Day 26

7.39am – Glenn and Kate are up to feed the animals. Kate says a cute hello and good morning to the pigs. Kate gets Glenn to feed the pigs because she “really needs to go to the toilet”. She runs into the house and grabs one of the dummy heads, runs back outside and throws it over the wall – then runs back into the house. There are now two heads on the roof. Meanwhile Glenn is feeding the pigs unaware of what just happened. Kate returns as if nothing is up. Tim is sneaking out of bedroom quietly to try and catch the culprit. Glenn and Kate are talking about the new housemates – Kate says it is all positive – Rachael knew her target to stir things up but it didn’t go as smoothly as she hoped. Tim is walking around the living room still. Kate says Vesna is so pretty and is great, but doesn’t know how long Rachael will last. Tim is still snooping around the living room. Christie is up now and asks Tim whats up – he says nothing. In the bathroom Tim is snooping around some more and Chrsitie wants to know whats up. Tim says he’s fine.

Outside Glenn says he doesn’t like conflict – last night was a bit over the top on Rachael and Dean’s part. Glenn says Dean could have handled it better. Inside Christie says Tim is freaking her out. He says one of the heads is missing, so Christie goes to check with him. Christie says “what is going on!?”. Outside Kate says its funny to see all the girls territorial – but it was good yesterday it was the first time they all hung out together. Christie is telling Tim they need to catch whoever is stealing the heads. Kate and Glenn come back into the living room with Tim and Christie waiting for them. Kate says the animals are really good and Christie asks Kate if she knows anything about the missing head. Kate doesn’t believe one was taken, and plays dumb, checking the head and looking tired. Tim asks if the two checked when they came out to go to the toilet. Kate says she did come back for the toilet, but didn’t notice a thing. Tim clarifies that Kate came back in, and scratches his brow heavy in tired thought.


8.21am – Tim is still pondering the stolen head this morning. He goes to question Glenn in the bedroom. He starts asking about Kate and where she was this morning. Later Kate is in the shower naked while Tim starts questioning her. Michelle says Kate isn’t a suspect to her. Michelle says the main person who is a suspect would be the main person being the suspect – lol. Michelle thinks Tim might be trying to cover up that he’s taking the head. In the diary room Tim says he suspects Kate because it seems clear to him the opportunity to tamper with the heads is greatest when people get up to do the farmhand job because they get up before everyone else. Tim says everyone else is still a suspect – maybe Christie. Possible the new housemates but Glenn gets up early he could have done it. The girls in the shower are saying Tim is freaking out about it. Michelle says Tim is trying to cover up him. In the diary room Tim asks BB if his choices are valid. BB says all housemates are valid suspects.

Outside Vesna and Rachael are talking about the new housemates while doing gym work. Vesna likes everyone – especially Dean. Rachael says its because he’s not available. Rach says she is attracted to Hotdogs – he’s a real sweetie. Vesna repeats that she likes Dean. Big Brother annouces it is time to tango. The rest of the housemates are discovering another head is gone. Vesna and Rachael have to dance each other and are being coached by Michelle. The new girls seem to be getting the hang of it, and give each other a congrats peck on the cheek.


2.52pm – The boys are playing cricket while some of the girls are in the spa. Rach says she’s surprised how much she likes Hotdogs. Kate agrees that he’s a sweetheart. In the kitchen Vesna is talking to Dean about Rach. He says he hasn’t talked to her much – but first impressions last. Vesna asks if he’s a virgo, based on his attitude… he is. Vesna was embarrased when Dean and Rachael had their argument. David says it’s sortof understandable because everyone else had that time to get close. Dean said he’s reasonably placid but if some one wants to have a go then he’ll go. He says she’ll bring spice to the house… he sposes. Vesna says it makes her look bad and boring. Dean says it makes her 10 times better – a lot easier for her. In the bathroom Rach says she purposely came into the house to stir things up. Hotdogs is listening and playing the middleman again. Rach says as soon as some one bites at her she will bite back… and she did last night. Hotdogs says its great – put it out as you see it.

5.57pm – The girls are having a catwalk competition. Rachael goes first and at the end of the catwalk and says

“I’m delicious and nutritious
Slow me down and I’ll take you to town” *wink*

The housemates all laugh. Tim is watching from the sauna. Kate comes out next and Tim in the sauna says “Kate is looking georgous”. Kate says “I belive in world peace”… then starts laughing. In the sauna Michael says “yeah Kate is hot”. Tim says “yeah she’s hot because she’s not hot… she’s intriguing etc.”. Back in the living room Hotdogs is giving Kate a hug. Michael says nothing against the girls but he preffers girls with a little more depth. Perfect timing as Christie comes out on the catwalk again and says

“My name’s Christie
Yeah… they call me Christie
Only by day…
… Misty by night!
I may be trendy
But hey, it doesn’t stop me from getting what I want”


9.42pm – The housemates are discussing where to put the dummies to prevent the heads from being stolen. Michelle and Christie are putting them in the bedroom. Tim tells the housemates (including Kate) he thinks he knows who it is. David says he thinks its Tim. Tim knows it isn’t Tim. Michael agrees, but Michelle says it was over the top acting. Michael says if it was a guy taking the heads they would be taking the girls heads. Kate is sitting with them silent. IN the bedroom Christie is taking her boy to bed (the dummy). She’s having problems carrying it and ponks it down beside abed. In the bathroom Michael says he’s put a booby trap on his doll’s head – he put a blanket and his toiletries ontop of it. Kate laughs and says thats a good plan (lol!). Tim has gone to the diary room. Tim says he doesn’t know whether its harder or easier now that the dummies are in the bedroom. He says he will get a good night sleep. BB asks if Tim is confident about his job. Tim says it’s hard because he has to catch them in the act and the only time he could do this was at night, and its hard staying up all night. He wants to go to bed now because he’s sleep deprived. BB says “good luck”. Tim sighs and cracks his neck before leaving the diary room.

In the bedroom Christie tells Tim not to take her head. Tim says “don’t take mine”. Some of the dummies are on the floor and some are on beds. Tim hopes into bed and Kate is awake, watching him.

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