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THE COUCH - TV Chat Thread


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Ugh missed some Celebrity Name Game and Scott Tweedie is on tonight. :(

Friday week Matty J is on so it will be a great episode.


I think, therefore I am, I think ...
Sunday night channel 7 Married At First Lie! Looks interesting. Might see the end of MAFS if it's believable.


Oh. FFS.
Yay! Love Queen. The new doco(?) on SBS now is quite insightful with footage I've not seen before. And, I've youtubed A LOT of their footage.

*️Hehe to Tony. Now in need of a stool.


Oh. FFS.
Freddie was so charismatic, quick-witted and talented. A total one-of-a-kind. What an absolute loss, so sad. Had it have been just a year or two later, he would have survived.

At least Brian May is still around and enjoying a major renaissance on Instagram with legions of new generation fans. The comments are so amusing and virtually troll-free. They all think he is "pure"..... At 71, as a multi-millionaire genius obsessed with stereo photography, Ultima Thule and hedgehogs. So funny.