Day 25 Uplate

12:32am: Tim and Michael are talking in the kitchen. Michael is saying that Hotdogs hates him. He explains two instances where Hotdogs has snapped at Michael. Tim reckons that he has come out more in the past few days. Tim reckons he’s definately changed, ‘a bit more mongrel than i thought.’ Outside we go, Dean, Vesna, Dave, Hotdogs and Geneva who are talking. They are saying that because Vesna is a hairdresser, she’ll have to do Dean’s hair well for the eviction on Sunday. Vesna says that she’ll have to cut off Hotdogs dogs tail at the back of his head. They explain to her that it’s a bet, and there is no way it’s coming off until he gets out. Geneva says it’s a weird day to bring in the replacements.Dean says it’s a great day, gives them some excitement during the week. They are speculating whats behind the wall where the bowling alley is. They reckon that the bowling alley is gone and something else will be put in there one of these weeks. Hotdogs reckons it’s a shooting gallery and they get to shoot the new housemates. They think it will be a country and western theme this week. They recall the night where Christie was on the chariot and slammed into the wall. They all laugh as they tell each other what angle they saw it from. Mike tells us that the Australian premiere of “Mr & Mrs Smith” will be inside the Big Brother house next week. Rachael is told by BB not to wear a mic into the sauna. It seems she is by herself. In the bedroom, Michelle, Glenn, Christie and Greg are there. Greg is telling Glenn how many times he’s been put under the knife in hospital. It’s a long list. Glenn says he hasn’t ever been under. Greg says it’s the best feeling Christei agrees, but then says “It’s the best, but I’ve never been under” or something like that. Kate is also on her bed now. She tells them when she’s been under the knife. Rachael is back in the room, lying on the bed not talking to anyone, looking ready for bed.

12:58am: Michael says he’s going to have a spa, so obviously it’s back in action. Hotdogs says he’s going to – cause he hasn’t been in yet – he’s been doing dishes for 2 hours. I think thats a bit of an exageration, but anyway. Rachael says she can’t believe that you can’t sing. Greg explains that they sung 24/7 in the first two weeks, then BB really drilled into them that they can’t, thus they pull each other up on it now. Tim has joined Christie and Greg on their bed, and they all have a cuddle. Greg says that Tim had a shave today cause he knew they were going to have company. Rachael says she doesn’t know how you could sleep in the house.

1:13am: Vesna is in the spa with Michael and Hotdogs. Vesna is looking at Hotdogs face, and says ‘did you pick that pimple.’ Hotdogs launches into a story. Dean is also out there, but he is not in the spa. Taken back to the bedroom, where Christie and Greg are having a play fight. Greg is running his stubble from his chin on Christie’s shoulders, she says she hates it. She says he’ll have to shave on Sunday. Kate says to Dave “wanna fuck?” You go Kate! Kate is massaging his head. Christie reveals she masturbated in the spa one night. Michelle can’t believe it. Greg and Christie are still play fighting, Greg seems to be really into Christie tonight.

1:25am: Rachael has joined them in the spa. Michael tell the newbies that none of the lights ever go off except in the bedroom. Don’t know if Dean was always in the spa, but he is at least in now. They are talking about headaches from the lights, which leads to a discussion about glasses. Dean had them once. Rachael tells them out in the spa that Christie masturbated in there last week. The guys are a bit suprised. They say that 3 boys still haven’t walked the dog either. Vesna says she could tell a story there, but she decides not to. Housemates egg her on and I think she starting telling it, but comm break interrupts.

1:37am: Straight back to the house for the first time in weeks I reckon! Michael has just finished a joke I think, Vesna is laughing her ass off. He says it reminds me about a time he had sex with someone on his’ bosses desk. Hotdogs says that Michael always end a story with him having sex with someone. Vesna has now worried about saying someone’s (outside the house) name, and they have all said not to worry about, they won’t air it. And they don’t, we get a beep. Back to the bedroom, they are talking about icr cream. Tim is snoring so they wake him. Christie says “Tim the house is on fire”. He doesn’t awake, but then Michelle wakes him, and he sits up and goes “What….what happened.” Quite funny to see. He rolls over and starts to go back to sleep. Christie and Greg still in the same bed.

1:51am: Rachael says that before she came in she called a few old flames to just have a bit of sex. She describes one as a bit like Hotdogs, able to carry her round while he did the deed. We’re taken back to the bedroom, where Greg and Glenn are talking about a movie. Christie is up again, and is running through how to make bread in the morning with something extra. She says that Geneva and herself will get up with BB says the hot water is on. Later on, Geneva, Christie and Michelle discuss how Rachael went about it all wrong and attacked Dean straight away. Christie says she would never do that, she says she would have been so nice. It seems that no one likes her. Vesna looks like the one that they like so far. Christie then shows the girls how she sometimes masturbates. The girls say she is very flexible.

2:04am: Back to the bedroom they are talking about buying family messages. Geneva says she is giving Hotdogs $5 to get his. She says she wants hers, but HD’s wants it more. They think thats very nice of her. Talk turns back to Christie getting off in the spa. Greg says they wouldn’t like it if the guys did that. Christie says to go ahead, cause ‘it has a filter’. The girls talk about Rachael again. They reckon Dave could hook up with her. He says he can’t stand her. Out in the spa, Michael is considering asking BB how the Waratahs(sp?) are going in the Super 12. Either Rachael or Vesna go for Essendon in the AFL. Hotdogs wants to know how the eagles are going. Rachael goes for the Raiders in the NRL. So it was Vesna for Essendon you would presume. Rachael is saying that Dean is a pretty boy. Dean says he is not.

2:17am: Christie is putting makeup on Geneva. She says “I’m looking like a wranker at the moment.” Yes, that is wranker. Michelle says she has made Michelle look like a clown. Christie has made her look like an idiot, and she says “we’ve gotta go talk to BB!” A monobrow is on her, a moustache, a mole, really red lipstick. Out at the spa, Rachael reveals that Dean is her only threat in the house. Vesna has left the spa.
Rachael says she is a bisexual to them, but we are taken to the bathroom. Geneva has put her hair straight back so she looks like a guy. She goes back to the bedroom and pulls a flannie on. Christie decides to dress up like a guy too. She puts on Glenns footy shorts and a singlet of his too. At 2:32am, Dreamworld says goodnight.

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