Day 8

Days 6 and 7 were not covered by the daily show.

8:36am – Saxon has spent the night out on the veranda after suffering sinus problems inside. In the round house Ben has solved the mystery: he thinks there are three houses altogether.

9:21am – Saxon says he had a dream about Belinda: they were in a houseboat and Carlo had been evicted after receiving three warnings. Saxon started bawling his eyes out after Carlo’s dream eviction. Afterwards there were all new housemates and Saxon then woke up. Apparently that is tame for Saxon’s dreams. Belinda is amazed.

10:30am – Jo is showering, and the hot water is turned off every day at 10.30am. BB announces the hot water is now off and the other housemates laugh at her. Jo has found a solution: she will get hot water from the kitchen sink and use a bucket to wash and rinse. Ben joins her and helps her rinse off while Jo jiggles her body under the water. When the bucket empties Ben plonks the bucket on Jo’s head.

Later Leah is only just waking up, and the other round housemates comment that they are missing the baby spice of the house from the breakfast table. They also comment she is the angry spice. Leah emerges and asks if they are having shit for breakfast. Ben says yes because shit is the only constant thing in this house.

The housemates are making clay models of themselves as part of the current task. Leah questions Patrick about his relationships – he has always had long term ones. Chrissie’s longest relationship was seven years. Leah and Patrick are amazed. Chrissie says they broke up 18 months ago and since then she’s never found anyone she’s liked. She adds the relationship wasn’t going anywhere and it wasn’t hard to break it up. Chrissie has never been dumped. Since her long term relationship she’s never had a boyfriend longer than two days. She wonders if she’s too fussy.

12:20pm – Carlo is ready to leave. He doesn’t know how anyone can stay for 3 months. Him and Saxon agree they don’t care about the prize money, but Saxon says he’d like the glory of winning. Carlo thinks it would be better if there was no prize money, and Belinda agrees. Jaime says everyone he knows in the house isn’t there for the money. Belinda says she just loves meeting new people and gets a cocky look from Carlo who then lets out a huge burp.

2:08pm – Irena explains to Claire that when Jaime and Saxon are together you can really see how mature Jaime is. He is like a younger guy she might know, rather than a little boy like Saxon is. Belinda enters the bedroom, and agrees with Irena’s theory.

3:08pm – The round house is still working on their clay models. Chrissie and Daniel sing African chants. Leah says she feels like she’s “scooping out cow shit or something because I just can’t do it”. Regina adds that she once fell in cow shit, in primary school at a camp. They said “don’t walk behind the cows”. The cow stood back and on her foot, she fell over and the cow poo’ed on her. They made her wear her dirty clothes all day. Jo says thats ridiculous – they wouldn’t get away with that today.

5:26pm – Belinda is amazed how well she is doing away from her beloved dogs. Her dogs are her world, she says, and she loves them like she loves nothing else. Jaime has never been away from family and close friends for so long. Belinda thinks he’s doing excellent. He doesn’t have any photos of his girlfriend because she didn’t want him having any. Vincent enters and is asked if he misses anyone – no. Jaime says he’s cruel on the outside but inside beats the heart of a puppy dog.

6:28pm – There is a confrontation in the round house about cooking dinner. Leah tells Ben he doesn’t give anyone else a chance to cook. In return Ben tells her to shut her mouth.

9:18pm – Ben tells the other housemates he has cheated on every one of his girlfriends except one – his current one. He would hate himself forever if he cheated on her. He felt guilty the first time he cheated on a girlfriend. He’s had ways to juggle the cheating – two mobile phones for example. Ben goes on to discuss his thoughts on cheating. He thinks a blind snog in a nightclub is cheating, much to the amazement of Chrissie, who doesn’t understand why a serial cheater would think that. Ben says there is a cheating scale – it’s not as bad as having sex but it’s still cheating.

10:44pm – Joanne is confronting Ben about his earlier comment that he wants to leave the house. Ben is happy to battle away but the novelty is wearing off. He doesn’t want to play a game. Ben says Jo is always honest about everything. Jo agrees but she doesn’t have to blurt out everything. Ben says if she holds back when answering questions it’s being dishonest. Jo disagrees.

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