Day 5

It’s 3:42am and Ben is snoring again. He has worked out an arrangement with Regina to tie a rope to his leg that she can tug if he snores. It doesn’t work.

Members from both houses rise early to clean and make breakfast. Belinda does a short bit of cleaning in the square house and starts preparing breakfast. She says she loves cooking, to which Vincent replies he loves eating. Meanwhile in the round house Regina gets up to do some cleaning. Vincent is getting dressed infront of Irena, she comments on his briefs. Ben doesn’t want to get up… the other housemates are getting ready for some breakfast and just as Ben declares he doesn’t want to get up Big Brother announces the hot water has been turned off. Over in the square house, Vincent and Irena are getting pretty close. Irena talks about how she likes flirty talk (some aggression) with her boyfriend. She tries to move the conversation to Vincent’s girlfriend, but he won’t say a thing. Ben is showing with cold water.

1:04pm – The girls in the round house are sunbathing and talking relationships. Chrissie says she was with her boyfriend for 6 years, but they grew apart. Later, all the round housemates make a chess board using charcoal from the BBQ. Ben says he’s gullible and the housemates go on to convince Regina that the word ‘gullible’ has been taken out of the dictionary. Regina talks about how she uses swear words without realising it (eg. in front of a customer).

6:27pm – Daniel is showing off his thrid nipple to Chrissie who is very interested in it. 20 minutes later Daniel is talking about Regina, and how she says whatever is on her mind (in a good way).

7:46pm – Leah enters the round house and is very excited. Ben thinks her self-doll is a baby at first. Saxon enters the square house without much excitement. Carlo doesn’t look very happy about the new arrival (probably because it isn’t a girl). Meanwhile Jo gives Leah the house tour, she thinks the bedroom is awesome. Jo offers to move beds for Leah. Saxon is in the square bedroom while Belinda gives him the tour. He comments on Irena’s laugh.

8:25pm – Saxon asks Vincent if he has a “partner”. Vincent is really offended that he didn’t say “girlfriend”. Leah is sharing photos of her boyfriend “Brennon” and her family to the other housemates. The square house is working out sleeping arrangements.

In the round house Leah tries to communicate with the square house by yelling over the wall. Leah: “I’m new.. are you having fun?”. The square house isn’t impressed. Leah goes on to say “Have you got a pool?.. yeah we got a pool.. two pools, and a tennis court!”. The square house gives up trying to yell back and goes inside to talk with Saxon. He reveals he has a deaf younger brother, who suffered a stroke when he was very young. Despite this, Saxon’s brother is very confident. Carlo walks into the room and other housemates tell him about Saxon’s brother. Carlo doesn’t seem to care that much and makes a joke about it by yelling “WHAT?”.

Vincent and Belinda are back outside trying to yell out to Leah. They both find out both households have seven people in them, and Leah asks “is your kitchen inside?”. Irena doesn’t care and says they don’t need to know about the other house.

It’s bedtime. Regina and Leah share a bed while Regina strongly asks Ben to sleep on his stomach. Vincent and Carlo share a bed in the square house… an unlikely pair.

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