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THE VIRUS 2020 - the good, the bad, and the ugly


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South africa has 202 cases ,we are also self-isolating and a lot of people are working from home,my hubby is still working but he was a germaphobe before this so is pretty used to being careful and is super glad that nobody wants to shake his hand,make him sign anything or touch him.I am usually at home except when out shopping for groceries,so it's pretty much the same for me...the one social event the reptile expo did want to go to was postponed till August

Small businesses that do events ,restaurants and that kind of thing are being hard hit financially .

If this hits the informal settlements then this will spread like wild-fire because it is virtually impossible to isolate yourself when people live on top of each other and have no access to running water or basic sanitation.

We have had the panic shoppers here too ,which is beyond selfish considering there is a vast amount of people in this country that live from month to month and cant afford to bulk buy and how do people forget that you want everyone else to sanitise as well...don't hoard the sanitiser people!! I havent panic shopped ,just being going to buy what I need daily...payday is only next week so there's that!!

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...it was only a matter of time I guess?... lol!... I like the middle one the best... cheers.
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An opportunity at hand.
To sociologically graph the human condition and response under adversity.
Empathy and compassion are bygone products it seems.
A working society bases its function on caring beyond ones own ken.
And its unending desire for mercy and care.
Early results not good.
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I hope to focus on the positive during this ordeal.....optimist so ....

@Fuzz lots of kind people out there, hopefully that will make some of the worst behaving morons to check themselves

A lawyer in Melbourne has begun an adopt a health worker support, we have to take care of all the health workers and shopping staff.
IE health workers heartbreaking clip at the end of her 40 hours, nothing left on shelves for her......so now you can adopt a health worker, shop for them and support them
Possibly the same woman, has begun an adopt a pensioner or just give pensioners random support during that early morning shop
IE begun after seeing a 90 year old struggling to stand up for some toilet paper, help with shopping and follow up calls
I have a couple of friends with huge health issues, ie lung disease, and cancer, keeping an eye on them and calling each day as they live alone.

So more lovely freebies online...

10 has DWTS judges teaching clips to learn a dance,going to check that one out

Have you seen those fantastic clips of huge crowds in sing-alongs at pubs? They look like so much fun and are good for you, I can't sing but I want to be part of this.
So they are closed down at the mo of course, but you can participate online right now if you want...


Thank heavens for the internet!!!

Boogie online
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I loathe sport on TV...
I’m a teacher in Perth.

So far it’s pretty much business as usual though absenteeism is up in my classes. I have about 4-5 away in my year 7,8 and 9 classes but about 1/3 of my year 10 classes are missing each day.

I have one parent deliberately keeping her kid at home, and then she emails me for work for him! So far I’ve sent a few things off and he’s done it but we’ve been told we’re not obliged to provide work in these cases so I’m not busting my ass. This mum is also commenting that it’s really hard to get him to do it. Welcome to my world darling. He’s not the most academic when he is in school much less after he’s scammed you into letting him stay home for 3 weeks...

At school we have a seemingly giant supply of hand sanitiser and every kid gets a squirt at the start of each lesson. I got through about 3/4 of a 500ml bottle each day. Otherwise classes are operating as normal and the kids sit next to each other as normal. Our Deputy Principal is self isolating for the rest of term but his kid has leukaemia and he has only just gone into remission after a massive chemo routine so that’s understandable.

We’ve been asked to prepare for school closure by uploading electronic textbooks if we’ve got them or scanned pages of books etc to the ‘Connect’ servers. Plus we have to get lessons organised or at least have a rough plan for providing work to do at home. I’m pretty good here as I have copies of all our usual textbooks here at home (‘borrowed’ from work years ago...so I don’t have to lug them back and forth all the time) plus I have a scanner on my printer. I could even do video lessons as I have a 1.5m x 2m whiteboard from when we homeschooled my grand daughter for a term a few years ago. I’m pretty set for all of this really...

Otherwise we take it day by day. Getting to work is now really easy as I’m not getting stuck in the usual traffic jam in Tonkin Hwy! There’s only about half the cars on the road.


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South Australian borders to shut down.

NSW and Victoria could be going into lockdown soon.

The Prime Minister needed to be more concrete and direct when talking about this issue. His wishy washy words is probably why some Australians aren't taking this seriously.


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I remain positive. Despite wading thru a lot of insensitivity that surrounds.
We must set examples if we can. And not bow to the sheeple behaviour of some.
Its time to join and work together and not polarise.
We can get thru this.
And push to embiggen community spirit.


Well said @Fuzz....that old saying I keep harping to youngins.....you catch more flies (or whatever) with honey versus vinegar
IE you are more likely to get what you want with sweetness rather than sourness

Kindness is never expected now we have become so insular and mean

I am shocked at how shocked in general people are when you do something kind or thoughtful.
When I do a big shop at Aldi, I will let anyone behind me with a few items, go in front of me
It is stupid not to,, by the time I have put everything on that conveyor belt - at least 5 people can be served and done before me
And they always look so surprised, and so happy for no real effort on my part


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What happens in a lockdown ?
Does EVERYONE stop work & stop going about, except health and food services?
Many offices have been making preparations on how to keep the business running with a remote workforce working from home, so I would imagine that is the plan for as many as practicable.


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Well, I just got a text from the lady who owns the salon I rent a seat from. Salon has to shut as of Wednesday! I have just moved my weeks clients, who are still willing to come, to my day off on Tuesday. No idea as to how long we cant work for.