Who will host in 2020?


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And with the rumour of Gretel’s asking price to return to hosting being “too high”. If I was Channel 7 I would give her what she wants. She is worth it. Gretel was an amazing host. The best we will ever have.

Seeing her host Big Brother again and being on stage would make me so happy. Sunday night evictions! Gretel being a mother figure to the housemates. I miss her hosting TV. She is intelligent and funny.

If there is any chance of her hosting get her back. It would be so worth it.

matts bb

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Yeah plus Gretel had conviction.


Seven: Gretel, we need you to dance out on stage to 'bodyrockers' like Sonia Kruger did.
Gretel: Get fucked.
To be fair Gretel had to put up with the whole Disgusting wardrobe choices. The 2005 launch bleached hair and a S&M leather outfit with corset comes to mind.
These days you know she would tell them to get fucked



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Imagine Gretel hosting the Big Brother evictions in fabulous business suits!

It’s hard to see who the perfect host is without knowing the format and concept of the reboot but so far out of the names thrown around I like Julia Zemero the most, or however you spell her name. She’s an experienced host plus funny and smart. You need somebody intelligent yet funny to host, that’s why Gretel was so good. I think anybody that ticks those two boxes would be fine...


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^ As much as I would love Zemiro to host but she has publicly said she dislikes reality tv as it's "glorified bullying"

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If there is a host and they surprisingly want to spend $$ I’m putting my money on them getting Melissa Doyle to host. As much as I don’t want it, they need to give her something to do to justify her salary now Sunday night is gone.

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I kinda hope it's Chrissie that hosts, Gretel got way too spiteful and straight up cunty toward the end of her run and I think she'd just bring back that same energy whereas Chrissie Swan does a faaaabulous job of pretending to be interested in other people.


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