Who will host in 2020?


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There is plenty they could do to improve the franchise, and we know almost nothing about their intentions.

However, in this day and age I suspect it will be more of the same RTV formula, instead of a re-birth of what was and still could be a great "social experiment" with all the extra "live" components.
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The worst thing about this is when Big Brother 2020 inevitably fails on 7 the network and executives will be scratching their heads and thinking “Why did this fail?” These morons don’t have a clue. Every forum member on here would have a better way of running this show than the actual people in control.
What really annoys me is presuming they've gone with the US/Canadian format is that will end up being the scapegoat for it's inevitable failure - when in reality it's mainly the decision to pre-record and the local decisions such as hiring Sonia which will be the biggest reason for it's downfall.

I do think the North American format is really strong - but the reason it is really strong is even though it moves away from the public vote element of the original the core components of nominations, evictions and tasks are there, but more importantly so is the 24/7 live aspect and also although on the surface it's been turned into a gameshow the social experiment angle is still very strong. I think BBUSA has shined a light on society much more in the last decade than BBUK did in it's C5 years.


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She's just not natural:

*deliver a line from the autocue
*deliver next line

...and repeat. Nauseating.


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You mean she isn't going to ask the tough questions like Gretel Killeen did?

To be fair to Sonia with the calibre of housemates she had to work with such question were rarely possible.