Day 4 Live crossover

We start with near-dinner time for the housemates in the square house. We are told by Gretel that Big Brother is giving them an extra dinner to give them the impression they will be getting a new housemate tonight. Big Brother tells them that the store room is open. The housemates dabble around talking about how that was the voice of Peter Abbott and not the stand-in Big Brothers. Carlo goes on with his story and Big Brother has to alert them again that the store room is open. They hop to their feet and have a look around, delighted at all the great food they’re getting.

Back to Gretel in the studio.. she’s looking much better than last night. She talks about the two new housemates that will be going in tonight. We are shown Daniel’s video profile. He has a “Unique Mind”. Included in the footage is him at The Church dancing in his nerd costume (as seen on Search for a Supermodel). He even made a logo for him and his ex-girlfriend!

Back to the square house who have just realised that there is an extra meal.. they are getting excited. One of them says “maybe it’s Bert”. Carlo jokes about how it would be weird if he asked the housemates for 30 minutes alone in the bedroom, or Vincent’s bed (much to Vincent’s disgust).

Chrissie’s video profile is shown. She’s a freelance writer. “Quick witted” who drinks too much coffee. Now we’re in the hallway to the house with both housemates and Gretel. Both of them say they have no idea what to expect as they’ve been in isolation for the past three days.

Gretel in the studio. She says the housemates are “travelling”. She is then joined by Turkan and Nathan and Carmell. Carmell explains that Daniel is an introvert, which is unusual for a Big Brother house. Gretel can’t comprehend what an introvert is and asks Carmell to give a seperate definition of what introvert and extrovert mean. Carmell says Nathan is an introvert while Turkan is extrovert. Gretel doesn’t know what is happening next and needs Big Brother to buzz the info in her ear.

Update footage. Ben is plotting another trick for the next lot of housemates to come into the house. He wants to put sand in their beds and tell them his (and Jo’s) beds were the same. Jo won’t stop laughing.


Gretel tells us that the square house is looking forward to another housemate (prefferably a female one) so Jaime can have a girlfriend. Switch to the round house: Chrissy and Daniel come in and the existing housemates get all excited and introduce each other. Jo is showing everyone around. Regina says there aren’t enough beds for all of them. Later in the show, Gretel checks with Big Brother if there are enough beds, he says there are.

Gretel talks with Turkan and Nathan. Turkan says when she first went into the house she wanted to work out where she was, and who she would be compatible with. Nathan said he saw traits of the housemates ‘bleeding into each other’. He keeps talking and Gretel has to shut him up, to which he says “fine I’m going to Survivor”.

Update footage. Carlo builds a statue of his girlfriend, with plastic plate boobs.


Gretel says the main rumour right now are that there is an underground house. Turkan starts talking about how Vincent snapped at Carlo and Irena when they called him “Vince”. Nathan says he’s like Alex from BB2, but much more harsh. Carmell says Carlo is really nice deep down and Vincent (because he’s the oldest) feels the need to be the one in charge, so has to frequently exert his power. Then there is talk about star signs and personality traits. Carmell says there is some evidence to say that star signs influence personality. Nathan starts talking again and Gretel has to shoosh him.

In the round house the housemates are bonding in the bedroom. There is something wrong with Chrissie’s microphone which makes a bad hissing noise. They are all updated on the ‘housemate’ situation.


Predictions from Nathan and Turkan. Nathan says everyone will explode over Carlo’s outspoken-ness, but as far as Nathan’s seen, Carlo is the only one drinking beer (despite the fact Carlo said on the first night he never drinks beer). Gretel has to shoosh him. Carmel says it is evident there is a personality trait missing in the house. Gretel rounds up what has happened in the night. Tomorrow night Shannon (BB2) and Johnny (BB1) will be joining Gretel.

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