Day 20

9.58pm – Michael and Ashley are in the rewards room. They toast to winner Mike. He cheers to his boy Ash “big man from WA”. Since tomorrow is mothers day the housemates propose a wedding between Jamie and Katie. Dino suggests they have a bucks night tonight. Back in the rewards room Michael says he thinks this will be the end of his journey – and goes on to tell Ashley about his fake son named Rueben and how he recently found out he’s no longer his father and there’s a custody battle going on. He adds that he’s been caring about Rueben for 8, nearly 9 years. His motto with Rueben was “we don’t quit, never quite”.

Jamie and Katie come to the diary room. BB asks them if they are nervous ahead of their big day. Kaite says she’s petrified and hopes she makes it to the alter. Jamie comments she shouldn’t be saying stuff like that infront of him. “Out of all the decisions I’ve made in my life this would have to be the most certain”.

Back in the rewards room Michael goes to pick one of his boxes. He chooses box number 3 – inside is a voucher to have his laundry done. In the main bedroom Katie tells Karen she is nervous about being with Jamie because he sees him looking Krystal, but Karen assures Katie her daughter wouldn’t go near him – “he’s not her type, I’m telling you now”. Katie felt like a fool when the two were staring at each other earlier. Karen doesn’t seem to think Krystal would look at Jamie that way, but Katie is positive she saw it.

Dino walks in and wants to know what the gossip is. Katie says she’s just having cold feet about the marriage.


12.15am – Karen doesn’t want to be Jamie or Katie in this situation. Dino says he doesn’t like being around them – it makes him uncomfortable when they hug. He says they are going to be in the house a while the last thing he wants is conflict between the two because it would be a damper on the other housemates. Katie meanwhile is in the bathroom with Claire continuing to explain her Jamie paranoia. Claire reckons thats crazy and not happening at all. “Jamies only got eyes for you”.

Jamie is working out a surprise proposal method with John – they plan to use the diary room somehow. John goes to Katie and tells her she HAS to go to the diary room with him – so they go. Meanwhile Jamie rallys all the housemates to the lounge room to meet Katie when she comes back out. Jamie positions himself at the bottom of the stairs to the diary room.

Meanwhile Katie and John are asking Big Brother for chocolates. Big Brother says no. When Katie emerges from the diary Jamie walks up and asks her if she would marry him.

Katie: Maybe.. nah yes!

All the housemates cheer.


1.05am – Katie and Jamie talk about their upcoming marriage. She is still worried about Jamie liking Krystal more than her because she’s a brunette and Katie is blonde. “You don’t kiss me, you look at others.. what would you think if you were me?”. Jamie says “I haven’t done anything… with all of these girls, you say I’m flirty, but I’m equally flirty with all of them”. Dino walks over

Dino: Jeez you listen well, you’d make a good wife. Hah hah!

Over the rewards room Michael and Ash talk about Krystal. Ash doesn’t think Krystal has any care of whats going on in the house – she’s never herself and she’s always got makeup on. Michael totally agrees. Her looks fade and her real personality shows through.

Jamie tells Katie to follow him to the toilet. Inside the toilet Jamie flushes the toilet so no one will hear them, and asks Katie again if she’s nervous about the Krystal thing. Jamie consulted John about it but John didn’t think he’d been flirting. Katie says “of course he’d say that!”. Meanwhile David and Camilla are sneaking up to the toilet door to listen in on whats happening.

In the toilet Jamie accidentally calls Katie Anna .. “oh you’re not Anna”. Katie calls out in frustration.

Katie: bad, bad, bad, bad, bad

Jamie: That was a bad… a little bit. This whole thing is wrong. This doesn’t happen when you’re outside this place.

Katie: Maybe we should have tomorrow for Claire and just leave it.

David and Camilla move away from the toilet door laughing silently. Jamie is annoyed that Katie might want to leave it, and goes to leave but Katie tells him to stay in talk. Jamie doesn’t know whats going on anymore everything is coming out of nowhere. He just needs time to sit by himself yet. “I haven’t done anything, this is crazy”. He leaves the toilet and Katie starts crying. He sits down outside and is shortly joined by Karen, who asks whats going on. Jamie has no idea how things got so complicated. He explains to Karen how she’s been accusing him of flirting with other girls. “My words weren’t good enough for her so I said screw it, you dont want to hear me talk”.

Katie is washing her face in the bathroom and Michael randomly says “I think its time for me to leave the house, I gotta get out”. He explains he has family stuff on the outside, and just keeps saying “I just think I gotta go”.

3.08am – Jamie is in the diary room. He doesn’t know what to do just yet but he will just step back and give them some space. He will let her know that when she’s ready he’ll be there, but he doesn’t know what he did to deserve this. Katie meanwhile is in the kitchen when Karen asks her how she’s going, and recommends she needs to go to sleep. “Stop thinking about thing so much”. Karen gives Katie a hug. Jamie tells BB he’ll let her come to him, “but when she’s ready”.

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