Day 12

8.16am – Ashley is up cleaning the backyard as he is groundskeeper. He collects the washing saying “this is just pathetic”. He then moves onto sweeping the floor. Inside Katie tells Claire she has sorted everything out with Jamie. They are all good now. “We’re just going to be how we were, which is great”. Dino comes into the kitchen and is updated on the situation by Katie – that it was a little weird after they kissed, but its all good now. Katie says “lying gets you nowhere”. Dino says “you two just spoke ten sentences that meant nothing to me”.

Ashley is still sweeping, saying “they are idiots!”. Katie has moved into the bathroom now and is freshening up for the day. Ashley continues to clean. “This is Big Brother, Ashley, you are not to use a towel when cleaning the windows, that is all”. Ashley laughs, and says “you’re a smart ass aren’t you mate, I mean Big Brother, sorry Big Brother”. “This is Big Brother… Ashley to the diary room”. Ashley laughs nervously and says “now what, what do I have to do now”.

9.41am – Ashley is in the diary room. Big Brother explains one of the core rules in the house is that housemates refer to Big Brother as such. Ashley is to spend the next 3 hours on his feet – he cannot sit down, kneel or lie down.

In the bedroom Katie issues a challenge to Jamie: to spend the whole day without looking in the mirror. He asks what he gets in return – she suggests a massage but he isn’t so keen. Katie leans down and gives him a big pash.


12.41pm – Ashley is bushing his teeth in the bathroom. This is Big Brother, Ashley, your 3 hours are up. He immediately lies down on the floor and moans in relief. David laughs. Jamie and Katie meanwhile are in bed lying together. Jamie is worried how he might be perceived outside the house. Katie not so much, but does say there might be two or three people. Jamie says only ex-girlfriends will be annoyed at him, as they are still in love with him. He says he still calls them, because he hasn’t wanted to lose them. “Just because I don’t feel strongly towards them I assume they shouldn’t feel that way towards me but they do… oh god”.

Ashley meanwhile is on the other side of the bedroom playing around. Jamie says to Katie “he’s so unintelligent I can’t handle it… I can’t handle a conversation with him”.

Katie: Do you think I’m unintelligent?

Jamie: No, not at all

There is one thing that annoys Jamie the most: people with intolerance – sometimes he wants to have a chat but he can’t figure out whats going on in Ashley’s brain. Katie adds: “if there is anything happening, sometimes he looks and there’s nothing going on in there, like his brain has stopped”. Jamie says to Katie “we can rule this place”. Katie replies “yeah, whatever, we so can’t!”.

Katie is telling Elise and Karen that her little house romance won’t continue outside the house, and they agreed on it. Elise asks “does it matter if you aren’t continuing outside the house?”. Katie doesn’t know, and they discuss the possibility of Jamie just doing it for the sake of it. Katie realises there’s not much she can do in the situation, and seems to be ok with it.


11.22pm – Michael is outside, and quickly pockets some balloons for the task without anyone seeing. Jamie and Katie are playing around in the bedroom as usual. Michael has moved to the toilet and is cutting the tops of the balloons off, making them very hard to blow up. Katie and Jamie are in the spa, in each others arms, kissing… again. They discuss who doesn’t like them – Jamie thinks he doesn’t have a problem with the girls, Katie laugsh and says “I know!”. The housemates inside are wondering what to do, and some one suggests limbo with the broom. John goes first and gets pretty far down but then falls down backwards. Gaelan is next, and makes it, but Elise is not so successful. Michael is still in the toilet cutting up balloons.

Katie and Jamie kiss some more in the spa – she says he’s a really soft kisser.


12.45am – Jamie has come to the diary room. He is worried about letting people down – he has always fallen for a girl and then after a while changed his mind, so since then he has always been careful, and he doesn’t like that trait in him but its re-occuring. “I’m getting really close to Katie I’m just worried I might not be the person she wants – its something like in the physical sense she’s not the kind of girl I like, but I haven’t been out with a blonde girl in so long, I generally not sorta attracted to the barbie girl look which she has, but theres something about her personality, I have never been around some one like that before.” Jamie doesn’t want it to go wrong and everyone see it – “its a bit scary I think”.

1.18am – David and Dino’s clown noises are played. Dino has to run outside in his underpants. The housemates cheer for them to hurry up and get their costume on. John jokes that Dino is the worst clown in the southern hemisphere. Michael can’t stop laughing – David can’t blow up his balloon with the end cut off. Dino says “they’re not working at all”. They manage to get one or two balloons poped. Dino really jumps on one with his butt. “This is Big Brother. Big Brother was not entertained”.

2.20am – Katie and Jamie are in bed, with the lights off. They discuss the other girls in the house. Jamie says he wouldn’t want to be with any of the others in the house. Katie says she’s not the prettiest one, and worries that Jamie will wake up and think she’s the wrong one. Jamie reassures her thats not going to happen. He explains some of the things he explained to Big Brother earlier, about not being attracted to the barbie doll thing. Katie isn’t offended, she says “its just the truth”. Katie asks “do you not want to kiss me because you’re not attracted to me, you just like me as a mate”. Jamie stalls for an answer. She says “think about it and then tell me later”. They say goodnight and Katie turns away from Jamie – he spoons her.

Katie: Don’t worry, because I need a guy who’s attracted to me.

Jamie: Thats not it though

Katie: Whats it about then

Jamie: Where we are, and people seeing us every day.

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