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US 2016 Presidential Election


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Just shows YOU know nothing about me............I believe, and have done so for decades, America is the most dangerous country on earth
I dislike this cruel, nasty culture - that has no respect for humans at all.
7 million in prisons, mostly poor and stupid.
I enjoy some of the things they produce to entertain me, but do not find anything much to admire about a VIOLENT mean culture
Still cowboys and always will be.

Obama was a wonderful moment, now we have the racist sexist backlash, this is the REAL America, they have the president they deserve.
If someone made this type of post about China and its people you would be screeching "racist" at the top of your lungs.

Have you not learned that judging and condemning a country as a whole based on its leadership is ridiculous? And to say that American people have no respect for humans is inaccurate, ingnorant and hurtful to the many posters who who used to post here who are American.



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It is great seeing President Trump exercising. Shows that he is committed to being a great leader for the American people.


Invariably, many intelligent savvy souls, indicating no ignorance gathered obliquely, make observations noting Trump's outstanding youthful aura.



Trump’s Health Deteriorates as White House Pressures Mount

Washington, D.C. — Washington insiders and health officials close to Donald Trump have raised concerns that the 45th President is showing signs of aggressive aging after only being office for 152 days, 8 hours, 9 minutes and 7 seconds. According to more than one White House aide, all of whom chose to remain anonymous, the 71-year-old leader of the free world has dramatically aged at a breathtaking pace.

There are concerns about Trump’s health as the pressures of the presidency take their toll on him.

“When he took office, let’s be honest, he was no spring chicken,” said one White House insider who spoke on condition of anonymity, “but it seems like he’s aged a decade or more in just the past few months.

“Well just look at him and you can see that he’s not doing well,” said anti-aging specialist and occasional CNN commentator Dr. Saka Ramanathanana. “Obviously this Russian situation and the fact that he hasn’t signed one bill from Congress is weighing on him greatly. At this pace, he will not be able to stay in office much longer unless he takes some aggressive self-care actions.”

Even foreign leaders have noticed the effects of the Oval Office on Trump. During a recent meeting with Egyptian President, Mr. Abdel Fattah Al Sisi commented to the President that “he should take it easy.”

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