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THE VIRUS 2020 - the good, the bad, and the ugly


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What happens in a lockdown ?
Does EVERYONE stop work & stop going about, except health and food services?

work from home unless you are in health, groceries, chemist or deliveries. If your work is still operating. Everything closed here. No cafes, bars, restaurants. Gyms, pools, cinemas. Have been closed all week. You can go out but have to keep distance from another person. I am allowed to take the dog for a walk. Italy has even banned exercising outside alone.

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...call me a cynical little git if you like... but I wonder if this Government gives a fug now about still helping the bushfire victims now the Coronavirus has hit us?... they seem to worry more about the publicity that is currently happening now rather than continuing to fix up the previous disasters once the headlines leave them...

...I mean... look at our illustrious ‘tough’ talking Prime Minister old Scomo himself... he’s only just recently started talking ‘tough’ because the New Zealand Prime Minister closed all of her boarders first prompting him to do the same a day or so later... he then started to tell panic merchants in the public sector to “stop it!” In relation to ‘loo-gate‘ with a tough authoritative voice for the grandstanding opportunity that is thrown in front of him...

...has there been any further mention by the media (especially the breakfast morning shows) and the Politicians lately of the continuing bushfire recovery ?... I haven’t seen anything hardly at all lately... that’s because to them... it’s ‘old news’... as I said... what about the bushfire victims Scomo?... are you still looking after them?... you’re telling everyone to go into ‘self isolation’ and stay indoors... but they don’t have an ‘indoors’ anymore Scomo remember?... don’t forget them Scomo... they have many more problems than we’ll EVER have plus the Coronavirus to deal with... cheers.

Mr Stickyfingers

an old fart that rants at times...
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...hey Coles and Woolies... how about this for an idea?... why don’t you instead of letting the same old greedy people being allowed to push and shove and bully their way to the front of lines in order to get the toilet paper / tissues and hand sanitiser etc (which should all be in the same goddam aisle anyway) leaving the older frailer and weaker people in their wake as per usual and missing out altogether as per usual...

...why don’t you take up this suggestion?... why not in the toilet paper aisle set up at both ends of the aisle set up barricade counters like the cigarette counters whereby only staff are allowed to be... make everyone line up in a nice orderly single file (obviously the older frailer and weaker people will be at the END of the line as per usual)... if any of the greedy people shove their way in font of others or complain... throw the fuckers out of the store immediately!...

...right... once they’re all in a nice orderly line (keeping their ‘social distance’ of course)... start serving the older frailer weaker people AT THE OTHER END OF THE LINE first where they will ALWAYS be... that way they can FINALLY get their much needed supplies at last!... if the greedy people start complaining...again... evict the fuckers from the store immediately... then maybe after a few days the right people will begin to get the much needed supplies that they need...

...if the greedy people start holding back to the end of the line thinking that they will be served first then that means that the older frailer and weaker people will naturally be at the front of the line anyway... so then you don’t start at the END of the line but serve the FRONT of the line as per usual!... after a few days I think that things may start to improve and the panic shopping will probably slow down or perhaps even stop altogether... either that or bring back World War II ration books!... I think that would be fairer for some people altogether...

...please feel free to free to add better ideas to this or pick shit out of it... anything is better than what we have at the moment... lol!... well that’s what I think anyway...cheers.


In Vic @Mr Stickyfingers frail ill,disabled elderly whatever.....you can have a care package delivered with the basics that have been stripped from supermarkets
Should be similar in NSW? will find link for Vic

I came here to post something to cheer everyone up, Pub Choir lockdown project
They got over a 1,000 people from all over the planet to sing and did a fabulous patch that will make you smile



Hmm. Sooo. No 4m2 rule on Jetstar. They are still overselling sardine flights...business down 60-70% domestically, so far, apparently.

I don't think the social distancing penny has properly dropped, yet.

The Daniel Andrews government is taking and delivering a harder line than Gladys Berejiklian. Will be interesting to see how it pans out comparatively. i.e. Daniel had the shits with people this morning during his media conference, while Gladys just got on with it despite being the more populous and more heavily affected state.
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Just did my first early morning shopping, went reasonably well
Toilet paper for all, and I got most things I needed, like rice,eggs,flour,bread, and meat stocked up on that rare item
But no butter, pasta or cheese.....helpful staff gave us delivery time for butter
Made sure to thank staff, and commiserate on the hell they must be enduring

@Mr Stickyfingers our Coles had a limit and counted heads, only 100 let in at a time
And they dole out toilet paper...you should have a polite chat to staff about your experience, they can only fix it if you tell them
I forgot to even look for hand sanitisers
Can get pasta at my local market, tomorrow is discount day too

And.....stupid people who do understand social distance concept and keep creeping up too close
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Saw my doc for flue shot today, before they shut down
Asked him what he thought of our dimwtted “leader
He is angry aus missed the chance weeks ago to shut down, we had warnings, we could have avoided our current turmoil
Sco-no-clue-mo needs the sack, right now he is incompetent


I loathe sport on TV...
Yesterday classes were at 70%, Tuesday at 50% attendance.

We’re 3 deputy principals (we have 4 at my workplace) and 1 head of dept (mine..) down as they isolate themselves for personal health reasons.

Otherwise we’re pottering along with those who do turn up. All assessments are postponed which the kids are just fine about because next week was ‘test week’. I keep getting emails from parents who want personal work packages but we’ve been officially told by the dept. to say no to this. For once we get to tell parents to ‘get stuffed’ (figuratively...) instead of running around like a headless chook trying to cater and kowtow to everyone at once which is nice. Some parents are definitely finding out just what their wee darlings are really like when it comes to school work too...!

The depts. “Connect” server system fell over today as all the parents try to access it to download the syllabus and various work packages that have been uploaded. I’m getting the feeling that the WA government is now regretting all the budget cutbacks from the last 4-5 years.

Tomorrow’s all staff meeting after school is now a faculty “design some consensual work packages” for everyone so we can get ahead of the next few weeks and perhaps early next term. WA still has 3 weeks of term 1 to go. Personally if the absentees keep mounting, I think we won’t make it and we’ll wrap up early. Term 2 start may be delayed and they’re saying teachers may go back to work on time but kids won’t. That’s not too bad because at school you have everything at your finger tips and we can isolate ourselves from each other in classrooms and offices.