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THE COUCH - TV Chat Thread


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Didn't know where to put this query - but does anyone know what's happened to James Weir? I love his recaps and really miss him doing Big Brother recaps in particular. At the start of May there was some woman saying James would be gone for two weeks and she was covering for him.

"Before we begin – I must address the elephant in the room, in that I am the elephant recapping tonight’s episode in the room and not James Weir.

James is currently undergoing an internal investigation after eating all the lentils in the news.com.au office and will return in two weeks. I sure hope he does anyway, I already miss his vicious mocking of all the things bogans like."

That was May 4. I hope he is not unwell.


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@February I know you are such a big fan of Oasis so I thought I would let you know Noel Gallagher is guest programming rage this weekend. 😃
Wow, thanks for that. So glad I came by and saw your post. I'll be recording that right now!
EDIT - Done :D
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