Day 10 Uplate

11:40pm: After about 10 minutes of listening to Mike waffle on and watch Uplate updates, we finally get to the spa. Brithday boy John, David, Jamie and Katie are in the water. Tilli picks up all the empty glasses which have been left around the spa. John says to Dave that the furthest he would go with a bloke is to kiss them on the cheek. John says that he is quite fine with saying that other guys look alright when he is talking to girls, trying to get them to go and talk to the guy in the hope of picking up. He reinterates that he is not the slightest bit interested in blokes. David asks John if he was stuck on a deserted island, with a guy that he’s told one of his girl friends is attractive, and he was busting for a blowjob, would he go there? John says thats a tough question. David says he would rather get one from an average woman than an ugly bloke. John says that if David is into men 55% and women 45%, he would be 90/10%. John says if a bloke was giving him head, he would be disgusted. He says he’s not interested in guys. Elise comes over and says they found a cruiser. She gives it to John. Claire comes over and says she is going to bed, but not to sleep. She makes mention of the fact that shes not going to sleep just yet, only bed, about 5 times. She gives everyone a kiss before departing inside. Tilli is standing near the spa, and there are 2 conversations going on, it’s very hard to understand anything. Comm break.

11:50pm: Still out at the spa. Dave says he’s never had sex with anyone with blue eyes. Then he remembers the personal trainer, so he takes it back. Katie asks if guys would go for someone like her, without the big boobs, without the makeup. They all say they would, but Jamie won’t go further, saying he’ll tell her in bed. John says he definately would, but Katie wants to know why. John says he knows he would have more fun with someone like Katie than a heap of other girls. Dino is sitting nearby, and has his say now. He says that he was walking down the street holding Katie’s hand, he would be proud, and not ashamed. John says that Dino’s line is perfect to describe Katie. Katie says that has made her night! Dino says that Jamie kissed her twice, and still didn’t make night. Katie says thats the nicest thing anyone has ever said to her. They turn it round and ask Katie whether she would go for someone like Jamie. She says she wouldn’t, but justifies it by saying that shes been with those types before and gotten hurt. She also thinks she wouldn’t be good enough for someone like that. Cut to the bedroom, where Tilli and Michael are talking. Tilli says it pissed her off that Camilla was wearing her stuff. Michael says he was trying to tell everyone he didn’t do it. Michael says he hates it when people go up and apologise to them after voting for them. She uses Elise as an example. Big Brother interrupts, telling Michael he has a $5000 fine for discussing nominations. They stand there in silence for a moment, but Tilli says he did, and that she was waiting for it. She says she is going to get some medication. Anna has come out to the spa. She says that the girls aren’t happy that she is back. Katie goes “But you aren’t!” Jamie says he was sorry to see her go. Anna says that they will have to deal with it, because she isn’t changing. Dino says that Tilli has become more close to Krystal since Anna left, and they feel a bit threatened now again that Anna’s back. Dino gets confused, thinking that there are immune for two weeks, but it’s only one week. Anna sets it straight for him. Anna laughed when Tilli came up to her tonight and asked if she hated her. Anna said the truth; she doesn’t hate anyone. She says Tilli told her that she had been missing Anna the last couple of days. She says she knew Tilli was lying. Anna says she thought Gaelan didn’t like her at all. Dino says he did, all the Melbourne boys did. Dino says a lot of people here like Anna. Comm break.

12:07am: Still at the spa. Katie and Anna are sharing a joke. Ashley throws something cold into the spa, and Dave gets out. Lots of yelling. Dino and Anna are talking about Krystal doing the shopping. Dino says she stuffed it up abit. Dino says that instead of buying 12 single rolls for $12, she bought the 12 pack for $20. He says she bought M&M’s, and because they didn’t realise the storeroom would be closed when the shop closed, they had nothing for lunch and had to eat the M&M’s. Ashlet gives another cruiser, this time the last one, to Anna. Anna shares it with Katie. She forgets Katie’s name for a second though! Anna says she can’t believe Jamie got in the spa with a microphone on. Someone is emptying all the bottles into a bin. Into the sauna, where Dave, Camilla and Elise are talking about some guy. They all say he’s a great bloke. Dave doesn’t rate him sexually though. Cut to the bedroom. Mum and daughter are lying on a bed, and Tilli is on the next bed. Krystal whispers to Tilli “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer”. Krystal says you’ve gotta play it. Back to the spa. Nothing much happens before we cut to a break.

12:20am: Back to the spa with Jamie and others. Big Brother announces that all housemates must go to the living room immediately. Katie tells them not to talk when they get there. They start getting out of the spa. People inside start getting confortable on the couch. Michael is convinced John will get a message from home. Someone else thinks it’ll be BB telling them off for all the fines tonight. The spa people start to come in. They all gather and sit there waiting for BB’s announcement. A bit of laughing goes on. Anna and Camilla are wondering what kind of tea there were given in the revenge room. They start talking about different types of Tea. The boys throw around a balloon. Anna spills some tea, and Camilla tells her to stop it! Michael tells Big Brother to hurry up. Jamie is saying he can’t remember talking about nominations. BB starts talking, and tells them they have received $25,000 in fines in the last hour. He says this is not good enough. He says obviously they don’t understand the rules. He makes a point of Jamie in particular, telling the house that Jamie stuck his finger up at Big Brother when he received his fine. Michael laughs, and then others do. BB tells Jamie to get the housemate guidelines. He tells Jamie to stand in front of his housemates and read the guidelines out loud from cover to cover. BB tells them that everytime a housemate talks, he will be forced to start again. He commences, and has to say “The house” 9 times as Anna keeps interrupting. He gets into the third sentence the 10th time and then Anna speaks again. Others tell Anna to shutup. Even Camilla tells Anna to hurry up. Karen tells her to shutup because she won’t be looked on very nicely if they are stuck on the couch for hours. Not the perfect time for a comm break.

12:37am: Jamie is reading the housemate rules. No one is talking, although a few smirks are going around. He stops a few minutes in to see how far into the rules he is. Anna almost talks! After 7 minutes of Jamie continulously reading the rules, we get a comm break.

12:48am: Still reading the rules. At 12:50am, Big Brother interrupts, and tells them they all agreed to these rules before entering the house. He tells them to start doing so. He says that if they behave like children, they will be treated that way. BB instructs all housemates to go to the bedroom for the remainder of the night. Anna laughs, and says ‘get to the bedroom kids!’ She says ‘smack on the bottom.’ BB tells them to get to the bedroom immediately, and to close the doors behind them. Ashley picks Anna up and twirls her around. Katie tells Anna that she is glad shes back. Anna says that was fun. Jamie doesn’t understand where that came from, he can’t understand it. Anna is still laughing. Jamie wonders where Johnny is, and says he feels like he ruined his birthday. He apologises to John, but John says it wasn’t his fault. Tilli gives Jamie a hug. A long hug. Jamie says this night is turning into one of the worst in his life. John wonders if the sauna is out of bounds. Jamie comes to the bathroom, and says that was so rough. He says the fine came from nowhere. Jamie tells Dino that he deserved one of his fines tonight, but not the other one. Jamie gets into bed, takes off his undies, calls over Dino and chucks them in his face. Katie is having the time of his life. Jamie says sorry out loud to everyone. No one really responds. Cut over to the other side of the bedroom. Tilli and Gaelan are looking at something. Claire comes over and talks about her little bed pet. She say she only got it the day before she entered the house. Comm break.

1:07am: Back to the bedroom. Claire is complaining how her skin is so dry. They think it’s from the spa. Ashley and Katie has retreated to the sauna. Katie says to imagine it being this hot during the day. They look at the wall and wonder where the microphone is. We’re taken back to the bedroom proper. Karen says she is a bit torn; because Krystal is her daughter, she wants to take her side all the time. She says that she really doesn’t like Anna’s morals. Karen says tonight was too much. Camilla says that she has to understand that Anna has just been released ‘back into the wild’ after being couped up for 2 days. Karen says that she can see the war starting, and that she has already taken Krystal’s side; she says she wouldn’t associate with that person in the outside world, but it’s impossible in this house. Karen says she has said to Anna in the past “If you want to be a dick, I’ll call you a dick.” Elise says that Anna is an extreme person. Camilla says that Gaelan and others like that egg Anna on. Camilla says that just because Anna and her have become friends, she is not taking sides. Karen understands that. Camilla goes to the bathroom. David says it was a big shock, but then says he thought one would be coming back, but not two. Comm break.

1:36am: Finally get back to the action after a heap of stuff, including uplate updates and competition winners. Ashley and Anna are talking about not a lot. Anna retells her earlier story which she told Dino about Tilli coming up yo her and being totally fake. Apparently during the break Karen has started crying and wants to leave. Camilla joins in the convo and they wonder whether there was a crowd out there Sunday night. Camilla thinks there was, but Anna disagrees, saying they wouldn’t get a crowd for nothing.’ Over the other side of the bedroom, lots of laughs. Karen and Krystal are watching from the furthest most bed away. Someone asks if they can use the sauna, but they say no! Someone yells out “You bastard”, which is a running joke inside the house. Back to Anna. Anna says that she feels great to be a real part of the game again. David asks Anna if she finds friends easy to find because of her looks. Anna says with girls it’s really hard because they feel threatened except for the girls like Katie who are gems. She says if she become friends with guys who have girlfriends, the girls hate her and it pisses her off. She says if they remain friends for long enough, the girls eventually get round to telling her that shes actually quite a nice girl. Anna says that in life people judge other people, it’s a fact of life. Comm break.

1:50am: Katie and Jamie are chatting on their bed. Jamie is saying that he didn’t find it funny. Jamie explains that he wants to speak to Big Brother because he really doesn’t think he deserved the fine. Mike interrupts…He talks about an earlier attempt to talk about fines with Big Brother which wasn’t successful. Lights go off. Dino goes away, and Katie tells him not to worry about the fines. He kisses her head. They settle down to go to bed. Really hard to make out what they saying. Anna gives Jamie a cuddle. Michael is giving a cuddle to someone, I can’t work out who. It’s actually David! Michael wonders who let off the smell. Lots of talking, but it’s all off camera. Claire says that she may have to get someone up in the morning. She says she can’t have volunteers, but Elise and a few others put up there hand! At 2:00am, Dreamworld says goodnight.

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