike cuts in again. Comm break.

1:39am: Anna has joined Camilla and Dino out the back. Anna is talking about Karen. She has no time for her, saying that if Karen apologised she might be a bit more civil towards her. Dino says that once you notice one bad thing about a person, you tend to easily find more. Camilla says that Krystal doesn’t have anything to worry about. Dino says it would be best for the house if Karen went. Anna says she was stupid to tell people she was only here for the money. Dino agrees, saying he would make it a point of trying to get her out because of that. Dino tells the others that Karen was staring at him all through nominations. He says that when people haven’t made up their mind it’s common sense to stare at people to try to think of reasons to nominate them. Jamie comes out and says that he should have to do an extra shift because he missed one. John tells a story of his last girlfriend. It was back in 1999. Geez. He met her at Nundawading Pools and chatted her up. Mike cuts in, and thats it. Dreamworld says goodnight at 1:48am.

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