Day 11

10.01am – Housemates are out in the backyard enjoying the sun, except for John and Karen who discuss Camilla and Anna’s return in the bedroom. They both didn’t expect it happening and Karen comments there is strong tension between her daughter Krystal and Anna. Claire comes to the diary room and says her biggest shock after last night was how Karen reacted – Claire says Karen act really funny, possibly because she sees Anna as a threat to her daughter because Krystal has a far better chance at winning than Karen.

Meanwhile Karen is bitching about Anna, saying she speaks too loudly and it may be her in particular, rather than Anna and Camilla working together. Claire tells BB she won’t be a sheep and follow Krystal, she will not take sides.

Dino and Ashley are lying around watching the factions between the girls. They both agree its great entertainment and Dino hopes he survives this week’s eviction so he can watch more. Dino adds that Katie is sorta in the middle, on both sides.

Outside Tilli and Karen are in the gym, and Karen mentions she had a talk with Michael earlier.

Tilli: Keep him on your side!

Krystal: Yeah definately I will

Tilli: You know you have to

Krystal: And he knows he needs us as well

Anna comes outside and the other two watch on. Tilli complains that Anna is not allowed to clean. “Oh build up more fines.. cos then more people will hate you”.

Ashley and Jamie are in the sauna. In true blokeyness, Ashley says “So you and Katie, huh? What do you reckon?” Ashley thinks they will hook up but Jamie doesn’t really know. Ashley says “you may as well, she’s a top chick”. Meanwhile Katie is in the kitchen, saying she can’t believe she kissed Jamie last night. Anna re-enacts what Jamie did before they kissed (held each other in their arms) but Katie can’t remember. Ashley thinks Jamie has fallen for her. Jamie says everything changes when you know everyones watching you. Katie tells Anna she hopes its not going to be weird now. Anna jokes that he might ask to get married. Anna jokes back, saying “yeah he really looks like the marrying type”.

In the gym Dino and John are discussing a workout plan for the day. Suddenly Michael’s clown noise plays. He runs out of the bedroom in socks and slips over on the floor – Krystal laughs at him. He puts on his clown outfit and is asked to perform the big splash relay. He must bellyflop into pools of jelly. On two of the pools he lands on his back to sabotage the task (as part of his insider mission). Katie calls out saying he’s doing it wrong.


3.51pm – In the kitchen Krystal tells Camilla and Karen she dislikes Anna… again. She says they aren’t on the same wavelength. “I don’t have as much in common, I don’t think I haven’t given her enough of a go”. Camilla respects Krystal for having that attitude, but Karen takes the opposite tune: saying she started liking Anna but then over time changed her mind. “Its all downhill from here”. She laughs but no one else does. Krystal starts agreeing with her mother. Anna suddenly walks past unexpectedly. Krystal asks if Anna heard that .. “she must have”.

Karen overheard Anna say some nasty things when she returned to the house. Krystal adds that she will try to get to know Anna but will Anna first has to change her whole revenge attitude. Camilla preffers not to get involved altogether.

7.06pm – Housemates are having their family discussion.

Karen: I don’t know if this is to do with me, or my issues with Anna (who then starts shaking her head)… I wasn’t impressed with Anna with her being very spiteful over the oats issue, and when you got evicted and the spitefullness came in again (Anna shakes her head).. you don’t think thats true?

Anna: First I’d like to say, bitching behind my back Krystal I heard you guys when I was in the bedroom today so you do. And you guys haven’t come up to me once since I have come back into the house to tell me your opinions. You haven’t tried to sort anything out, you’ve just let it go. And why don’t you talk about Camilla like that as well? Because she’s done exactly the same as me. So whatever with that one.

They discuss the revenge room and Anna argues that the revenge room was specifically for revenge.

Anna (to Krystal): And I’ve been saying I want to get to know you because all I’ve seen is the fake you.

Camilla says they should all communicate a little bit more. Dino says its healthy not to bitch but to discuss another person with some one but they shouldn’t smear their name. Karen glares at some one across the table. Camilla starts talking but Anna cuts in and says it’s Katie’s turn.

Katie: I like everyone, and I hope they don’t bitch about me.

Some laugh and clap.


7.50pm – Dinner has finished and the housemates get up. Anna looks very annoyed and frustrated. Karen stops and asks Anna if she wants to talk alone. Anna explains she has issues with Krystal and wants to get to know the real Krystal because the past week she’s seemed fake. Krystal and Karen are sitting on one side of the table and Anna on the other. Krystal says she’s never dealt with a person like Anna on the outside world. Karen says her issue is she took Anna under her wing and then she said some things that upset Karen – it was like she’s not going to let it go and its revenge.

Anna explains she won’t change anything about herself or what she says.

Karen: Some things you say are nasty.. and

Anna: Everyone says nasty things Karen! I’ve been happy the last few days… I don’t care about these two people then.

Karen puts on a very forced smile and says “ok, I think we got that sorted then” and walks away still with the forced smile on her face.

Krystal stays and reiterates what Karen said earlier at the table. She defends her mum for a while.

Krystal: I’m sorry that you can’t change my mum’s mind but maybe you can redeem yourself..

Anna: I don’t want to change your mum’s mind! I’m not going to redeem myself to your mum!

Krystal: I didn’t s… you’re putting words in my mouth. I didn’t say that.

Krystal then says she will try to get along with Anna and they want to work in a civilised manner.

Krystal: No hard feelings.

They both storm away from the table and Anna goes into the bedroom.

Tilli: Anna! We don’t have any issues?

Anna: No I was just about to say that to you. I did put you in the same boat as Karen and Krystal but I’m taking you out of that boat.

Tilli: I’d love you to do that

They hug and make up, to whatever degree. Tilli goes back out into the kitchen and starts relaying what she said with Anna.

Anna goes to the diary room. She says she shouldn’t let it get to her, she just got so worked up and angry with Karen, and to a lesser extent Krystal. “Its just so hard”. Anna starts crying. BB asks “whats so hard?”.

Outside Tilli asks Dino if he has any issues with her. Dino says not will Tilli specifically but he has issues with girls… “us boys we don’t all get along, but boys in general don’t have divides or groups and its a shame to see the girls can’t do that. I felt sorry for Anna coming back and coping it”. Krystal says there are some things she brought on herself. Krystal and Dino get into another bitching session about Anna until Tilli interupts and says after making up with Anna she has no problems with her – “I want to be her friend”.

Meanwhile Anna is upset in the bedroom and being consoled by some of the other housemates. She says she shouldn’t have fought back, but the others think it was good.

Jamie: Australia’s national pastime is tall poppy syndrome.


11.07pm – In the bedroom Katie wonders if she should change beds, because she is sure Jamie doesn’t like her back. Tilli says she can tell he adores her, but Katie feels otherwise. David says guys send out messages then shut them off as a defence mechanism. He urges her to make it happen if she has those feelings. Tilli adds it only takes one conversation. Michael says the last thing she wants in her life is to say “what if I…?”

2.10am – Katie hops into bed with Jamie and they talk under the covers. He says she is so cute, and she says she’s so confused by him, because he doesn’t talk to her all day then cuddles up with her. She asks whats going on, he doesn’t say anything. The lights go out. The two hug in bed and Katie asks again whats going on. She will do whatever he wants to do. They whisper now:

Katie: Have you reached a verdict

Jamie: My verdict would be that, yeah, but slow

Katie: Yeah, we can’t exactly move fast.

Jamie kisses Katie on the forhead, then they pash.

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