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Today I ........


I think, therefore I am, I think ...
Last week as I was returning home in the alley I heard a kitten crying. It turned out it was in a downpipe, just where it came out at a right angle before going down into the sewer. I got the neighbours to come out with a saw to cut the pipe, then realised I could jiggle the L joint apart. Behold one hungry five week old female tabby.

There's no chance of finding her mama, as she appeared to have fallen down the pipe from a two-storey rooftop. She's too little to survive in the street so I really had no choice but to bring her in for a few weeks at least. I have Mo from the pagoda staying here atm because he's got mange and looking sick. I thought he just needed fattening up but now I think he has underlying condition (possibly FIV). I should probably keep them apart but he likes to beat her up and she just goes back for more. I mean, she'll probably get FIV and mange as well but very difficult to keep them separated in my place. Yes I'm irresponsible.

I present: Dana Drainpipe.

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That was a close one for her. What a lovely little face.