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THE VIRUS 2020 - the good, the bad, and the ugly


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Yeah the Australian government is too pathetic to make the hard decisions. The latest restrictions last night are a dog's breakfast of confusing rules: 5 people this, 10 people that, haircuts but only less than 30 minutes. WTF? Just simplify the whole lot and shut everything down like Germany and Italy where only supermarkets, pharmacies and banks are open. Stop pissing around with all the confusing messages and KISS (keep it simple, stupid).

What a mess. Is a 35 minute hair appointment really more dangerous than a 30 minute one? Seriously.
Where are you these days Timmy? Back in Aus or still in Cambodia?

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...as I wrote in my first post on this great thread (thanks for creating it once again kxk)... I wrote...

...what gets me is that Australia usually has the ’normal’ influenza on average per year that causes 3,500 deaths... about 18,000 hospitalisations and 300,000 GP consultations each year... also pneumonia, especially in people that are vulnerable such as the elderly and other in the "at risk" group... (quoted from this website below)...

...so far we have had only 6 deaths across Australia due to the Virus so why such panic?... the ’normal’ flu is just as deadly (granted... it’s probably easier to catch the Corona Virus) but if everyone is staying home then technically it should pass rather quickly hopefully... I put the shopping panics directly into the media’s laps... people like that complete idiot ‘Koschi” on ‘Sunrise’ on Channel 7 to name one... my view on him and what Channel 7 are doing are able to be read on this link below...

...so no use in repeating it all...

...if you are isolating yourselves then how can you possibly catch it?... it’s only spread around with mainly one on one direct contact... people are now scrubbing their entire homes with all types of disinfectants... why?... it’s ONLY spread by direct contact!... cue the media telling us to now panic and disinfect everything that doesn’t move!... (if I’m wrong in this... please feel free to correct me)... then cue the panic merchants of the public starting to clean Supermarket shelves of cleaning products!... the media should be ashamed of themselves!...

...my sweet darling wife and myself are not ‘going out all of the time’ type of people except for a couple of nights now and then so it won’t be such a biggie for us to stay indoors for 2-3 weeks... stay safe people and I hope that you don’t catch anything... cheers.
...the normal flu causes on average per year 3,500 deaths... about 18,000 hospitalisations and 300,000 GP consultations each year... also pneumonia, especially in people that are vulnerable such as the elderly and other in the "at risk"groups ... so far we have had only 9 deaths across Australia due to the Virus so why such panic?... I can’t imagine our country closing down each year just because of the ‘normal’ flu everytime... so why the panic?... it beats me!... all the people that have died so far apparently had prior underlying conditions... just like people that die from ’normal’ flu... 3,500 people per year in fact... is everyone (including Politicians) listening to Media hysteria way too much?... seriously... why the panic?... am I being naive here?... geez!... I dunno... cheers.
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OMG ......USA is so fucked

They, including Trump, are getting ready for millions to suffer and die......but protect the economy at all costs

They are talking incomprehensible tactics (to everyone more civilized),
and basically survival of the fittest, sacrificing anyone elderly or frail.

The doctors are talking about do-not-resuscitate being imposed on ALL CORONA VIRUS patients, regardless of their wishes or family wishes!

They are so foreign to civilized people, they are making poor old people feel like they have to die to save America, how friggin evil

See these conversations>>>


Watch as USA has a hopeless health system, made for super wealthy, the country will collapse

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...she should’ve given him a massive whack in the nutsack while she was there while he was on the ground I reckon!... lol!... cheers


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This might be me on Saturday 😅 (as in behind the umbrella!)

I rescheduled all my appointments for the week to Tuesday thinking we'd be told we couldn't work, then they said 30 minute appointments only so I put two people back into Saturday! (and a day later that was changed again!)

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...watching the media on the early breakfast shows which are going out of their way in spreading as much fear as they possibly can just for higher ratings is just so sickening... from ‘Koshies’ doom and gloom banal voice down to their excitement at the rising coronavirus death toll... they’re causing daily panic buying... shelves are emptying at the supermarkets more and more now due to them... flour/bleach/cleaning products in general not to mention pasta/rice and of course toilet paper...

...they will do anything for headlines and ratings... it’s truly pathetic!... their ridiculous ‘filler’ stories of “how to survive this apocalypse by rushing out and panic buying these ingredients to ensure that you survive this... etc etc...” obviously causes the panic buying the next fucking day... in the words of our super heroic ‘tough talking’ illustrious grandstanding Prime Minister ‘Scumo’... “stop it!... just... stop it!”... ooh!... it makes you shiver hearing him say that doesn’t it?... it’s like hearing Winston Churchill’s ”we’ll fight them on the beaches... we’ll fight them in the air” speech... awe inspiring... NOT!...

...but the media need to stop it now!... what with their often causing of panic buying/often exaggeration of facts/often misleading headlines/often overuse of loud and dramatic voices just to make the news sound even more terrifying etc etc... they should be ashamed of themselves... they’re probably putting fear into children and some elderly people who know no better that the world is doomed and that they have no future whatsoever... what with seeing so many end-of-world apocalyptic type of movies and shows that are so easily accessible to them nowadays what else are they to think?...

...early morning breakfast shows are the most to blame... they have to stretch the news over a time of a few hours... therefore they have ‘filler’ stories... I can just imagine ‘Koshie’ on ‘Sunrise’ saying this following headline with his most ‘dramatic’ voice on full shout mode...

...💥💥💥💥Breaking urgent News has come from a very very reliable legitimate Chinese source from our cameraman whose brother‘s wife’s father that was talking to a mate whose uncle twice removed worked with once overheard from someone that was passing him in a bus that said the Chinese Government DELIBERATELY released the Coronavirus into some holidaying Chinese citizens that were just about to go visiting most Countries around the World... the Government’s plan is that every Country’s economy would totally collapse within a few days making theirs the strongest economy in the entire World!... we’re doomed!...

...because I am your beloved ‘Koshie’ and you know that I have such credibility and an inpeccable track record in respectability I hereby suggest that we perform mass suicide right now so as not to prolong the pain and sufferi... what?... what’s that?... erm... um... wait a minute... we’re getting confirmed and trustworthy reports that are exclusive to ’Sunrise’ and Channel 7 only that Britiain have their number one secret agent James Bond 007 on the case right now!... we’ll keep you totally updated on breaking events exclusively here on Channl 7 so stay tuned!💥💥💥💥...

...yes I know that it sounds completely ridiculous but the media has to stop!... its beyond a joke anymore... the spread of nonsensical reporting must come to an end... it’s pathetic!...end of rant... cheers.😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤯🤯🤯
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