Day 19

4.08am – Housemates are up because of the dam task. Camilla comments to Jamie that Katie must have a really fast metabolism because she’s always starving. Jamie is tired and doesn’t really seem to care .. “Katie Katie Katie… she’s a good kid”. Camilla asks if he likes her… there is a delayed “um.. yeah”. He adds “of course I like her”.

Outside John has a plan to abandon the task – if they let a small crack out of the holes to let the water run away very slowly the housemates would never know it was John and Michael. He can’t believe he’s talking about sabotaging his own task.

Back inside Jamie explains Katie is a little scared of Anna and Krystal possibly having an interest in Jamie. Camilla finds that funny because Katie does more flirting with the boys than Jamie does with the girls. “You can definately tell she’s younger than you though”. Camilla says the flirting thing is proof of that. Jamie explains Anna is flirting with all of the guys because she needs them. Camilla adds that Anna just doesn’t have that raport with the girls and would rather hang out with the boys.

4.59am – Dino and Gaelan are at the water tank. Jamie is sitting closeby talking about Michael. He explains when he first Michael it was so full on – he re-enacts: “hey man! I like you! Lets go and look around the house together!”. The other two laugh. Gaelan agrees, and says he was asking so many questions, and so enthusiastic about everything. Dino jokes “socks! I have socks”, Jamie continues: “we have so much in common! Don’t tell me you eat food as well!”.

Gaelan: He’s drag everyone away for a one on one: “I haven’t had a one on one with you yet!” He didn’t get one with me, I made sure of that.

The other two start laughing loudly. Talk starts to get blokey and Gaelan talks about the sleeping arrangements when they first entered the house. He tried to bunk in with Krystal and/or Anna but they had both found bed partners already. Jamie comments the bed situation with Michael and Krystal fizzled out fast: the other boys but in: “she hates his guts now”.

Talk turns to Michael’s apparently “issues on the outside”. They don’t know whether to believe him. Jamie says Michael was using it as an excuse. Dino says the fact that he can’t release any details just makes a bigger deal than it is “and I know he doesn’t hate the attention”.


8.34am – Ash and John are up to feed the animals. Michael and John are currently on the tank shift. Michael says if Krystal was evicted it wouldn’t be such a bigger deal than losing Camilla because Camilla doesn’t give a fuck. He adds that even though Krystal is good looking she doesn’t have much personality to offer. He then asks John if he agrees.

John: I do agree, but I would like to keep her in the house because she’s something good to look at.

Michael wants to see how the mother daughter pair would act if they were split up. He wants to see how their interactions with other people would change. Claire and Ash meanwhile continue with the animal feeding – there is a zoom in shot of a baby deer licking another baby deer’s behind… fascinating!

Back to the dam task and John questions Michael about his talks with Krystal. He says it wasn’t deep, but it was topical on the surface abotu where she lived. He adds it was all lies – none of it was interesting at all. Dino said to Micahel at the time “she’s not a good gameplayer she’s basically just using you” according to Michael. He reaffirms that Krystal is “playing the game”.

BB calls the farmhands back to the house. Claire comments the animals are growing so fast. The task is swapping over now, and this time it’s Krystal and Camilla. They wonder what will happen this weekend. Krystal has been looking at people and wondering “have you backstabbed me?”. Krystal would be upset if her mum or Camilla were evicted. Camilla says is the same with her.

12.33pm – Big Brother calls all housemates to the water tank. He annouces the task is almost over and the level the housemates must keep the water above is in the green envelope. John reads it – its the yellow marker. The housemates don’t understand they have passed the task until Big Brother announces it – and they immediately start cheering. They happily let the water drain out of the tank.


8.29pm – Michael comes to the diary room for his daily reward. Inside is a packet of chocolate biscuits. Michael must consume the entire packet but cannot eat them in the diary room, toilets or sauna, and he must not get caught eating them. Michael immediately takes off his microphone and shirt and wraps the biscuits in the shirt, and walks out of the diary room, shirtless, and looking very obvious. No ones seems to suspect anything though. He puts on a new tshirt and jacket in the bedroom. John comes over and asks whats up – but Michael tries to shoo him with the excuse “I just need some time to think about stuff by myself… can you tell people to leave me alone for a little bit”. Michael takes his biscuits (now under a towel) outside, sits by the pool and starts eating them.

Inside Dino asks where Michael is and wants to know if he’s sleeping outside – he goes to check. John relays that Michael doesn’t want to be disturbed. Dino looks out the window. Michael is shoving biscuits into his gob very fast.

Dino: Man he is losing it fast. He hasn’t got any sleep, he’s got something else on his mind. If you’ve got a problem then don’t fuck around, you solve it. Don’t make other people miserable. He’s ruining the experience for other people by being depressed around us. He needs to get his head together.

Dino is now going around the house announcing that Michael is having a nervous breakdown. Most of the housemates discuss it in the bedroom – Claire says at least he’s been explaining why he’s acting so weird. However Krystal adds that Michael has been nasty every since he found out that Karen was her mum. “He can’t hook up with either of us now”.

Michael now goes to dispose of the biscuit packet – he does it while putting other garbage out. He yells out “ha ha! Too easy! Didn’t get me on that one!”. The garbage gets thrown over the wall.


11.29pm – Anna says to Katie they are sleeping in the same bed tonight, but Katie jokes “you’re not big enough to spoon”. Anna says Jamie has had Katie all this time. Dino butts in and says “oh true intentions are coming out… she wants to steal the boyfriend”. Anna is determined to sleep with Katie tonight, and gets Katie to explain to Jamie she won’t be sleeping with him. Katie doesn’t want Jamie to sleep with Dino because Dino will be farting.

Dino goes directly outside and tells Michael and David what just happened. Michael ssys Katie never wants to upset anybody at all. Dino agrees “she avoids conflict, but this time she wasn’t trying to avoid she wanted to go to bed with Jamie”.

Dino: Anna was just being childish, something for attention. I think she’s not getting much attention in this house anymore.


Dino: I figured her out I reckon. I don’t think she’s the most intelligent girl, I don’t think she’s the most mature girl – not having passed school. Very insecure about her body as well. She doesn’t have the skills to make people attract to her… She’s pretty weak, very weak mentally.

Michael says he agrees with everything Dino says. David however is nodding along but doesn’t look very convinced at all. Meanwhile Jamie and Katie are in the bathroom talking about Anna’s forced sleeping arrangements. Katie doesn’t want to move.

Jamie: She just wants to sleep on my side so she can smell me

Katie: Whatever! She wants to spoon me.

Jamie brushes his gums really hard and Katie says he shouldn’t do that – instead she grabs the brush and brushes his teeth for him.

12.27am – Michael is outside with David, and gets to work on his insider mission to get people to nominate him:

Michael: I just don’t know what to do anymore… I want to stay but I can’t stay. I was basically a father before I came into this house, and now I found out I’m not.

David: Have you had contact with the kid?

Michael: I take care of him, he sleeps at mine three nights a week.

David: Crikey.

Michael: The conversation was theres a chance Ruben is not yours. After eight years how do you deal with something like that. It was hazy and a paternatity test was done and it was negative.

Michael: The father now wants him in his life. He’s quite well off, he’s an investment banker, and now he’s in London, and supposedly he’s going to try and get custody now.

David: I don’t know how you’ve been here…

Michael: Thats what I’m saying, what do I do?

David: Stay, and go through the process of nominations, and do what you can for eviction.

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